Tips for an Organized Schedule in 2017

[We are still enjoying the sun & sand in Mexico, but are just popping in today for this Michaels post! We’ll be back “for real” next Monday, January 9th!]

If you guys know either one of us, then you know we’re a bit type-A and we cannot get through a day without our trusty to-do lists. Call us crazy, but we just feel so much better having our days planned out so we can be as productive as possible! <—good thing we’re on vacation right now, because it’s good to let loose every once in a while!

Google CalendarFor the blog, we rely on our google calendar to plan our content and stay on track. It’s nice because we can each access the calendar and work together to plan ahead.

writing-in-planner-desk-officeBut individually, we’re both really into written planners. There’s just something about writing things down the old-fashioned way, and then crossing it off that is oh so satisfying. Legit no better feeling than looking at a completed to-do list at the end of the day in your planner. <—again, this post is proving that we’re huge nerds.

2017-plannerIf you’re looking for a new planner to get organized for 2017, then you will definitely want to check out your local Michaels. They have an awesome collection of adorable planners that will give you the fresh start you need this year! From daily, to weekly, to monthly…you’ll be able to find one that fits your lifestyle & routine.

*Beyond the planners, Michaels has lots of other colorful organizational items too! — clips, pins, baskets, bins… so many items to start the new year off right!

planner-schedule-calendar-officeWe recently picked up this planner, and want to share our tried & true tips for using it effectively over the course of the year.

Tips to Create an Organized Planner

  • Find a Planner you L-O-V-E planner-scheduleIt should go without saying that you need to love your planner in order to be excited to use it. We always love choosing our planner for the year and were blown away by some of the adorable ones we found at Michaels. Of course you want it to be cute, but also make sure your planner fits your lifestyle. If you like to write a lot you may want a daily planner. If you just want to write down big events, then a monthly planner might be better for you. Find one that works for your lifestyle and go from there.
  • Add in Birthdays, Vacays, & Big Events birthday-schedule-calendarWhenever we get a new planner we immediately take about 30 minutes to fill out all of our big events for the years. First we’ll add all of the birthdays of those closest to us so we don’t forget! Then we add in big events and vacations. Weddings, work trips, even tax dates are all added at this point. You don’t want to forget these big dates, so take time at the beginning of the year to map everything out.
  • Keep your Place with a Binder Clip binder-clip A binder clip works really well to keep your place in your planner.planner-binder-clip It’s such a simple concept, but we promise it does wonders when it comes to keeping your planner organized and staying on track.
  • Jazz it Up washi-tape-colorNow for the fun part…the creativity! This is time to let loose and enjoy your planner. We love using washi tape throughout our planners. vacation-washi-tapeMaybe using the colorful tape to make your upcoming vacations really visual? Or use different colored pens to mark various occasions. We also love jazzing things up with stickers & vibrant colors! This is YOUR planner, so have fun with it and make it pretty!
  • Make a Weekly Date writing-planner-scheduleSet a time to sit down and plan out the week ahead. We both do this on Sunday nights. We look at the week ahead and get to planning. Some things we always add include workouts, laundry day, big projects, grocery store visits, etc. We will also set realistic goals for each day, knowing that if it’s written down it’s much more likely to happen! This weekly “date” with our planners is a lifesaver and really keeps us on track.
  • Figure out What Works Best for You schedule-plannerAt the end of the day, you need to create a planner that works well for your lifestyle. You’re not going to stick with a routine all year-long if it doesn’t match your personality. We don’t like to schedule our days by the hour, but we will write all of the major things we want to accomplish that day in our planners. Know yourself and create an organized planner that works for your life!

casey-office-plannerWe are both very excited for a FRESH START to 2017 and can’t wait to make this our best year yet. With a bit of planning and organization we’re confident that we can reach our goals this year!

planner-accessoriesIf you’re looking for more inspiration to get a fresh start this year, check out the other organization projects from the Michaels Makers!


  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- Happy New Year! Hope y’all are having fun in Mexico( I guess my invite got lost in the mail ha) Love the post! Great tips!

    • hahaha! Thanks so much Shawnna! Happy new year!

  • Trang

    I love the idea of the physical calendar, but It’s not ideal for me. I don’t carry a big enough purse and I’d likely lose it/mis-place it often (like I do with my phone). I only use my phone for marking appointments and events (because I can set reminders!). I also don’t have as busy a schedule as you ladies though so it works for the few things I have. Haha.
    Happy new year!

    • We use our phones for reminders, but love having the physical calendar too. You make a great point though, everyone’s organizing preferences are different and the main goal is to find the one that works best for you and your lifestyle. It sounds like you have your preference down, good work!!

      Happy New Year Trang!!