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  • 7 Baby Steps Towards Nursery Progress

    7 Baby Steps Towards Nursery Progress

    Can you guys believe the last time I checked in with nursery progress was December 1st?! I know you guys are just as excited as me to watch this space come to life, but with the holidays, other house projects, and a crazy busy schedule, the nursery updates were barely crawling along…

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  • Easy DIY Nursery Bookshelves for Under $4 Each

    Easy DIY Nursery Bookshelves for Under $4 Each

    You guys are probably sick of hearing about my nephew by now, I promise this is the last project involving the little guy for quite a while! But when my sister asked if I had any solutions that would fit in Owen’s very small nursery for his growing collection of books, of course I was willing toKeep…

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  • DIY Kid’s Tool Bench

    DIY Kid’s Tool Bench

    I told you guys all about how my nephew turned ONE last week (with these smash cake tips!) but what I didn’t chat about is the gift I gave him for this exciting milestone. I wanted to share the entire process on Insta Stories, but since I was trying to keep it a secret fromKeep…

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  • Happy Camper Nursery Source List

    Happy Camper Nursery Source List

    Wow, thank you ALL so much for your kind words and excitement about the nursery… we are totally feeling the LOVE and can’t wait to meet this little one! So far I don’t have any updates on baby Smith’s arrival (9 days to go!), but I will keep you guys updated. =) In the meantime,Keep…

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  • Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

    Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

    Update: We finally put together a source list of EVERYTHING in this space, you can check that out here! Also, this little happy camper who calls this room home was born on the 4th of July & we’d love for you to come meet him here or come check out his newborn photos (with tips forKeep…

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  • Baby Safe Gallery Wall in the Nursery

    Baby Safe Gallery Wall in the Nursery

    If you have a baby-proof gallery wall on your to-do list anytime soon… today’s project is for you. Here’s how to hang a baby proof gallery wall in your own home…

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