The Best of Q2 2022

You guys loved my Q1 blog post where I shared a bit of the behind-the-scenes of what performed well during the previous three months, so I’m back at it again for Q2. The most popular blog posts, the bestsellers, and the items that really resonated with you. Not only is it helpful for me to see what you guys like, but I figured it might be helpful for you in case you missed some of these well-received products or posts. So let’s get take a look at the best of Q2 2022.

Your Favorite Blog Posts from Q2

Mauve walls in a dining room

As a content creator, it’s so funny to me because I often have trouble predicting the success of individual posts. There are some posts that I think are going to do very well and then they flop, and others I’m not even that excited about, and then they do amazing! I never can predict what will really resonate with people! Here are the blog posts that you really loved this quarter…

Organizing Jan’s Built-Ins

My mom's organized built-ins

My mom and I had so much fun organizing her bedroom built-ins. It was hilarious going through these and seeing all of the random stuff she had in there, along with the hundreds of gift bags! I also fell in love with vacuum sealing all.the.things. because of this project. If you have an organizing project on your to-do list, then give that post a read.

My Three Year Home Anniversary

Our three year home anniversary

Every May, I do a home anniversary blog post to showcase how far our home has come in the past year. This post was eye-opening because it showed me that we’re just about done with this house. Oh, and my absolute favorite part of this annual blog post is our family photo on our front porch. Seeing how much we change and how our family grows is so special. We’ll keep doing that forever!

LaTanya’s Home Reveal

Feel good makeover reveal from diyplaybook and yellowbrickhome

It wasn’t a surprise that our big Feel Good Makeover reveal was a crowd favorite during Q2. LaTanya’s home makeover turned out so beautifully and we had a blast giving back to this very special person. You can see the entire transformation right here.

Tips to Take Interior Photos With Your Phone

Get out and start shooting!

I’m so happy that this one made the list! My amazing assistant, Lindsey, is a professional photographer and I had her share some of her tips for shooting photos of your home on your phone. I learned a few things from this one and I hope you did too.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

Our main bathroom renovation reveal

I wasn’t shocked that this one made the list. Everyone likes a post where you actually share real numbers for a project. I did a budget breakdown of our two bathroom renovations (the kids’ bathroom and our main bathroom) and shared real-life numbers! I know it’s helpful for others when it comes to planning their own home projects.

Best Home Products from Spring 2022

Okay, now let’s move on to some of the bestsellers. First up, these home items that sold like crazy!

best home products from spring 2022

Sonos Move Speaker // Faux Fiddle // String Lights // Black & White Rug // Marble Table // Chandelier // Olive Tree // Dishes // Toilet Tank Basket // Faux Tulips

Sonos Move Speaker

We have a Sonos sound system all around our house. You can read more about it here. But, they recently came out with this portable speaker that we got for LaTanya’s living room and kitchen. The sound is so good and they’re portable!

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Faux Fiddle Plant

This faux fiddle can add a lot of height, color, and life to a room. I’m always a fan of adding plants wherever you can stick them!

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Outdoor String Lights

People must be prepping their backyards for summer because this string lights tutorial is very popular right now! The lights we used still look brand new and we kept them up all winter long. Highly recommend these.

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Geometric Rug

This is the rug we chose for LaTanya’s living room and wow, it’s stunning. So soft underfoot and adds a lot of comfort to a space.

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Marble Side Table

I can’t get over how beautiful this marble side table was in person. It’s bigger than you think and the quality is incredible for the price point.

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Simple Chandelier

Most of these items are from LaTanya’s makeover and it doesn’t surprise me! This simple chandelier was a fave of mine. It’s only $130 and really adds so much beauty overhead.

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Faux Olive Tree

I love a good olive tree and this one is a great price for the size. We put it in this basket in LaTanya’s dining room and it added a lot of life to the space.

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Simple White Dishes

These dishes are so beautiful. We have a lot of chips and cracks in our current dishware and I keep meaning to buy these…

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Toilet Tank Basket

This is the cutest basket to hide the extra toilet paper in your bathroom. We have it in our kids’ bathroom and it fits on the back of the tank perfectly.

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Faux Tulips

You guys were shocked when I revealed that these purple tulips are indeed fake. I love having tulips on display in the springtime, but hate how they die so quickly. These look so incredibly real!

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Top 10 Overall Bestsellers

best home products from spring 2022

Jewelry Cleaner // Eyelash Serum // Light Wash Jeans // Underwear // Dry Cleaning Liquid // Drawing Tablet // Box Cutter // Cocktail Glasses // Jean Shorts // Car Seat

Jewelry Cleaner

My sister-in-law bought this for me when I got engaged (10 years ago!) and mine just kicked the bucket. I got the latest model and it works so well to keep my everyday jewelry sparkly. I use a small amount of this cleaning concentrate with water and my rings look amazing after a round in the machine!

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My Fave Underwear

I got asked what kind of underwear I wear (people like to ask pretty personal questions, ha!) and I shared that I exclusively wear these. Well, you guys then went and bought lots of them. So consider these my bestselling undies!

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Dry Cleaning Liquid

We use this at least every week to clean up a stain somewhere around our house…our white couch, rugs, chairs, and more. This stuff works!!! If you have young (messy) kids, then I highly recommend scooping this up.

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Doodle Tablet

We got this for Rory as a no-mess way to draw (especially in the car). She loves it and so do we!

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Box Cutter

Every house needs this tool. It’s a box cutter that can’t cut you. We get like five boxes a day at our house and this tool makes it a lot safer for me when I’m opening them all up. I need to buy another one…it’s a prized possession around here!

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Cocktail Glasses

Talk about elegant! These cocktail glasses are stunning (we used them in LaTanya’s dining room) and I think they’re going to be my new go-to housewarming gift. These and a bottle of bubbly!

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Our Car Seat

We have had this car seat for Rory for over a year now and love it. Just got it for Ellis (the boy is growing so fast!) and now we have two.

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What’s to Come in Q3?

Storage in my medicine cabinet mirror

I don’t have any big renovations planned this summer, so we’re looking to do some smaller DIYs around here. Finn and I will be doing some landscaping projects and also we will finally seal our backyard pavers. I also plan to do a bit more organization when it comes to our closets and cabinets in our new bathrooms. Oh, and I’m planning to finally get around to hanging a hallway gallery wall. Cannot wait to get that going!


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