Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-1Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.

View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-12 years ago, I said “I do” to my best friend on a crisp fall day here in Chicago. I still remember that day so well. The first time he saw me in my dress, the tears that happened non-stop throughout the day, and the permanent grin on my face from the moment I woke up until we fell asleep as a married couple.

chicago-casey-mike-finn-anniversaryThese past two years as “The Finns” has been amazing, but I honestly feel like we’ve been married much longer than that. I suppose it’s because we’ve been together for about 12 years now.

Our Love Story

casey mike finn high schoolIt all started when we were teenagers. He was the cool senior, and I was a junior fascinated by the idea of dating an older guy. He was handsome, in all AP classes, had a cool nickname (“Finn”), and was the captain of the basketball team. Oh and did I mention he could drive?! How could I not fall in love with this guy?

This was long before the days of text messaging and social media, so we would write one another long love letters on notebook paper and pass them in the hall during passing periods. love-letters-jar-built-insI actually still have most of those notes in a jar on our built-ins. (We cringe whenever we whip them out and read a few. Oh the crazy things you’re worried about when you’re 16-years-old).

casey mike finnWe were so young and naive, yet we somehow knew that our relationship was real and deeper than just puppy love. Even at such a young age, we often chatted about the day when we would get married, have a house, and start a family. casey finn engagement

2 Years into Marriage…

2-casey-mike-finn-mistletoe-smilingToday we are married, own a condo, and haven’t yet gotten around to starting that family (much to our mothers’ dismay). That high school love has grown stronger, deeper, and into a friendship and respectful partnership.

Casey FinnThere’s no one I’d rather have by my side as we navigate this crazy world. I still call Finn by his high school nickname (even if my new name is technically Casey Finn, I’ll never get out of the habit.) and I still have him do all of the driving. I guess he’ll just always be that cool senior in my eyes.

casey-mike-finn-anniversarySo here’s to you Mr. Finn. I love you and look forward to a lifetime of anniversaries side-by-side.

View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-1

Oh and if you’re interested in how we’re celebrating, we’re heading up to a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin in a few weeks. Today we’re planning to watch our wedding video, write in our anniversary album, and maybe snack on some cotton candy (the 2nd year is the “cotton” year after all!). Should be a wonderful laid-back day with my bestie.


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