How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

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We’re sprinting towards the finish line of this bathroom renovation, and I couldn’t be happier. Last week, I shared how we installed the vanity in our space and you got a sneak peek of the new mirror I hung in there.

The Bathroom Mirror I ChoseHow to hang a bathroom mirror over your vanity

Choosing a bathroom mirror can be tricky, so I was so happy when I spotted this gold mirror on the Lowe’s website.  Plus, how about that price?! I really wanted a round mirror to break up all of the straight lines in here. All of those rows of subway tile, the boxy vanity, and the sleek handles…so many straight lines. Round was the way to go. I love this round gold mirror next to the white subway tile and dark gray paint

I also wanted to add some warmth in here amidst all of the black and white. Gold and brass add warmth to any space, so I figured this mirror would do the trick (and it does!). I’m planning to add even more warmth to the space with some textured accessories and maybe a wood shelf or frame on the wall. But for now, the gold adds a lot to make this space feel less cold.

Tips to Hang a Bathroom MirrorA round mirror looks good next to the straight lines of subway tile

Sometimes it can be tough to hang a round mirror or object on the wall, but I lucked out with this mirror because it only had one mounting bracket on the back. So instead of having to do a lot of math and measurements, I just hung it from one anchor and screw. I love when that happens! And always remember, if you’re not securing a wall item into a stud…use an anchor!

If you do hang a round object on the wall and it happens to have 2 mounting brackets on the back, you can use a picture wire to connect them (not my favorite way to secure items), or you can use this trick. Take a piece of painter’s tape and connect the 2 brackets on the back. Translate that piece of tape to the wall, make sure it’s level, and then drill in 2 holes to hang. Easy as pie!A gold mirror with a white vanity and dark gray paint

What’s even easier than that? Hanging the round mirror I chose. I even created a short video to outline the process…How to hang a bathroom mirror with an anchor and screw

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror – Video

Gold mirror from Lowe's Home Improvement

Fun fact: I shot this video by myself on a random weekday. It was so tricky getting the shots without showing the camera in the mirror reflection, but I think I pulled it off. Gotta love a good tripod.

What Now?How to hang a bathroom mirror above your vanity

In terms of DIYs for this bathroom, that was the last one! Now, my contractor is coming in to install the shower door, move the light fixture to the correct spot, and install the toilet. Once he is finished, it will be time to style, move back into this space, and cross this big ol’ project off our to-do list.

So that means that next week is the BIG REVEAL. Bring it on!


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