How to Make Your Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Look Real

Fiddle leaf fig plants have been all the rage for quite some time now. And we must admit that we have been all about this trend from the start. Plants can add some much-needed life, greenery, and height to any space and fiddle leaf figs are one of our favorites.faux fiddle leaf fig plant

However, these trees can come with a hefty price tag and if you’re not confident in your abilities to keep one alive…it can be scary forking over the cash. Luckily, there are some amazing faux fiddle leafs out there these days and they can be a great way to tip toe into this trend.

As you guys know, we’re working on a master bedroom space for my brother and we definitely wanted to add a large plant to the room. But when looking into buying a large fiddle leaf fig tree at a local greenhouse they quoted us $500!! Not exactly the cheapest accessory for the space, especially when it can potentially die!faux fiddle leaf fig plant 2

Instead of buying the super expensive plant, I started looking into some faux fiddle leafs instead. Bridget blogged about her experience finding a faux fiddle from Michaels right here. Everyone always thinks hers is real, and it has been a wonderful addition to her office. I checked out Michaels to see if I could buy another one, but sadly they aren’t selling them right now. Bummer.faux fiddle secrets

Then, I read this post by our friend Emily A. Clark where she recently purchased a faux fiddle off of Amazon and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I forwarded the post and the link to my brother’s girlfriend, Sarah, and we decided it was worth a shot for their bedroom space.

faux fiddle leaf fig plant 3A few days later, the faux fiddle leaf fig arrived. After lots of fluffing and branch separating, it actually looked pretty dang amazing! But the best part about all of this…it was only $80! Quite a steal compared to that original $500 we almost spent on a real plant. (Psst…looks like this one we got is sold out on Amazon, but this one looks great too!).

I’ve also heard good things about this faux fiddle from Pottery Barn…but it’s quite a bit more than the one from Amazon.

With our new faux plant in tow, I was eager to make it look a tad more real. Here are some things you can do to trick your guests into believing that your faux fiddle is actually a real living plant!

Buy a Basketbuy a basket

The base on the faux fiddle was puny and it was a dead giveaway that this plant was fake. I found a basket at Michaels to conceal the base, but also to add some texture and warmth to their bedroom space. This basket is another great option. Really it’s just about finding one that is large enough to hold the planter and then some.

Give it Heightgive it height

To give our plant a few more inches, I put in these round styrofoam circles to the base of the basket. I found these at Michaels in the floral section and they fit the bottom of the basket perfectly. With 3 of these in the bottom, our tree had a few more inches and looked much more grand for the bedroom.

Add Mossadd moss

Finally, I added moss inside the basket. Warning…this stuff can get extremely messy so you may want to do this step outside. The moss conceals the faux planter base and filled up the basket nicely. I’ve seen people use rocks in the basket, which could definitely work too! Just make sure you put something in there to hide the puny planter within the larger basket.moss in the basket

This faux fiddle leaf fig now looks pretty amazing in the room. Of course, it won’t ever be as good as the real thing. But for now, it’s definitely getting the job done. faux fiddle in the bedroomIf they want to add a real tree in here someday, I’m certain we can find a place for this $80 faux plant.faux fiddle leaf fig plant 4

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