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April and May are always interesting months here in Chicago. One day it’s 80-degrees and sunny, and the next day it’s in the 50’s and rainy. But now that it’s mid-May and Memorial Day is quickly approaching, I think those warm summer-like days are here to stay! And when it heats up like this, everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather and working on their backyards and patios. That’s exactly what we’ve been up to lately!

The Lowe’s List For Innovationlowe's list for innovation with innovative outdoor products

Today, I want to share something really exciting with you! Lowe’s just debuted The Lowe’s List For Innovation. It’s a curated guide for the most innovative home products that are available at Lowe’s. Sometimes, shopping can be overwhelming and I often find myself spending so much time reading reviews and descriptions to find the best items out there. With this list, the work is already done! These are all handpicked items by an in-house expert team and they push the boundaries of innovation. If a product is on the Lowe’s List, then you know it’s something that solves a real-life home challenge. Consider these to be the best of the best!

How freakin’ cool is that? I got a sneak peek of the list and kept saying “Well, that’s genius!” as I read through each item. There are so many smart products on the market and it’s nice that someone did all the work to compile them.How to build a window box

Since I know outdoor projects are top of mind for a lot of you, below are some of the most innovative outdoor products that I uncovered thanks to Lowe’s list. From the perfect multi-position ladder (to wash windows on the first AND second floor), to the plastic plant insert that means buying less dirt for your planters, and an easy to hang outdoor trellis, this list highlights a dozen items from the Lowe’s List, along with ideas on how to use them for your own home.

The Lowe's List of Innovative Outdoor ProductsCordless String Trimmer // Pit Boss Pellet Grill // YETI Tumbler // Fastener Kit // Power Pro Exterior Screw // Vertical Trellis System // Plug-In LED Spotlights // Outdoor Sectional // Multi-Purpose Ladder // Whirlpool 2 in 1 Washer // Plastic Planter Insert // Shelving Unit

My Favorite Innovative Outdoor Products Lowe's List of most innovative outdoor products

Power Pro Exterior Screws

These Power Pro screws are the ones we used to build our front window box. They’re designed specifically for outdoor projects and there’s no pre-drilling required. Yep. You just screw right in. Such a time-saver!

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Combination Ladder

This multi-purpose ladder can be used as a stepladder, a leaning ladder, or a straight ladder. If you only have space for one ladder in your home, this should be it! You can clean the windows on your first floor in the stepladder position and then extend it up to reach that second floor. So many outdoor uses for this bad boy.

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Cordless String Trimmer

I’ll admit, I let Finn handle most of the yard work around here. But this cordless string trimmer does look like a nifty tool to use. First, no cord (which is always a good idea!). And the technology automatically winds your string, so you can just push a button and go. The reviews on this one are positively glowing! Perhaps a good Father’s Day gift?

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Gray planter Using the plastic insert to plant flowers. It's such an innovative outdoor productsOh, and I actually bought one of the items on the list and put it to use! I got this plastic planter insert for the large gray pot I planted on our front porch. With this little gadget, you can use less dirt, which means lighter planters! In the past, I’ve always just used the plastic containers that the flowers come in to fill up some of the extra space in the bottom, but having a designated product that actually does this work for you is pretty genius. It was so easy to use too. I just popped it in and planted right over it!Our front porch for summer

So there you have it, the most innovative outdoor products on the market right now.  But there are so many items on this list that are amazing for the indoors too – like this adjustable drawer pull that should work for any hole configuration! And this heavy-duty picture hanger that you install in about ten seconds flat! You can find the full list here to peruse. I’d love to hear which items you think would be most helpful in your home.


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