A Guide to our New Power Tools

As you guys know, we’ve spent the last couple weekends working on some fun projects for my guest room. Most of the DIYs we’re tackling in that space require power tools, so we purchased some new items to add to our arsenal.

tool bag organizationPrior to this, we really didn’t own any “hardcore” tools. Sure our toolboxes were stuffed to the brim with hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches galore…but when it came to “power” we only had our drills. In the past, we’ve always borrowed tools to get the job done. But we figured it was time to invest in some main tools that we could use for future projects. We’re hoping this will force us to tackle some more advanced DIY projects, and really take things to the next level around here.

bostich-nail-gun-comboWe did A LOT of research before buying any of these big-ticket items. We read reviews, looked at posts from other bloggers, and did a lot of shopping around before settling on these specific products. In the end, we think we got the right tools for us! 


dewalt-miter-sawBrand: Dewalt 10-inch 15-amp compound miter saw

dewalt-power-tools-sawCost: $219

Use: If you’re doing any sort of project with wood, a miter saw is going to come in handy. It makes straight cuts beautifully, but it’s also able to make incredibly accurate cuts on an angle. This was the main work horse for our wood wall project (more on that tomorrow!), and we loved using it.

dewalt-saw-blade-miterDon’t Forget: Be careful & make sure you wear eye protection. It’s a saw, so you’ll want to be extra cautious when using it. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cutting in no time!


nail-compressorBrand: Bostitch 150-psi portable electric air compressor

Cost: $169

nail-gun-DIYUse: We’re using a nail gun and air compressor to attach all of the wood to the wall for our guest room project. Bridget also used a borrowed nail gun for all of her board & batten projects. It’s waaaaay faster than using a hammer & nails, and it will give everything a more polished look. A nail gun can be used for so many projects. Woodworking projects, installation projects…there are so many cool things that require a nail gun.

bostitch-brad-nails-wood-wallDon’t Forget: To buy extra nails. Yes, the nail gun kit will come with some…but chances are you’ll need to buy many more for your first project. You can buy a pack of 1000 for cheap. Just make sure they work with the brand/size of your nail gun.


jigsaw-dewalt-cuttingBrand: Dewalt 6.5-Amp Corded Jigsaw

Cost: $129

dewalt-jigsaw-diy-cuttingUse: A jigsaw can be used to make both straight and curved cuts in a variety of materials (wood, particle board, metal, plastic, etc.) It’s great because it’s pretty compact, and relatively inexpensive. It’s a great saw for any DIY’er who is just getting into projects.

We originally thought we might have to use this for our fauxdenza plan to cut out a spot for the outlet in the back of the kitchen cabinet, but it doesn’t look like we will need to do that anymore. But we know this baby is going to come in handy for many future projects! We’re thinking something like this might be fun, or even this cool curved headboard.

Don’t Forget: Buy the right blade! You’ll use a different blade depending on the material you’re cutting. So make sure you have the right one on your jigsaw before you get to work.

Bridget-miter-saw-diyIf you’re going to purchase any of these power tools, then we recommend you throw these in your cart too.

  • Safety Glasses: A must whenever you’re using a saw! You don’t want any wood shavings getting in your eyes.safety-glasses
  • Sawhorses: We got these ones, and we added a cheap piece of plywood on top. This made for a nice little “work station”, and it was also a good spot to hold our miter saw.saw-horses-work-table
  • Drop Cloths: Things get messy when you’re DIYing. Keep your home clean with some durable drop cloths.

Casey-miter-saw-diyWe certainly are not tool experts. We’re just regular gals learning as we go. But we must admit that we do feel a sense of empowerment using these bad boys all by ourselves. Just goes to show that as long as you’re safe, you can handle anything on your own. Now that’s some girlpower!

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  • Such a helpful post! Thanks for sharing all this information 🙂

  • Summer Hogan

    Gotta love power tools! I was wondering where you keep them 🙂

    • Erin


    • GREAT question. Poor Bridget is currently stuck with them. She is cleaning/purging/selling lots of items in her garage to make space for an organized workshop! Maybe we’ll do a post about it early this summer.

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls love the post! Kuddos to you both for using power tools and for showing these men that WE girls can use them to!! Ha Ha

  • Trang

    So loving (and jealous) of your new tools. I’m drooling over them. Is that strange? I borrowed a compound miter saw for my bathroom renovation and fell in love. I will definitely be buying one of my own soon!

    • It was sooo fun to use! And seriously so efficient. Can’t imagine using a hacksaw ever again to cut wood.

  • Kara D

    I’ve been buying power tools here and there in the hopes of really starting to tackle some fun DIY projects. But I also feel like I need to go back to wood shop class to double check that I’m using everything right! Ack! A miter saw and a table saw has been on the top of my gotta-get-this list for a couple of years now. Glad to get your recommendation! What made you decide on that particular miter saw over all else?

    • Great question Kara! When it comes to making online purchases, I read reviews like it’s my job. Ha! Everywhere I looked people were raving about this one! We knew we wanted one that could do angled cuts easily & accurately. Plus, we didn’t want one that was too hefty. This one fit the bill. Easy to use, easy to store, and makes precise cuts every time.

  • Impressed ladies! I’ve just been roping my husband into doing most of the heavy wood working for me but I’ve recently told him I’d like to learn too. Inspired even more now!