Power Washing for Rookies

Did anyone else’s sidewalks or patio look like this when spring rolled around?!  Yikes.

After winter weather, sidewalks look dirty and muddy.

I’m embarrassed to even admit that after the snow melted, I was left with sidewalk stains that highlighted a washed-up doormat, ugly leaf prints (not the cute ones), and other gross stains that had me motivated to CLEAN my sidewalks ASAP!  This sidewalk is stained from the doormat.

So like any good DIY-er, I called my BFF over (thanks Casey… I owe you!!) and we got to work cleaning my sidewalks with a power washer.

Power washing a sidewalk is a great way to clean dirt and debris off. The before and after pictures of this sidewalk prove power washing works wonders. Fast forward through the power washing experience: Now I want to power wash ALL the things because of the dramatic before & afters that this project created in such a short amount of time! I mean, check out these side by side spaces of pre-power washed surface vs. post-power washed surface. Can you even?! I knew I had stains on my sidewalk, but I didn’t realize how generally dirty they were outside of those stains until I started power washing. #ew

Power washing this side stoop clean all the dirt off. And check out these before & after photos of our side stoop:This side stoop is stained with dirt from the doormat. Power washing this home's stoop got rid of any stains or dirt. WHHAAAAATTTTTTT?!

1. How dramatic is the difference between the before & the after?!

2. Who knew power washing could get me this excited!? <— I think that means I’m officially old.

3. To see even more of my sidewalk transformation, check out this post over on Zillow’s blog. We wrote a Rookie Guide to Power Washing so our fellow rookies can get out there and start cleaning.

Now… serious question for those of you who have had experience power washing. What else have you successfully power washed?! I am not joking when I say that I want to power wash ALL THE THINGS so your suggestions and expertise are much appreciated.