Heavenly Couch, Thanks Macy’s

Furniture shopping is___________________.
a. Overwhelming
b. Intimidating
c. Exciting
d. Full of commitment
e. All of the above

Answer: (E). All of the above.

Throughout allllllll of the adventures that come along with furniture shopping, I have felt all of these emotions and more, many, many more. Trying to pick out the perfect couch; one that has the ideal ratio of comfy to cozy, trendy to classic, colorful to neutral, while fitting into the measurements of our space was a roller coaster of emotion. It’s even more of a roller coaster for someone like me; an indecisive, scared to commit, over-thinker!

Finding ‘The One’

We searched everywhere.. and finally found a “maybe” match at Macy’s Furniture. At first, we liked the Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa at Macy’s, but we weren’t in looveeeee. Not only is a new couch a staple in any room, but it is also one of the priciest pieces of furniture we were buying so “like” was not going sell us our dream couch.

Buying Macy's Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa | DIY Playbook

The Devon Sectional from the back…

Macy's Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa: From the back | DIY Playbook

As far as I was concerned, this gem was cozy and comfy, but I wasn’t loving the color and wasn’t completely sold on the size. The chase (peninsula looking part of the couch) made this sectional too large for our space. Fortunately, Macy’s has options for this size issue. Brace yourself, here is where my love for Macy’s Furniture was born…

Personalizing The Style

The super helpful employees at Macy’s Furniture sat down with us and outlined the many sizes and combinations this sectional came in. After some more calculations and measurements… perfect size sectional… check! The accommodations didn’t stop here. For an additional $200, Macy’s gave us the option to choose ANY upholstery we wanted from stacks and stacks of fabric…. amazing! After some more decision making, lots of indecisiveness, and a little bit of fate, we finally decided on a fabric. We quickly learned that the fabric we chose was named “heavenly”. With a name like heavenly, how could we go wrong? My indecisiveness quickly disappeared, I was ready to commit! With a size adjustment, new upholstery and the same comfy and coziness that originally caught our attention, we placed our order. Our exact couch is no longer available but this one is very similar.

Six weeks later…. we were busy preparing for Macy’s free delivery. Score!

Our living room before we got our Macy's Devon Sectional Sofa. Without the couch our coffee table was oh-so-lonely.

Here are some before pictures…

The coffee table and I are patiently waiting for the delivery of our Devon sectional sofa from Macy's.

Excuse the mess. We are mid-move.

Soon, our Macy's Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa will also grace this room. It won't be our lonely brown coffee table and tan rug for long.
The Macy's truck pulling up to our house to deliver our new sofa!! | DIY Playbook

And this is where I continue to fall more and more in love with Macy’s furniture. Something about this  Macy’s truck paired with the glamorous red carpet the Macy’s movers rolled out to prepare for the big delivery left me even more head over heels for this retailer.

Macy's literally rolled out the red carpet to bring in the sofa. How cool is that? | DIY Playbook

Ten minutes later (literally), the Macy’s truck was on it’s way out and we were left with…

Macy's Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa: Macy's customer Service | DIY Playbook
Here it is, our Macy's Devon Fabric Sectional Sofa finally sitting in our living room. Doesn't it look great?

…a fully assembled couch.

Then and Now

Here's an updated photo of our living room. I love how the sectional sofa works with the other accents in the room, like our round coffee table and our black and white wall art.

Not just any old couch. It’s a couch that totally fits its name…. Heavenly. It’s the perfect mix of comfy, cozy, classic, colorful & neutral all while fitting perfectly into our living space. And although the process of searching for the perfect couch was far from heavenly, Macy’s made it worth it in the end. Even four years later, we still LOVE it!

You can read about what I would do differently next time in this post and how I clean these cushions in this post!

Our Devon sectional sofa from Macy's still looks as great as the day we brought it home!

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