Guest Room Gallery Wall

Disclaimer: We have partnered with Minted to bring you this post. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by Minted. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog!

I love a good gallery wall. Especially ones chock full of gorgeous art, sentimental pieces, and frames that add a dash of personality to a space. Ever since we moved in, I’ve been craving a gallery wall and never really had a great spot for one. Until now…

This guest room gallery wall is courtesy of Minted - don't these prints look great above the fauxdenza against the navy wall?

With our new fauxdenza installed (more about that in yesterday’s post), I was eager to add some art directly above it on the dark navy wall. My go-to for great art? Minted! Especially after seeing the fantastic frames Bridget chose for her bedroom.

We love this art and these frames from Minted. The gallery wall looks amazing!After spending lots of hours perusing Minted, I found some gorgeous art pieces to use in this space. But let me tell ya, finalizing my picks was so difficult because there are 1,000’s of options on Minted. Seriously….so many stunning selections. Plus, the decisions continue with their plethora of sizing & framing options! My word of advice? Favorite pieces as you go along and then narrow it down from there.

I wanted to have a good mix of sizes, horizontal frames, and vertical frames. Plus, each piece needed to “speak to me.” Basically it had to remind me of something special in our life. Here are my selections…How amazing is this gold Chicago skyline print with a gold frame? So good with the navy wall. Love this gold Chicago skyline in the sleek gold frame. Obviously we heart Chicago…so this was an easy choice!This abstract piece is perfect - just the right splash of color against the white. This piece reminded me of a snowy scene and took me back to all of the years my family spent skiing together in Colorado. Love how this beach scene comes together in this piece. Again the blues are great with the navy wall.

Then there’s this beachy photo. Or at least to me it looks beachy. It reminds me of the ocean, which brings me back to our honeymoon in MexicoAnother abstract blue piece - this one reminds me of Mexico!

As for this colorful blue print….I don’t have much of a story behind it. Instead I was just drawn to the colors and thought it would be a nice addition to the wall!
How cute is this vintage typewriter print? I love the brown wood frame too.

This black & white typewriter picture also spoke to me. We had a “love letter” theme for our wedding, and debuted an old typewriter on our card table. This reminded me of our wedding day!The gallery wall in the guest room has really come together! Minted has the most amazing selection of prints and frames for your home!

Then, right in the middle we have an “F” in cursive. I think it’s fitting for our last name (Finn), but it also works for “Family” & “Friends”, both of whom will be staying in our guest room. Love the neutral frame colors you can buy from Minted to fit any print.

I also added a couple framed pictures to the wall from our wedding day & 1st year anniversary photo session. The gallery wall fits perfectly in between the two gold sconces. When it came to figuring out a layout for the gallery, here’s the method to my madness. I measured the length of the fauxdenza, the height of the available wall space, and also made note of the sconces’ placement.

To create a gallery wall, I always lay out the prints on another surface first to see how they will look together. Then I used painter’s tape and drew it out on the floor to get a visual. This is where our dining table will eventually be. Yes, we still do not have a dining room table and we’ve been living here for 9 months (that’s next on the list…).

Anyways, with my faux wall all drawn up on the ground I had fun placing the art pieces all around. I just put some music on, moved frames here and there, and played with the layout until it looked good to me.

Then I put placeholders up on the wall to see what the shapes will look like on the wall. Once they were set, I used old craft & wrapping paper (and eventually plastic wrapping gift paper…) to mark out the frames. It was a good way to get through some old paper and definitely came in handy as I transferred it to the wall.

Beautiful art from Minted!Love the typewriter print, and a photo of Finn and I.

I do have one more fun piece that I’m adding to the wall, but it hasn’t come in just yet. I’ll be sure to update you guys once it arrives. I’m planning to put it where the tall marbled vase is…Guest Room Gallery Wall…to the right of the water photo. But for now the vase is filling the spot pretty darn well. Guest Room Gallery Wall completed above the fauxdenza!

The gallery wall is just what this space needed and I’m so happy to be able to showcase a bit of our personality in this room. I also think it complements the wood wall on the other side of the room well. In addition to the guest room gallery wall, I got this adorable white bud vase for the nightstand.

Here’s a sneak peek of that side. It’s looking might cozy if I do say so myself.

How amazing is this guest room gallery wall? Can't wait to have our first guests spend the night!Next time, we’ll chat about our new furniture pieces for this space. And then I can officially mark this room as complete!