Our Home Decor Favorites at Target

We know we’re not alone in our love for Target. In fact, we often feel like we need to avoid going to Target altogether because there is just no way in hell we’re coming out of that store without a $100 receipt for items we didn’t even know we needed. Hate when that happens (but also secretly love it!). target-fall-line-4

But can you blame us? Their home decor items are always on point and on trend. And their spring and summer collection is no different. Here are a few budget-friendly items they’ve recently added to their home decor aisles that we can’t wait to scoop up!

Outdoor Loveseat

If you’re a city dweller (without a lot of outdoor space), this modern loveseat is a winner. Not only does it look comfortable, but the shape is anything but cookie-cutter. Add some colorful throw pillows on it and you’re good to go!

White Classic Vase

Target’s ceramic products have always been on point, and this vase is an example of that. The subtle pattern on the vase adds interest, but the white can go with any home decor. You can fill it with flowers or fresh leaves, or it can stand alone as stunning home decor.

Plant Stand

This artificial plant reminds me of the snake plant and West Elm planter found in my dining room. But this one doesn’t need any watering! Ha. If you don’t have a ton of room for a plant, this petite one is a winner. Love the modern planter. We’d put this next to a side table or bench for some added freshness.

Wood Arm Chair

It’s kind of hard to believe that this chair is from Target. I mean, c’mon?! How good is this piece?! Plus it’s just over $200, which is a spectacular price for an accent chair. The wood and neutral color make it a piece that can fit in with just about any home decor. And love the MCM lines on this one.

Salad Bowl

Is it bad that sometimes you want to buy items for a life you don’t have…but want? Imagine the gorgeous dinner parties, serving a gorgeous salad, with your gorgeous friends using this salad bowl. Picture perfect, right? Perhaps adding this to our kitchen would result in a. eating more salads b. those glamorous dinner parties

Moroccan Wedding Rug

We’ve always been fascinated with Moroccan wedding blankets (traditional blankets woven in anticipation of a wedding), and this rug version is pretty dang cool. Again, more neutral colors that go with just about anything. The textures, pattern, and boho vibe make this an interesting piece to add to any room.

Tripod Floor Lamp

$80 for a floor lamp of this size is a steal. Something comparable at Crate and Barrel or West Elm would cost much closer to $200…so this lamp is one to take a second look at. We’re all about layering lighting in your space, and this wooden tripod lamp would definitely get the job done in a family room or office.

Tropical Wall Art

This print reminds us of the prints we created a few years back with photos of palm prints. While those are still some of our favorites, this is a softer option. Layer this frame on a shelf or built-in to add a pop of color to your home for spring!


Baskets are always your friend when it comes to corralling the clutter. We can’t get enough of them and have a basket in just about every single room in our homes. This one is at a great price and the white pattern keeps it interesting.

File Box

This file box isn’t exactly “springy”, but when we spotted it online we couldn’t resist! The gold, the texture, the functionality…yes, yes, and YES! We’re always looking for cute ways to stay organized and this file box would look great in a home office.

Outdoor Lantern

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’re both currently scooping up new items to spruce up our outdoor patios. This simple wood lantern would add the perfect nighttime glow to the outdoors and can you believe it’s an LED light in there? Sure makes setting the mood easy!

Outdoor Chairs

And speaking of sprucing up our outdoor spaces, these $39 chairs have us both wishing that we were in need of more seating! They are soooo good and for that price?! Someone please buy these because they are just too good.

Hour Glass

How gorgeous is this hour glass? And the hint of black has us loving this design even more! And in true Target fashion, $19 seems like a good deal for this high-end looking piece!

Hexagon Make-up Mirror

Stylish (or even unique) make-up mirrors are hard to come by so we definitely want to put the spot-light on this gorgeous geometric option. We love it because it’s functional but can easily be displayed on a desk or vanity because it’s so pretty.

Pineapple Doormat

This option is a bit outside our neutral comfort zone, but can you even resist this quirky doormat?! Target never disappoints when it comes to doormats and this season is no different. From flamingos, to pineapples to adorable cacti, their doormat selection is so fun. They’re usually priced at $12.99 but put these front porch staples on sale pretty often, making it easy to score one for under ten bucks!


succulent_target_stand_plant-3Don’t even get us started about the clothing, swimsuit, or spring shoe collections at Target. It seriously is hard to contain ourselves! For now, we’ll just stick to perusing the home decor aisles or else we may be broke by the time it’s fall…bridget_and_casey_sig

  • Stacy

    Seriously love this post! Hope to see more Target features!

    • Thanks so much, Stacy! Your feedback really means a lot to us.

  • Erin

    that armchair!!!!!!!! why don’t i have room for it?!
    and that pineapple rug, might have to get that!

    • We feel the exact same way about the armchair — it’s so gorgeous! We hope that by sharing it, someone will bring it home and enjoy it =)

  • Pam

    Love the outdoor lantern. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Pam! There’s so much amazing stuff at Target right now, we just had to share.

  • You are speaking my Target language ladies! I want #allthethings in this post! As I may have mentioned, since we no longer have Target in Canada ?, shopping there is a mini designation vacation for me! I went a few weeks ago and had to be very disciplined… the only thing scarier than facing my husband after a Target shopping spree are the border guards I have to fess up to on the way home. Techically you are supposed to pay duty on stuff you buy if you are only across the border for a day, but usually they let a small amount go. Nothing worse than tacking some extra ? to a shopping spree! I spotted those $39 chairs and was so tempted, there is also a matching bench! So modern farmhouse, I can’t even!

    • “The only thing scarier than facing my husband after a Target shopping spree are the border guards I have to fess up to on the way home.” <— this literally made us LOL. At least you're forced to only buy what you really love and not just buy to buy. This is especially handy for Target since almost everything in the store gives us instant heart-eyes!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- love the finds! So cool!

  • Marit

    Hey ladies! Love the new layout of your roundup posts. I hated have to scroll up and down trying to find what you were talking about. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Marit! We’re happy to hear you like it! We like it better too 🙂

  • Kara D

    Great minds think alike! I bought that faux plant stand last week! It’s perfect to put in the darker, less lit areas in my place where I know the lack of sunlight would kill plants like this! I’m now eyeballing that marble tray you had in the first picture! That would be great to put on my dining table, I haven’t found the *right* tray yet for it!

    • We feel ya Kara! We want it all. And great idea for the faux plant in a dark corner, or else it would surely die.

  • Liz M

    Be warned about those outdoor Windsor chairs – they leak rusty water all over if they get any rain on them. It’s a poor design flaw unfortunately. I bought them before I saw all the reviews on them complaining about the rust. Too bad since they are totally cute and affordable 🙁

    Love all your picks in this post! Will have to check them out on my next Target run! 🙂

    • OH no that is horrible Liz! Thanks for the heads up. It’s easy to be blinded by their cuteness, but rust sounds awful.

  • WAAAAY too many cute things! I love the vase and the lines on that white and wood chair! I reallllly like that pineapple rug but not sure my husband would go for it? But he also rarely uses the front door sooooo….maybe by the time he noticed it would be too late to return. Haha (he really wouldn’t care, just not what he would pick). And that tri-pod light! I “need” more lights…right???

    • Isn’t Target the BEST?! It was hard to narrow down our favorites because there were so many gorgeous pieces!

    • Erin Heckber

      DI I though of you when I saw the pineapple door may! (You really should!)

    • I just pulled out my summer one from last year and it’s looking pretty worn…sale stalking this one!

  • Spectacular product. simplistic and useful for home decor!!! especially Wood arm chair and Outdoor Love-seat. Just by seeing these, I feel relaxed.

    • Thanks Aarsun, so happy to hear you liked it!