DIY Shiplap for under $100 in the Office

I haven’t regretted my decision to paint the office white, in fact this room has really proven to me how much I LOVE white paint. Bridget-office-desk-laptop

However the white paint could make the room look “flat” without enough texture injected into it. When I added all the furniture and the DIY barn door into this space, I absolutely LOVED it. I felt like it was “so me” but after living in it for a few weeks I did think the white walls were missing just a little something.

Adding a Wall of Shiplap

Office_WideThat thought is what inspired me to add DIY Shiplap to the far wall and I’m pretty obsessed with the texture it brings to the space. This was the first “large-scale” DIY project I did with Matt and I’m so glad we decided to do it together because we knocked it out in less than a weekend. Shiplap_Desk_office

The Process

We bought 4 sheets of plywood from Lowe’s for under $100 and had all of the other materials on hand, making this project a very affordable one!

If you’re in the game to shiplap a space in your home, be sure to check out the step-by-step  tutorial we created with Zillow here. I tried to break down the process as much as we could so that anyone can tackle this weekend project.  How_to_install_Shiplap_Baseboard_Progress-32The one thing I did differently this time around was take off the baseboard and put the last board behind the baseboard. I LOVED this trick because it took the pressure off of creating a perfectly straight cut on the last piece of wood.

You can kind of tell in this photo that the last piece of wood was cut close but not perfectly using a jigsaw but… How_to_install_Shiplap_Baseboard_Progress-35… once I added the baseboard on top of it, you can never tell! If you’re tackling this project and need to replace the baseboard anyway, wait to put the baseboard on until after your shiplap has been hung so that you have some wiggle room on that last cut.

Trust me when I say this trick will make your life SO much easier and will make the finished project look much more professional.How_to_install_Shiplap_Baseboard_Progress-62I caulked, puttied and primed the wood once and painted the wall twice, using the same white paint I used on the rest of the room. I’ve really liked the look of black shiplap lately, but I want to keep this space light and cohesive so I skipped that color choice this time around. Maybe someday I’ll be bold enough to try that.How_to_install_Shiplap_Baseboard_Progress-72The shiplap adds just enough texture while still blending in with the rest of the space. This project was definitely worth the $100 price-tag and weekend time commitment. PLUS, Matt tried his hand at a miter saw and nail gun and didn’t hate it. #PROGRESS

Casey was nervous that he had taken over her spot as my DIY partner-in-crime but Matt reassured her that she never has to worry about that. Gotta love him for at least trying, right?! And it’s a win-win because I still have my bestie to count on for future projects!


I don’t think I have any more space to shiplap in this house but I’m confident this won’t be my last shiplap project. There’s just something about this charming wall treatment that instantly makes a space feel more cozy. Because of that I’m sure it’ll always sneak its way into our future homes.

Now that I can check “SHIPLAP” off of our office to-do list, I think this space is officially done! From the paint, to the new furniture, to the DIY fauxdenza, DIY barn door and now DIY shiplap, I’m so happy to be done and so in love with this space.

The goal was to transition this room from a guest room into an office. I can confidently say I spend time in here working, which is 500% more than I used to!Shiplap_completeI’m excited to show you guys around one more time later in the week where I’m going to break down all of the secret storage our office offers. The amount of storage in this small space has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to dish all the details on Friday.


  • Sara Kral

    Looks gorgeous! And you are definitely right about the shiplap adding more texture! Nice work, Bridget (& Matt)!

    • Aww, thanks Sara!! I was so proud (and grateful) of his help.

  • I LOVE your shiplap wall! I want to try doing a shiplap wall so badly! I read your tutorial on Zillow and you have done a great job of explaing the process. I was with you until you said “jigsaw”, and then my fear of power tools took over! I may have to hire someone to help me if I am going to do this project. Sadly my husband would not be down with helping and is less “power tool savvy” than me! have looked into the “peel and stick” Shiplap option but wonder about the price tag. I completely agree that white walls look so amazing with some texture. Your office space is amazing, what a gorgeous spot to work in!

    • You can do it, I promise!! You do need a partner-in-crime to help hold the planks but other than that, I know you can do it. The jig-saw is a lot scarier than it sounds. It’s honestly like a sewing machine but instead of making a seam, it’s cutting the wood. Personally I think it’s a lot less intimidating than a miter saw! You got this girl!!

    • Well when you put it that way, a jigsaw doesn’t sound as scary anymore! My dad is coming to visit this summer (sadly my parents love quite far) and he is the perfect partner in crime for this project. You have really encouraged and inspired me! Thank you!❤️❤️

    • So proud of you!! Dad- daughter projects are my favorite =) You have to keep us updated!!

  • Pam

    Great job. I love shiplap also. Thanks for the tutorial

  • I love this space! Such a great job of mixing neutrals while still keeping things interesting! Well done!

    • Thanks so much, Diana! That’s so sweet of you. =)

  • Robin M

    Could the ship lap design be used on a ceiling instead of the ugly popcorn stuff or would the wood be too heavy?

    • Yeah that’s a great idea Robin! You’ll just have to make sure that you’re securing the boards into the rafters so they have something to hold onto.