My Eye Makeup Routine

Ever since I started showing my face more on Insta Stories, I keep getting messages about my eye makeup. How do I do it? What do I use? I’m here to tell you I am no makeup aficionado and I’m sure a professional makeup artist would cringe at my lack of technique and knowledge. But I figured it was time to share my eye makeup favorites and how I apply everything when I get ready in the morning.Casey's eye makeup tutorial

Before we get to that, I want to chat about my eyes a little bit. I have pretty big eyes and a ginormous lid. Whenever I get my makeup done, the artist always comments on what a big “canvas” I’m giving them for eyeshadow. I’ve never really thought much of it, but apparently, I’ve got lids for days! So just a heads up that everyone’s eyes are different and my eye makeup may look a little different when you do it on yourself.Eye makeup tutorial

I’ve also had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows ever since I was a little girl. I have thick eyebrows and back in the day I absolutely hated them. I remember being in 5th or 6th grade begging my mom to pluck my eyebrows because I was so ashamed of them. As an adult, I’ve come to embrace my thick eyebrows (and luckily, that’s on trend these days!). I get them waxed and tinted here in Chicago (I go to Courtney at Esthetic Haus) every few months in order to keep my shape. Then, I pluck in between appointments because those babies grow fast! I get quite a few gray hairs in my eyebrows, so that’s why I tint them a bit darker. Plus, when they’re tinted I don’t have to fill them in with a pencil and it shaves a few minutes off my morning routine.

My Favorite Eye Makeup Products

Here are my tried and true eye makeup products.My favorite eye makeup products

Anastasia Brow Wiz (Taupe) // Primer //Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette // Liquid Eyeliner // Pencil Eyeliner // Eyelash Curler // Eyelash Primer // Mascara // Green Mascara

How I Apply My Eye MakeupHow I apply my makeup in the morning

Again, I must stress how much of an amateur I am when it comes to eye makeup. This is just what I do and what works for me. I’ve watched a few Youtube videos and I’m always amazed at how good people are at makeup. I’d love to get better and better!

Apply Primer

Add primer to your lid

I always apply primer on my face before my makeup and I usually pat it onto my eyelids too. I find that my eyeshadow stays better and it doesn’t crease when I do this. Elf primerI use this primer that takes out red tones in my skin and I put it all over my face before putting any makeup on. It’s a great price point and I pick it up at Target.

Pencil In BrowsAnastasia brow wiz pencil in taupe

Next, I do my eyebrows. I just had them waxed and tinted before these photos so there wasn’t much to do. But usually, I use my favorite brow pencil to feather in some light strokes of color where things are a little patchy. I then comb the color through with the other end of the brush.

Apply Light Eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow to your entire lid

Now, time for eyeshadow. I swear by this naked palette by Urban Decay. I’ve gone through a few variations of it, but this one is by far my favorite. Palettes are great because you can use the same eyeshadow case for all of the following steps. I love all of the warm hues in the palette and I switch up how I wear them. But I’ll show you my go-to look.Naked 2 Palette eye makeup

I put the “half baked” eyeshadow across most of my lid first. It’s a warm gold color and adds a bit of shimmer to my eyelids.

Apply Dark in CreasesDark color eyeshadow in creases

I then apply some of the darker eyeshadow in the crease of my eyelid. If it’s daytime I go with the “tease” color. If I’m going out at night, I opt for a darker color like the “pistol” or “snakebite”. (Side note: these eyeshadow names crack me up. Bootycall gets me every time).

Add Highlighter to Brow BoneApplying eyeshadow to your entire lid

To finish off my eyeshadow, I add a bit of the white shimmery color “bootycall” to my brow bone, and then swipe some “foxy” over it. This accentuates my brow arch and makes me look more awake. I also add a little to the inner corner of my eye for a little extra shimmer there.

Add Eyeliner to Top of LidLiquid eyeliner

I use liquid eyeliner to line the top of my lid. I love this liquid eyeliner from Sephora because it has a fine tip and it stays on all day long. Drawing in eyeliner on the top lid

I use it in black and draw a thin line across the top of my lid.

Add Eyeliner to BottomPencil eyeliner

I use a pencil eyeliner on the bottom inside of my eye. The liquid doesn’t work as well on the bottom and I find that the pencil lasts longer and doesn’t irritate my eyes. If I go below my lashes, I find that it smudges and I get raccoon eyes. So I like to just put the eyeliner on the inside of the water line.

Curl & Prime Eyelashes

Add primer before putting on mascara

I have pretty long eyelashes and often get asked if I wear eyelash extensions. I have never tried them before and probably never will. My eyelashes are already pretty long and I don’t want to risk losing any with false ones on there. To get them really long and voluminous, I always curl them before applying mascara.Adding mascara to your eye makeup routine

Occasionally, I’ll use an eyelash primer before applying mascara. This helps to separate and lengthen them before putting on dark mascara. I usually only do this on the weekends or when I’m going out and take a little extra time with my makeup. But it does make a big difference!

Finish it Off with Mascara

Applying mascara to your lashes

Finally, time for mascara. I’ve tried so many mascaras and still haven’t found one that I absolutely love. My go-to is this one from Loreal, but I’ve been trying to find a cleaner option. This one has been working well, but I’m not in love with it. I know you guys have given me some great recommendations and I’m slowly making my way through them.

But anyways, I apply my mascara and I always start at the base and slowly twirl and bring the brush through my eyelashes. This technique works so well to get them evenly coated and thick all the way from the base. Give it a try!

Before & After

Here’s a little before and after without any makeup and then with my eye makeup on. It really does make a difference to make me look more awake. While I don’t wear eye makeup every single day, I probably go through this makeup routine 3-5 days per week. My eye makeup routineThat’s it! That is my eye makeup routine. It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done. Oh, and if you need to clean your makeup brushes here’s how I do it. I try to clean about once a month, but I need to be better about it.

Now I’d love to hear some of your favorite eye makeup products. It’s always fun to try out new products, so share the scoop!


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