Casey’s New Living Room Couch

The time has finally come to reveal our new couch and I couldn’t be more excited. This has been a looooong time in the making. In fact, I first chatted about our desire for a new couch back in this post from October.

Casey-White-Couch-Family-Room-3Our old couch wasn’t bad (here’s a full review on it), but we had it for 6 years and wanted to change things up. It felt a bit too bulky for our home, we didn’t love the chaise because it cut off the room, and we felt like our style had evolved since purchasing this couch. We figured we could sell the white couch and put that money to a new one that we both absolutely loved (and that’s what we did)!

Our gameplan was to find a sleeker (but still comfortable!) gray sectional without a chaise. After looking at A LOT of options we took the plunge and bought a couch from Interior Define. Coincidentally we just happened to visit their show room during their yearly 20% off sale. After sitting on the Sloan, and hearing about the sale…we immediately bought it! (FYI: This post is not sponsored in any way. We paid for this couch all on our own. I’m just really excited to share all of the details with you guys!)interior define gray couch family room

And then we waited…and waited. It took 3 MONTHS for our new couch to arrive and I was so eager to get the new one in our place and looking good. Their couches take quite awhile because each one is custom-made. You choose the length, fabric, and legs and then they make it after you order it. It’s nice because you then have a couch that is exactly what you want…but the waiting game can be tough!gray couch

We really liked the sleek look of the Sloan model, but before we sat on it in the store we thought it might not be super comfortable. Luckily, we were wrong. It’s really deep and incredibly comfortable. gray-linen-fabricThere’s nothing worse than having a nice looking couch that you don’t even want to sit on because it’s so firm and uncomfortable. After sitting on this one, we were pleasantly surprised at the comfort level and that’s what made us swipe our credit card really fast!linen-fabric

We went with the color “dove” in a pebble weave fabric. It’s got a nice texture and they assured us that it is very resistant to stains and dirt <— a must for us!interior-define-gray-couch

You can also choose the legs for your piece. We went with tapered square wood ones in the color “oiled walnut.” You can actually buy multiple sets of legs if you want to change things up down the line. I like that there are options if we ever want to try out a new style in our home in the future, especially because swapping out the legs is much more affordable than purchasing a whole new

In terms of positioning, we ended up opening up the “L” towards the rest of the room and ordered the couch with 2 even sides (100″ long). With our old couch, we had it flipped the other way and this divided our large room into 2 separate areas. It worked just fine, but we are loving this open setup much more! coffee-table-built-in

Now that our new couch is in I’m eager to find a few other pieces for the living room.couch-planning

To the left of the couch, I’d love to put a side table and a lamp. We have recessed lighting in this space, but I love having soft lights on at night to create a cozy atmosphere. We have just enough space for a small table and pretty lamp. I can’t wait to start

We also desperately need a new coffee table. I love the shape and color of this one, but it has seen better days at this point. So many nicks, scratches, and marks on this thrift store piece I DIY’ed about 4 years ago. I’m not 100% sure what I want in terms of a new table (open to suggestions!), but I’m excited to start looking. built-ins-family-room

I’m also toying with the idea of adding a chair directly across from the couch. So if you look at the picture above it would go on the left side towards the built-ins. Do you think that would make it too crowded? I just think it would add more seating and would make the room feel even homier. couch-family-roombuilt-ins-family-roomI don’t want to block the built-ins too much, so the chair would have to be worth it!couch-pillows

I also want to thoughtfully choose pillows for this couch. Most of the pillows on my old couch were gray, and they definitely do not work on our new gray sectional. couch-family-room-interior-defineFor now I took the navy pillows from our guest room and put them on the couch, but I want to choose some new ones that go well with the look, style, and feel of this new sectional. couch-family-room-built-ins

Overall this couch is a game changer in our home! It fits with our current style much better and is a great sectional for city living. I cannot wait to find the other pieces to turn this room into the amazing space I know it can be!


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