How to Bring the Outdoors in this Spring

Happy 3rd Day of Spring!! Sunday marked the official first day of Spring and these two Chicago girls are welcoming this new season with very, very open arms.

Welcome Spring!

Casey-placing-terrariumNo offense winter, but we’ve had enough. Don’t get us wrong, we’re grateful for the mild winter here in Chicago (in terms of snowfall, snow days, and sub-zero temperatures) but we’re sooo over the cold and can’t wait to enjoy some sunshine… and the ability to actually do projects outside!simon_insta_options

Planting-TerrariumUnfortunately, though, March 21st doesn’t magically mean gorgeous spring weather here in Chicago… that would be too easy, right? To hold us over until it’s warm enough to pack away those sweaters once and for all, we are doing the best we can to bring that spring beauty indoors and hopefully, Mother Nature will quickly follow suit.Planter-Gold-Frames-Spring-9

Bedside-NightstandWhen we were invited to create a post about how to bring Spring indoors by the Simon SAID blog, we were excited (and honored) to get our butts into gear transitioning our spaces. Here is the list of 5 rookie tips we created to guide our fellow rookies in easily (and pretty quickly) bringing some gorgeous life into your space this spring.Flowers I mean at this point, pretty much any greenery or new color is a win in our playbook, so if you only get around to following one or two of the tips, we’re proud of you!!

Planter-Gold-Frames-Spring-6Anyone else very ready for Spring?! Bright colors, patterns, the ability to wear shorts + sandals, tulips, longer days, heck even Spring Cleaning…. we’re excited for ALL OF IT!