Bedroom Built-in Reveal

It’s finally the day I have been daydreaming about for probably the last YEAR or so. It’s the BIG day where we can officially bid farewell to that awkward time in our life that we had a card table in our bedroom (not our proudest homeowner moment) and welcome (with very open arms) a gorgeous new shelving unit.  Without further ado, check out this mini makeover…
Bedroom BeforeOur new bedroom built-inWhat a difference, right?! I’m LOVING the new look and am pretty OB-SESSED with the new storage these built-ins have brought to our bedroom. I promise I’ll eventually get into the details of how I organize these new cabinets (once I figure it out…) but today I’m going to skip those details so we can chat about the shelves/TV set-up.

Our New Bedroom Built-In

Unlike the card table saga, this new solution not only offers new storage but it also hides the hot mess of cords from our TV. Like I mentioned in this post, ditching our TV was not an option so it’s nice that all of those cords were able to plug into the wall and secretly feed up through the cabinets in order to discreetly hook into the TV.

bedroom_builtin_reveal-007When the built-in was finished being built and painted, I was a little nervous about accessorizing the shelves. Of course, that is my favorite part of the whole process but the odd-shaped shelves had me thinking that this styling had to be a little different than any shelves I’ve worked with in the past.

Decorating our Built-Ins

succulent_palm_free_printable_gallery_wall-017I did lots and LOTS of arranging, rearranging, shopping, returning, and playing around until the look felt just right. I’m sure I’ll continue to play with the look but for now, I’m digging the mix of frames, knick-knacks and most importantly — items that are meaningful to “our story”. I even snuck in some secret (yet stylish) storage with those baskets on top from Michael’s. Meaningful decor + storage = happy girl.

I added our collection of photo-booth pics and found this adorable “running man” at IKEA. Finding items that were tall (yet not a vase every time) was probably the hardest part of styling this space and so when I laid eyes on this tall and quirky item, I knew he fit the bill perfectly. Matt was rather confused (to put it nicely) when I brought this mini man home but I think he’s secretly turning into a big fan. haha, I think?

bedroom_builtin_reveal-013This vase came from HomeGoods (for like $15!). The colors and height worked perfectly. Vases seemed to be the only tall and thin items I could find to fit these shelves initially. So much so that I went a little vase overboard in the beginning. One night while I was arranging and re-arranging the shelves, I texted a photo to Casey and she replied, “maybe too many vases?!” <– she was right and so darn sweet about it (that’s why I love her!).  I kept two of my favorite vases and ditched the rest. Thanks for the much-needed honesty, Casey. bedroom_builtin_reveal-015Probably my favorite piece on this entire unit is this wood bow-tie that Matt framed. He gave it to me as an anniversary gift because it reminded him of our wedding, he knows I love bow ties, and he knew it could totally work in our decor. <— a man after my own heart. <3

bedroom_builtin_revealThe bow-tie sits nicely next to the “hug you so tight” print from HomeGoods and the bold green leaf print, which is actually part of a mini-collection of FREE printables coming to the blog next week. (spoiler alert: one of the gifts we have planned for YOU to celebrate DIY Playbook’s 3rd bday!!)bedroom_builtin_reveal-003Rounding out the shelves is another vase from Target’s most recent line of home decor. Take my advice and avoid Target’s new line of decor at all costs if you at all plan on sticking to a budget. Literally, everything in the decor section recently is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s and totally screaming, “take me home, I’m perfect for you!”. #consideryourselfwarned bedroom_builtin_reveal-004This is a photo from our wedding — I realized when I was styling these shelves that I don’t have a ton of photos of people in our house. Something I definitely need to change ASAP! bedroom_builtin_reveal-017And last but very not least, what shelfie would be complete without a white ceramic pineapple these days?! Don’t hate me… but I found this one at HomeGoods on clearance for $2.50. Yes… two dollars and fifty cents. Can you even?!!! If they had more, I would have bought lots more for all my ceramic pineapple loving friends out there. Our new bedroom built-inSo there you have it, the break down of our new bedroom built-in. At the end of a long day I love staring at these shelves while in bed, thinking back to when this idea was born (cough cough, probably over a year ago). What a difference a year makes!

Before & After – Bedroom Built-Ins

And speaking of year(s)…. it’s been a while since our bedroom got some design TLC. I have the itch to keep the bedroom refresh rolling — dreaming of a headboard, some new color, maybe a hint of mid-century modern?! #letsdothis


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