Our Favorite Indoor Planters of all Shapes and Sizes

Plants have quickly become one of our favorite go-to pieces of decor to decorate just about any room in our homes. From our bookshelves, to larger plants in our living rooms, or even cute mini plants on our bedsides or desks, it seems like we have slowly but surely sprinkled indoor planters all over our homes.  

Faux or Real, Bring on The Plants!

Luckily we have become just a little better at keeping this greenery alive, although we still need some work on those tiny succulents. There’s just something about having live plants in our homes that makes any space feel just a little more “grown-up” and put together.

Even a few faux plants can do the trick for those of you who are hesitant to invest in the real thing, because you don’t want to kill the real thing. We feel your pain!

Where Are Our Favorite Places to Get Our Indoor Planters?

Either way, it’s pretty clear we love indoor plants and realized that as much as we have chatted and photographed our plants, we really haven’t ever discussed where we find the indoor planters this greenery ends up living in. So that’s our mission today!

Here’s a list of where we look first for indoor planters of all shapes and sizes:

  • HomeGoods: Great budget-friendly and unique planters for small to medium plants.
  • West Elm: A little more pricey, but classic (and quality) planters of for small, medium, and large plants.
  • IKEA: They have a whole indoor plant section, which is chock full of planters. We especially love their lined baskets that are perfect for fiddle leafs or some of the indoor plants they sell.
  • Target: Of course Target has gorgeous indoor planters mixed in with the seasonal line of decor… what doesn’t Target have?!
  • CB2: Like West Elm, CB2 is pricier but has such gorgeous and quality pieces. Definitely worth a splurge for a statement plant in a high traffic area.
  • World Market: They have great options for terrariums, but some can definitely double as planters.
  • Anthropologie: Pricey options but their indoor planters are very unique and gorgeous!
  • Crate & Barrel: Crate & Barrel usually has a smaller section and often only seasonally, but they’re always worth checking out just in case!
  •  Urban Outfitters: Usually their selection is pretty small BUT they usually have extremely unique options. Urban Outfitters is also notorious for stylish small space living, so definitely check there for petite options.
  • Etsy: We have never bought any planters from Etsy, but they have a large selection so this may be a great place to look if you are looking for something super specific and can’t seem to find it anywhere else.
  • Big Box Hardware Stores: We aren’t against buying an indoor planter from a big box hardware store, but we try to look elsewhere first. Their options are perfectly fine, but often missing that “wow factor”.

*Important Tip: Regardless of where you buy your indoor planters, be sure to look for ones with proper drainage. If your plant requires drainage, the planter should have a hole in the bottom on the planter in order to do this. Your plant is doomed without that necessity. Trust us…we’ve made that mistake!

Indoor Planters We’re Currently Loving

Large Indoor Planters

Left to right, top to bottom: Concrete Fluted Planter // Beige Textured Pot // Natural Fibers Cachepot // White Ceramic Planter // Black Handmade Planter // Terracotta Planter

Medium Indoor Planters

Left to right, top to bottom: Gray Round Planter // Teal Green and Gold Planter // Russet Brown Planter // Cream Fluted Planter // Ceramic Tulip Planter // Metal Planter

Small Indoor Planters

Left to right, top to bottom: Ceramic Swirl Planter //

So there you have it, a collection of some of our favorite indoor planters of all shapes and sizes. Did we miss any of your favorites?! You know we are always in the game to add another planter (and plant) to our homes when we can.


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