A Bold, Black Side Table in the Family Room

Disclaimer: eBay sponsored this post. All opinions and photography are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.A round and black side table looks perfect next to a leather couch.

Before I get into the details about our new side table in the family room, let’s review the “master” to-do list for this space.

Family Room To-Do List

Demo the trim
Add can light and move an outlet
Patch the walls
Sand and restain the hardwood floors
Makeover the fireplace
Install Custom Built-in Shelves
Style the shelves
Buy Couches (this couch and this couch!)
Decide on Pillows
Choose a coffee table
Find a side table (TODAY!)
Find another side table
Find lighting
Style the coffee table
Add secret (and stylish) storage for Ben’s toys

Bright family room space with built ins and 2 couchesI’d say we are just about 85% done with this room (cue the confetti). And the best part is that the remaining 15% is probably my favorite part because the rest of the to-do list is basically the minor tweaks to make this room functional yet stylish at the same time. This is where today’s post comes in, a mini update that adds both function and style into the family room, while checking one more item off the to-do list!

A Bold, Black Side Table in the Family Room

A gray sectional from Macy's warms up this neutral living room space. After the coffee table arrived, the next item on my shopping list was deciding on a side table next to the leather couch. We didn’t have room in our last house to have a side table in our family room, which made me sad because I love how they look!

White and gray family room with a marble coffee table. The good news is this house’s family room is much bigger! After ordering the couch and seeing the large amount of extra space we still had to work with, I knew we could finally order a side table. But what kind?!

A black side table looks nice with a marble coffee table. You guys know I’m all about light and bright, so it’s probably no surprise that I originally thought light wood would be the perfect way to add warmth in here and tie together our dining room table and our family room. But then Casey mentioned that I should look into something black and a bit bolder for some contrast in here. I immediately loved the idea and narrowed my search to black side tables.

Broadening My Search

A faux plant and books on top of a black side table. I was mid-hunt for a new side table when eBay reached out to invite us to take a look at their furniture and decor.I was excited because I haven’t had a ton of experience with eBay and was happy to see they offered new furniture!

I later learned I’m way out of the loop because 81% of the items on sale on eBay are brand new and available right away with the “Buy it Now” button. And then I learned that 69% of their items for sale ship for FREE! I heard these fun facts and I was officially SOLD!

The Finalists

I scoured eBay for side table options and couldn’t believe the diverse selection of decor… especially when I was searching for something rather specific– black side tables. There were lots to choose from and it was nice having the chance to shop lots of familiar brands all in one place. Here are some of the options I really liked:

The more I browsed the more I was loving the idea of a black table. And the best part was that all of these options were not only gorgeous, but competitively priced.

A Bold, Black Side Table

Ultimately I decided on this one because I liked the idea of breaking up all of the straight lines in this space with something round (much like Casey did with her round, black coffee table). I had heart eyes for this round option too.

Round, drum, and black side tableI ordered it using the “Buy it Now” button and got free shipping. A little over a week later, this gorgeous piece showed up on my doorstep and I was SO excited.

Adding a round black side table next to a couch is a good spot to rest a drink in your family room. It’s perfect and was exactly what I expected after reading the detailed reviews.  I’m so, so glad I went with the black — thank you, Casey! The contrast and pop of black next to the gray couch is exactly what this room needed.

One Down, One to Go!

Now that I have decided on this black side table, I’m on the lookout for another side table to go next to the gray couch. But just like the coffee table, this side table needs to be pretty big to fit the space. And I’m thinking probably black again. We’ll see though!

Add books and a plant to your side table for easy styling. After that, only a few more items on our to-do list in here! Then, it’s time to start focusing on our bedroom (which is currently a hot mess) and our kitchen renovation. <– Yes, we have slowly started planning our biggest makeover yet, and are currently planning to get started over the next few months. I want to get this messy project done before Ben starts walking… have I officially lost my mind?!


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