#DeckTheOutdoors with Wayfair

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It’s only been a week since we chatted about my plans for our barren balcony, but I’m already back and ready to show you the updated space! When Wayfair asked if we wanted to participate in making over an outdoor space, I couldn’t write back “YES, WE ARE IN!” quickly enough. I mean…you guys saw the before pics. It was in need of lots of love and this would give me the kick in the butt to get it done.

balcony-augusta-before-patio-deckThe only bad part…well it’s April and working on an outdoor space during this snowing-one-day/hot-the-next-day month can be a little challenging. But I’m happy to report it all worked out and the space is done and ready for everyone to see.

Before we get to the goods…let’s refresh our memory with how it looked before. augusta-balcony-deck-before-patio

And now here it is!balcony-augusta-after



To say we’re thrilled…would be an understatement. Finn & I are so happy to have a little outdoor oasis. Outdoor space in a city like Chicago is a hot commodity, and even though our little balcony/deck is small…it’s still a nice retreat to get some fresh air. Plus, it sits off our master bedroom, so it’s almost like an extension of that space when it’s nice outside.

Now, let’s discuss all of the goodies we added out here! patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-15

Let’s start with the rug. Since my initial inspiration was to do black/white/palm print…I knew a classic striped rug would fit the bill. This outdoor Wayfair rug was a great choice for us. We only needed a 5×7 to fit our awkward triangle-shaped balcony, and it fit the wide portion of the deck perfectly. finn-casey-patio-balconyshoes-rug-wayfair-balcony

It’s crisp, clean, and adds a classy touch to the entire space. I highly recommend adding an outdoor rug to your patio. It instantly makes the space feel more complete. Even if you have to get a new one every summer, it’s well worth it! Plus, they’re usually not that expensive so you won’t feel bad getting a fresh one each season.


Finn and I went back and forth over what kind of furniture to get for the space. We both agreed that we wanted to have as much seating as possible, and we’d prefer a lounge area over a dining area any day. casey-finn-outside

I’m not a huge fan of the “matchy-matchy” look when it comes to furniture sets and originally went in thinking we’d buy an outdoor couch, and then choose different chairs to accompany it. However, it’s much more economical to go with a set. Seriously…like hundreds of dollars cheaper. So ultimately we decided on a patio set and holy moley..I was eating my words when it came. (Sorry I don’t have a link to the exact set…but this one & this one are both similar) 

patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-46First of all, I love how petite it is. I was worried that a couch, table, and 2 chairs would overwhelm the space…but these pieces didn’t at all.patio-makeover-after-balcony patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-14I also love the sleek wooden legs, and I think it gives it a different, less-bulky feel.patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-29

We went with the color “natural” for the couch & chair cushions and I’m so happy that we did. It looks fresh & beachy, and also allowed me to add more color with pillows.

Speaking of which…pillow-monogram-casey-finn

I love them! This “F” monogrammed pillow is from Wayfair and it’s specifically for outdoor use. Love that it’s okay if it gets a little wet. patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-42The palm print ones are Etsy finds in the size 18×18. Again, I chose an outdoor fabric so they’ll stay nice. patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-31

Since I don’t have much of a green thumb, and these palm plants will surely turn brown soon, I at least have these pillows to add some “greenery” to the space.palm-plant

lemonade-patio-flowersI picked up the white garden stools from HomeGoods and love that they’re so versatile. white-garden-stoolThey work wonderfully as side tables, but can also be used as extra seating when we entertain. Gotta love functional decor. pillow-chair-furniture


The string lights are still up, and they’re so pretty at night. We just attached them to the railing using black zip ties. They stayed up all winter long, and still look as good as they did when we hung them last fall! We’re looking forward to lots of warm nights out here with the glow of these bad boys. Love the romantic ambiance they bring to the space.
patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers-34Because it’s only April, I don’t have many plants or flowers out here. But that will soon change! My mom’s rule of thumb is to never plant anything in Chicago until at least Mother’s Day, or else there will be a cold night and your hard work will be ruined. So mid-May, I will get to work adding more fresh blooms & plants to this space. I’m thinking some hanging flower boxes would look really nice along the railings. Plus maybe some big planters to fill in some of the dead space and create more privacy up here. We’ll see how it goes…casey-finn-balcony-patio-after

And I must let you guys in on a little secret….we actually took all of these photos when it was SNOWING outside! Yes…like legit snow….in April (ohhhhh Chicago.) patio_balcony_outdoor_furniture_flowers_caseyBridget & I kept running inside whenever the flakes would come, and then when it would stop we’d run out, wipe the snow off the sofa, and snap away! Poor Finn was a trooper! We were both freezing in our warm weather wardrobe…but we tried to make the most of it and smile while we froze. Holding the cold lemonade was particularly challenging. Again, “husband of the year” award! casey-finn-lemonade-patio

So let’s hope that we will actually be able to enjoy our new patio when it gets warm & toasty here in the Midwest. Cheers to warm days ahead!



  • Kara D

    Love how the patio turned out! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of flowers you’ll end up getting. 🙂 So this is a bit premature to ask (since Spring is barely starting!) but will you be getting furniture covers to protect them during the winter? I drag my stuff back inside into the basement because I’m afraid the harsh winters will crack the “fibers” on the chairs!

    • Not premature at all! We’ve had some bad storms and it has been pretty cold still here in Chicago! Because we don’t really have a place to store all of the furniture or the cushions (city living problems!), I bought some nice patio covers. So if there is rain in the forecast, everything stays covered until it is nice again. Things have stayed pretty pristine for the past few weeks thanks to those! Next winter we’ll probably stuff as much as possible into our storage unit in the basement of our building.

    • Trang

      I was going to ask the same thing; if you stored the cushions and such when it rains. Where do you get the nice patio covers?

    • I got them from Wayfair too. They have a few different price points, but I went for one of the pricier ones. They’re really thick and have kept water out and off the cushions!

  • Kallie

    This looks so pretty!! Wow you did a great job! You guys always do such a great job mixing colours and patterns that work perfectly together.

    It’s also snowing in Canada so you’re not alone lol April is the new November apparently!

    • You are too sweet Kallie! And happy to know we’re not alone with the cold weather. It’s in the 40’s today! brrrrr

  • Kathy Harwood

    I love it! I would have never imagined once seeing the “before” pictures, what would be possible! Y’all will definitely enjoy your new space. I think the snow pictures surprised me the most! Burrr…Supposed to be 86° here in NC today!

    • 86 sounds amazing! Lucky girl. Hopefully the warm weather will be coming to Chicago very soon.

  • shawnna griffin

    Hey Casey -love how you decorated the space! Looks a lot better!

    • Thanks Shawnna! Those before pics were pretty scary! Happy it’s looking much better now.

  • Kristen Ayotte

    The new space looks awesome! These April snow showers in Chicago have not been fun! Hoping it warms up soon so you can enjoy your fun patio!

    • Totally agree Kristen! I’m looking forward to some warmer days so I can sit out there and enjoy 🙂

  • Ashley Sorrick

    Oh my goodness, I’m completely obsessed!! It looks amazing!!!

  • Heather

    In the back of the before/after (last picture) I can see more deck with 1-2 more grills and some covered stuff. Is that part of your deck as well or a shared space? It looks huge and great for entertaining!

    • Pretty amazing, right?! The neighbors who live below us have a huge deck on top of our building’s garage. They have an amazing outdoor space with grills, tables, etc. It was time for our little space to get a little TLC since it’s next to their awesome deck! Luckily all of our neighbors are so nice and don’t mind if we ever go out there if our crowd doesn’t fit on our smaller balcony.

  • LOVE how this turned out! It’s gorgeous and functional (I really want a garden stool). The black/white/palm is such a great combo! And totally agree on the flowers. Mid May is usually what I wait for but 2 weeks ago at Lowes the garden center was packed! I can’t think about planting flowers when they could very well freeze still!

    • Thanks so much Diana! I will be waiting a few more weeks for flowers. I always drive by Lowe’s and Home Depot and see all of the plants outside and wonder how they’re still alive & kicking in this cold weather!

  • T. Naomi McBurney

    Wow, it came out amazing! It looks so cozy….

    • Definitely much cozier than the before pics! Ha!

  • This is perfection! Where are the chairs and sofa from? Some place local?

    • Hi Erin! Thanks so much! I got them all as a set from Wayfair (including the coffee table). It looks like this particular model is no longer available online, but they have some comparable options on there.

  • Jackie Lydon

    Oh Wow! Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your b4 & After pics as well as shopping links/tips. I am wondering if that cute little blk/white buffalo check pillow is an outdoor one & where you got it? Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much Jackie! It’s from Etsy and yes, it’s an outdoor one. The same shop as where I got the other palm print pillows.

  • It did come with them! However, they keep popping off and it’s driving me insane…haha. I need to figure out a good way to make sure they’re permanently attached…

  • Oh that is gorgeous! After a year in our home I’ve finally decided to get my butt into gear and put some love into our courtyard, it’s quite big by standards, so I feel extra guilty that it looks like a dump!

    • A big courtyard sounds wonderful! I’m sure you’ll make it fabulous Brigette!