Our Readers Share Their Favorite Skincare Products

Today I’m sharing the results from the skincare survey I shared a few weeks ago. I was BLOWN away by the response and learned so much for your insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your expertise and examples of your favorite skincare products. My goal is to share the highlights so that you too can learn from this amazing and resourceful community of women. sharing the results from the skincare survey

The Stats

  • 80% of you have some type of skincare routine (20% do not — I’m glad I’m not alone!)
  • Of those who already have a skincare routine, the majority of you established this routine in your 20’s
  • When it comes to using non-toxic skincare products, about half of you do and half of you do not.
  • Of those who currently do not use non-toxic products, almost 60% of you want to start
  • Most of you are brand loyal for at least parts of your skincare routine
  • And out of all of the skincare products available, the most popular ones were moisturizers (#1), cleansers (#2), serums (#3) and face masks (#4)
  • 85% of you are, like me, interested in what other readers have to share about their skincare routines

Skincare Advice From YOU

I definitely saw some common themes when it came to the answers to this question. Here are the top 5 pieces of advice that seemed to pretty much cover almost everyone’s answers!

  1. Protect your face from the sun
  2. Establish a routine that fits your lifestyle. If it’s too complicated or too time-consuming, you’re not going to stick with it. Find a balance that works for you and…
  3.  Stay consistent! Even when you’re tired and want to skip out on washing your face — push through! Your skin will thank you for it. One reader even recommended washing your face super early in the night so you don’t ever get tempted to climb in bed without taking off your makeup. I’m always tempted to do that (and honestly, guilty of this far more often than I’d like to admit) so I loved this tip!
  4. Hydrate your skin with moisturizer, but also by drinking water. Drinking enough water is SO important in maintaining healthy skin.
  5. Start Small… every little bit helps. If you start small, you’ll be less apt to feel overwhelmed and throw in the towel on establishing a routine that works for you and your skin.

Our Readers’ Favorite Skincare Products & Brands

The following quotes were taken directly from the survey. I tried to include a variety of insight since we all have very different skin needs and different priorities when it comes to skincare. I hope you find at least one of these testimonials helpful for what YOU need.washing face for better skincare routine

Most Noted Skincare Brands

  • Kiehl’s is one brand I’ve been pretty loyal to over the years. Everything I try from them, I love, and see great results, and their ingredients list is pretty good”
  • Paula’s Choice – high efficient skin care products. I highly recommend to read the website of Paula’s Choice: her expert advice is very useful (even if you won’t buy her products, you can learn a lot about skincare).”
  • Colleen Rothschild, I have only tried cleanser so far, and love it. Plan to try the travel size/trial size kits.”
  • Colleen Rothschild is amazing. My face looks and feels 10 years younger.”
  • “I use a lot from the Clinique brand because I believe most of their products are scent-free. I have sensitive skin and I have found their products to be worth the price. If there are new products I always get a sample from them to make sure I like it before investing in them.”
  • Skin Essence Organics – a very “clean” brand, products for multiple skin types, and not super expensive!”
  • “I have been using Beautycounter for 2 years now and love their commitment to safer beauty”
  • Acure– they are a non-toxic brand, widely available at places like Target and Amazon, and cost-effective!”
  • Tata Harper, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Josh Rosebrook, Vintner’s Daughter– all have wonderful, safe ingredients. They are investments for sure, but a great retailer will let you sample them first to see if they are right for you.”

Your Favorite Skincare ProductsOur readers' favorite skincare products for acne and wrinkles

  • “I have VERY oily skin and SWEAR by Clinique’s yellow gel moisturizer. I’ve tried so many different moisturizers over the years, but I always come back to Clinique. I also LOVE fresh soy cleanser and their rose toner….a bit on the pricier side, but worth it. They are non-toxic and gentle (because not only do I have oily skin, but I also have sensitive skin).”
  • Dermalogica changed the game for me. I use the special cleansing gel and microfoliant and my skin has never been better”
  • Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer – gentle for sensitive skin”
  •  “Julep’s “What Your Skin Needs” – it literally helps reduce fine lines and tightens up your skin so nicely and skips on the toxins. Julep promotes toxin-free products. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for almost 5 years now! You can either do a monthly subscription or just order a la carte.”
  • “Everything from Murad (cleanser, toner, clarifying mask, oil-free face lotion, serums especially the clarifying), drunk elephant eye cream and glam glow mud mask are must-haves. I have tried everything and those I can’t live without.”
  • Emlin mink oil. I have used it for probably 45 years or more. I am 71 and constantly get told I don’t look it. Of course, I also don’t feel it. Age is a state of mind. How you think and act all stems from you!”
  • Roc retinol deep wrinkle cream and Roc eye cream at night. Great retinol for a great price, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
  • “Elta MD UV clear sunscreen during the day. It’s a reasonably priced physical sunscreen which is healthier for your skin, in addition, to actually blocking sun instead of absorbing it like chemical sunscreens do.”
  • “Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser. Perfect for sensitive skin and doesn’t dry you out.”
  • “St Ives green tea scrub. Great exfoliation! I’ve done a ton of research to find products that are not very expensive and have quality ingredients”
  • “Rosehip oil – do a quick Google search and you will see why!”
  • “I care a lot about the ingredients in my products. For most of my skincare routine, I use a VT-based brand called Ursa Major, but I’ve struggled with finding a good SPF. My dermatologist recommended Elta MD for a sunscreen that can go on under your make up. It doesn’t smell like summer sunscreen and doesn’t feel oily. For weekends and trips, I really like Alba’s sunscreens which are non-toxic and work well.”

Checking the Ingredients in your Skincare Products

  • “If you’re looking for a way to evaluate how ‘clean’ the products you are using are, you can evaluate each product on EWG.org or download the APP, think dirty. Type in the product’s name and both of these tools will rate them and also share what’s in them, how toxic it is, etc.”

Let’s Do This Again!

I know everyone has different skin, different priorities, and even different philosophies when it comes to skin care. My hope is that today’s post gives you some insight into what others are using and loving. You may not be in the game to find new products, but it’s always fun to hear what others are up to. And maybe this will even act as a resource for you when it is time to change things up.

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Thank you SO much to everyone who took time to complete the skincare survey. We love this community we have made through the DIY Playbook because you guys have taught us SO much. If you guys like hearing each other’s insight, we would LOVE  to continue to host little posts like this so that your expertise isn’t lost on us. We want to continue to share the love, and all of the amazing resources, this amazing community of smart women has to offer.

And in the meantime, I can’t wait to try some of the products you recommended! My plan is to report back with everything I learned from the Sephora skincare class I took, along with some of the products I’m adding to my skincare routine. Stay tuned!


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