DIY Bar Accessories for your Bar Cart

It’s no secret around here, we love a good bar cart (as evidenced by this post, this holiday bar cart, this modern bar cart, oh and this one too!)

We heart them because they’re so much fun to style and they also offer great storage for all of your entertaining essentials. I’ve had mine for a few years now, but I’m constantly changing it up when I buy new accessories. Today, I want to showcase some of our new items and just give you a boatload of bar cart eye candy…because why the heck not?

DIY Bar AccessoriesDIY bar accessories on this bar cart

Here’s our little vintage microwave cart turned bar cart. It’s wobbly and old, but I still love it after all this time. I bought it when I was first getting into the whole “thrifting” thing, and it reminds me of all of the fun Finn & I have had searching for treasures over the years.

Lucite Wine Rack

I recently purchased this lucite wine rack from Target. Isn’t it great? Fits 4 bottles of wine, but also adds a hint of glam to the bottom rack. The bottom shelf accessories include a wine rack from target and a pitcher and muddling stick from Crate & Barrel.The pitcher and muddler (looks like a giant weapon, right?) were wedding gifts from our registry and we’ve used them both fairly often since our big day. DIY bar accessories on this bar cart

The long silver tray is from Crate & Barrel (also a registry item!) and it’s great for just about everything when it comes to entertaining. I like to put appetizers on it, serve drinks on it…you name it. A fun cocktail book like this one, called Party Drinks!, is always a fun bar cart accessory.

Thrifted Decanters for your Bar Cart
One of our favorite bar cart accessories are the old fashion decanters we have found at thrift stores.

We still have all of our decanters (most of them antique store finds) and love filling them up with our favorite liquors. They’re pretty, shiny, and oh-so-glitzy. Perfect additions to any bar cart if you ask me.

I love this set of rocks glasses on our silver Crate & Barrel tray. The tray is perfect for serving drinks or using as a snack platter when entertaining.

Tips to Create Your Own Bar Cart

I know we’ve talked about it before, but here are our tips when it comes to creating your own bar cart for your kitchen, dining room, family room, basement…okay clearly you can put a cart anywhere. Which leads me to #1…

    1. Create a “Cart” Anywhere: Have no room for a cart or can’t find one that you adore? You can create an entertaining area anywhere! On top of a credenza, on 2 shelves of a bookcase. Be creative.
    2. Less is More: We’ve all seen them. Carts that are brimming with sticky, half-empty bottles of who knows what. Showcase your favorites and you’ll have more room for decorative accessories.
    3. Include the Essentials: We’re talking napkins, straws, bottle openers, mixers, extra bottles of wine. Really anything that might come in handy during party time.
    4. But Add Extras Too: While it’s great to make space for the essentials, be sure to leave room for fun decor items. Perhaps an old book of cocktails, a collection of champagne corks from your favorite celebrations, items that show off your party personality.
    5. Decanters Make Anything Classy: Don’t have the cash to buy all top-shelf alcohol? That’s okay. Pour your moderately priced booze into decanters and your guests will instantly be impressed.

DIY bar accessories on this bar cartCheers to our favorite household item to style. Now only T-minus 11 hours until it’s an acceptable time to pour yourself a cocktail. But hey it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?


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