The Best Decorative Indoor Plant Pots and Accessories

Plants have quickly become one of my favorite go-to ways to decorate just about any room in my house. They’re the perfect finishing touch to any lonely nook or barren surface! And, there’s just something about having plants in my home that makes every space feel just a little more “grown-up” and put together!

As long as you have a good indoor planter, your plants can thrive with minimal maintenance!

My office built-ins with plants on them
My Office Built-ins

A Plant Pep Talk!

I completely understand that maintaining indoor plants can either feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure, or that it’s another thing to keep alive! However, with a little bit of knowledge, and the right indoor pots, you can do it – I promise!!

Sometimes I also remind myself that plants are creating better air in my home, and that really motivates me, too. Luckily, I have improved in terms of keeping greenery alive (although I still need some work on those tiny succulents). Now, I’m hoping that I can extend what I’ve learned to you, to help you avoid any plant devastation.

An office with indoor plants

For those of you who are hesitant to invest in the real thing, don’t forget that a faux plant can also do the trick! It might be a great way to dip your toes into your plant-lady era. You can read about my tips to make your faux plants look real, here.

Getting Started

Water your indoor plants once a week to prep for the week ahead

There are a few things that you’re going to want to consider when you’re picking plant pots for your indoor spaces.

In terms of planter features, you have to start by considering your water plan. I typically prefer planters that have drainage holes in the bottom. Drainage holes allow excess water to escape the pot, helping you avoid overwatering and root rot. For some plants, this is a “must-do”. That being said, you’ll want something to catch that excess water! There are so many cute trays (see below) that will add interest, as well as protect the surface your plant is on.

However, if you have fallen in love with a planter that doesn’t have a drainage hole – don’t sweat it! One option could be to take a drill bit and create a hole with your power drill. Alternatively, you can add some rocks to the bottom of the pot, before the dirt, and that will help with excess water, too.

Another great choice for indoor plants is a pot with a self-watering ability. A self-watering planter has a built-in reservoir that keeps watering the plants. There are so many cutely shaped and colored options for slow-release watering globes, that it becomes like an accessory for the plant!

Books and plants on shelves

Finally, I’ve learned the hard way that plants don’t like it when you decide to “make up for lost time” with extra water. Once your new plant joins your home, figure out the frequency of watering needed, and set a reminder. Every Wednesday evening, Alexa reminds me to water the plants. Taking the mental load off has been a lifesaver for me (and my indoor plants).

You can read more about my favorite plants, in this post.

A pothos plant on top of a wood hutch

Where to Use Plants in Your Home

The options are endless! All of your living spaces – yes, even the bathroom – will benefit from adding a plant. Below you’ll see the plant I have on my nightstand. I like the idea of being able to play with the height by stacking books. Plus, it’s a chance to display my “TBR” list.

Pothos plant in master bedroom

One of my favorite looks is to have a large decorative planter on an entry table. Tall planters (or plants) are an ideal choice for drawing the eye up and decorating the vertical space!

A large plant on a wood bench
Apartment Therapy

Lastly, adding plants to bookshelves is a wonderful way to use space. In the photo below, I love the way the purple flower contrasts the more muted colors of the books. All the curved lines of the vases really balance out the otherwise straight lines of the books and shelves.

Plants on top of a bookshelf
David Tsay

Where Are My Favorite Places to Get Indoor Planters?

The first thing worth mentioning is that while it’s easiest to grab a pot at your local store, some of the big-name garden centers have more expensive decorative planters. Below you’ll see my round-up of beautiful planters, and more reasonably priced ones.

  • Wayfair: A great place to shop for your larger, or tall planters. There are thousands of options, you can often catch a sale, and I like that it’s easy to shop by size.
  • Rejuvenation: A great choice for quality, contemporary planters- lots of modern fluted pots. These are mid-higher-end prices.
  • West Elm: A little more pricey, but classic planters for small, medium, and large plants.
  • CB2: CB2 is pricier, but has such gorgeous and quality pieces. Worth a splurge for a statement plant in a high-traffic area.
  • World Market: Funky, unique planters, and accessories at a very reasonable price
  • Anthropologie: A range of pricing options, some being more expensive, but these planters are always stunning pieces of eclectic home decor
  • Crate & Barrel: Crate & Barrel usually has a smaller section and often only seasonally, but they’re always worth checking out! These planters feature a lot of clean lines that would suit modern interiors!
  •  Urban Outfitters: An ideal choice if you’re shopping for an extremely unique or quirky small planter. There are so many planters on their site that would be fun a a kids’ space.
  • Etsy: I have never bought any planters from Etsy, but, they have a large selection. So, this may be a great place to look if you are looking for something specific. They also have a wide selection of hanging and wall planters. As a reminder, because they’re handmade, the large planters are often quite expensive.

Indoor Planters I’m Currently Loving

I’ve rounded up a variety of indoor plant pots that I love and would likely complement the interior design styles of any home! Some of these pots are more ornate and give that jungle vibe. Others have more minimalist designs for those of you who are tentatively stepping into the plant-lady (or plant-man) life.

Large Indoor Planters

large indoor planters for your home

Left to right, top to bottom: Concrete Fluted Planter // Beige Textured Pot // Natural Fibers Cachepot // White Ceramic Planter // Black Handmade Planter // Terracotta Planter

Medium Indoor Planters

Medium indoor planters for your home

Left to right, top to bottom: Chartreuse Planter // Teal Green and Gold Planter // Russet Brown Planter // Antique Cauldron Planter // Gray Round Planter // Metal Planter

Small Indoor Planters

Small indoor planters for your home

Left to right, top to bottom: Ceramic Swirl Planter // Blue and White Set of 3 Planters // Neutral Checkered Planter // Antique Finish Planter // Amber Fluted Planter // Bookend Planters // Hammered Gold Planter // Wooden Plant Pot

Hanging Planters

hanging planters for your home

Left to right, top to bottom: Hanging Cheetah Planter // Copper Hanging Planter // Iron Cone Hanging Planter // Black and Gold Hanging Planter with Three Pots // Gold Three Pot Hanging Planter // Metal Halo Hanging Planter // Rattan Hanging Planters (Set of Two)

Planter Accessories

Planter accessories for your home and indoor plants

Wood Plant Stand // Three Leg Iron Plant Stand // Iridescent Rainbow Self-Watering Globe // Planter Trays // Seagrass Planter Basket // Garden Shears // Tiered Metal Plant Stand // Monstera Shaped Plant Supports

So there you have it – a collection of some of my favorite indoor planters of all shapes and sizes. Did I miss any of your favorites?! Refreshing this post makes me feel like maybe I need another plant!


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