Cold-Shoulder Blouse Styled for Work to Weekend

Is it just us or has anyone else noticed that cold-shoulder blouses are ALL the rage lately?!Gingham cold-shoulder blouse fashion-

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to clarify because I was just like you the first time I heard someone refer to this new trend. Cold-shoulder shirts are blouses (or dresses!) that have the shoulders cut out. Some have long sleeves, like this one, but many have short sleeves or just ruffly fabric below the shoulder.

In short, if the shoulder is exposed it’s considered a cold-shoulder shirt. Now that I’m seeing this trend everywhere I thought today’s post could be the perfect chance to help make your next cold shoulder shirt work a little harder in your closet!

The exposed shoulder of these shirts makes this style a bit “scandalous” for most workplaces BUT that doesn’t mean you should totally write-off these cute options during the week. Today I’m styling the cold-shoulder trend for both work and weekend. Even if you don’t have my exact shirt, you can take this post as a reminder that your cold-shoulder shirt could work in the office with a little creativity!



I scored this gingham cold-shoulder blouse from H&M for $24 (it’s sadly sold out, here’s another gingham option!) and loved it because of the long sleeves and gingham pattern. The day I tried it on I had this blazer on, which is what inspired me to initially try to make the cold-shoulder work during the week. And to my surprise, it does and makes the $30 price tag even more of a steal. Gingham-cold-shoulder-blouse-fashion-blazerI love the gingham and tiny ruffle detail above the bust. The sleeves slip right into the blazer and keep those cold shoulders a weekend secret! Gingham-cold-shoulder-blouse-fashion-bridgetI think this exact blouse and blazer would look great paired with a black or floral pencil skirt for work, a shower, or a fancier spring/summer event. The possibilities are endless with this classic gingham pattern.Gingham-cold-shoulder-blouse-fashion-bridget-casualInstead of saving those cold-shoulders just for the weekend, I urge you to reconsider because a blazer or sweater can transition them into the work week.



On nights out or weekends, you can lose the blazer and rock the exposed shoulders for a trendy, yet still classy look.

Matt told me I should be holding maracas with a mariachi band behind me with this shirt on because of the sleeves. Mariachi band or not, I love the look and overall trend… bring on the cold shoulders! Plus, this blouse is so comfy. Gingham-cold-shoulder-blouse-fashion-bridget-heelsThese sleeves are elastic without being too tight or restricting. You can push the sleeves down to look more relaxed (like I did here) or pull them up depending on your preference. Since it’s still a bit chilly here in Chicago, I paired this blouse with pants but I think it will work just as well with shorts this summer!

My Favorites

Overall I’m loving the cold shoulder trend and look forward to adding a few more of these versatile pieces to my wardrobe over the summer. Here are some of the blouses I currently have my eye on:

What do you guys think? Are you all about the cold-shoulder or are you currently giving this trend the cold-shoulder?! I’d love to hear!



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