New Items in the Guest Room

With all of the major DIY’s complete in the guest room, it was FINALLY time for the fun part. The furniture & accessories!

View More: this room is so small, we didn’t really need to get too much. The space can only hold a bed, nightstand, and now the “fauxdenza” and that’s about it furniture-wise. So our list was short & sweet for the guest room.

View More: much as I HATE (& I mean hate) having a bed up against a wall, that was the only spot for a queen bed in this room. If we put it anywhere else it would interfere with the doorway and the closet, so its final resting spot was really the only spot.

View More: is the absolute pits to make the bed in this room, and I wish you could see me standing on the bed to try to tuck all of the corners in. It’s seriously comical. Luckily, I don’t have to make the bed in here all too often.

View More: added a light gray headboard from to the bedding area and I really do think it makes it look much more complete. Originally I wanted to do an entire upholstered bed (not just the headboard), but again that was simply too big for this small space. The tufted headboard fit the bill though. It’s sleek, classic, and doesn’t interfere with the wood wall we put so much work into.

View More: for the bedding, I actually moved the duvet from our master bedroom in here, so it might look familiar! I ended up purchasing this duvet (also from West Elm) for our master, and love it just as much as the guest room duvet. So comfy and I love that you can bleach the heck out of the white. The throw at the end of the bed is a Target find.

View More: navy pillows are a new addition. I picked them up in the clearance area at West Elm (can’t find the exact ones online) and I love how it’s the perfect pop of color to go along with the wall. I wanted to bring navy into the space somewhere else (besides just the walls), and this was a great way to do it, without making the bedding feel too dark. The long white pillow is from HomeGoods.

View More: the rug. I’m a sucker for these moroccan shag rugs. We used to have a similar one in our master bedroom, but ended up pitching it as it got pretty dingy with the constant foot traffic. Because we don’t have frequent guests, this one should stay pretty darn nice.

Plus, it’s sooooo soft and plush. I love the feeling of it under bare feet. So luxurious. The rug did shed a tiny bit in the beginning, but after a few times vacuuming it’s now good to go.

View More: nightstand is an old DIY project that I just can’t seem to part with. I originally found the dresser for a couple bucks at a flea market and gave it some TLC. It’s petite, but the perfect size for the space. Plus, I love how I can add some texture with the basket below.

View More: lamp is a Target find. I really love the shape, the wood, and the gold accents..but I’m worried it’s a little small for the space. It fits the petite nightstand well, but next to the tall headboard it looks a little miniature. I may eventually look for a replacement, but it works for now.

View More: More: for the fauxdenza, I kept the accessories on the surface pretty minimal. Mostly plants & coffee table books. I didn’t want to distract from the gallery wall, and also wanted to keep the surface free for when guests come to visit.

View More: put a wicker basket and small plant to the left of the fauxdenza. Mainly to hide our unsightly router and electronic cords. This is the best spot to hook up everything for our wifi, so we were forced to conceal all of the cords in this corner. It’s not terrible…but I would love to hide it a bit better.

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View More: there you have it, all of the furniture & accessories in the guest room. It really has come a long way since the beginning of this year!

View More: week, I’ll do a complete before & after of the space and we can recap all of the projects that went into creating our new favorite room in the house!


All Photos Courtesy of Gina Sandrzyk