Basket o’ Blessings for New Homeowners

Disclaimer: I did not create this basket, but I do absolutely adore it. Casey’s super creative and extremely generous mom, Jan, was the master behind this fabulous gift. I was the super excited & very, very grateful recipient. (Jan, you’re the best!!). Because this basket was just too darn fabulous, I felt like I had no choice but to share it with all of you. As you read, remember this personal gift could be tweaked to fit any occasion worth celebrating. If you don’t know anyone that bought a new house recently… keep reading! If you know a new graduate, expecting parents, someone starting a new job, a newly engaged couple, a wedding shower bride-to-be, or even new grandparents… you can create a version of this gift that will leave your recipients beyond impressed!  
Introducing one fabulous, much appreciated, grand slam gift- a basket o’ blessings designed for any new homeowner just starting off. Allow me to explain…
The perfect gift for a new homeowner- basket o' blessings
Beyond meaningful & personal blessings, this basket provided us with some staple ingredients and items that we definitely needed to bring some functionality into our new kitchen. And beyond the functionality this basket provided, this all-star gets an A+ for presentation and high marks on WOW factor! (I see where Casey gets her creativity from).
This DIY homeowner gift is almost too pretty to take apart
I hated to disassemble this masterpiece, but allow me to explore Jan’s work.
This simple note explains every element of the gift
The yellow sheet has some words of love from Jan and a list of blessings that each item in the basket represents.
Lots of love
First item…
First item- spare change for good fortune
Coins. Alongside the coins the blessings read…may you receive luck & good fortune.
Next item:
Second item- a candle to give you light in the darkest time
Candle… may you always have light through the darkest time.
Third item- honey to help you enjoy the sweetness of life
Honey… May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.
Item four- rice, so the love in your home multiplies
Rice… May the love in your home multiply.
Fifth item- olive oil for health and well being
Olive Oil… May you be blessed with health and well-being.
Sixth item- plants so your home always has life
Plants… May your home always have life.
Bread, salt and wine round out the basket
Bread… May those in your home never go hungry.
Salt… May there always be flavor and spice in your life.
Wine… May you always have joy and never go thirsty.
Cloth- so your home is forever cozy
Cloth…May your home be forever filled with warmth and coziness.
Perfect gift for a new home
And there you have it! A gift full of love, blessings, creativity, functionality, and lots of meaning. Jan hit a grand slam with this basket o’ blessings and this rookie is extremely impressed!
Basket o' blessings for the new homeowner
With a trip to your local grocery store and maybe a local thrift store for a cheap basket, you can create this gift in no time. And if you don’t have a new home to visit, you could adjust the blessings to meet your needs. Here are some ideas I thought of….
A New Graduate’s Blessings
Money…. May your future be forever prosperous
Vitamins… May you take minimal sick days 😉
Tie… May professionalism follow you throughout your career
Drink Glasses…. May you continue to celebrate even the smallest of successes
Calendar/Agenda… May you always find time for yourself and your loved ones
Lemons & Limes (can be used for drinks later)… May you reap the fruits of all of your labor
Candle… May you always shine and show your true colors
Sun Tan Lotion/Bubble Bath… May you find time for rest, relaxation & vacation days
A New Baby Blessings
Blanket… May your little one stay warm and cozy and find love in his or her new home
Picture Frame… May you cherish your little one’s precious moments for years and years to come
Bottles… May your little one never know hunger and always know health
Baby Powder…. May your transition into parenthood be as smooth as possible
Bubble Bath… May the new mom and dad find time for rest and relaxation
Diapers… May your baby always have support when he or she falls down
Wipes… May you always have the tools to clean up sticky situations
Board Game… May the old couple find time to continue to enjoy each other

Band-aids… May your baby always turn to you for life’s boo-boos, no matter how big or small 

Oh the possibilities are endless!
Happy gifting baskets o’ blessings,


Share your ideas for your very own basket o’ blessings with us! Link your pictures and all-star gift ideas below.  

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