Choosing The Right Throw Pillows for a Gray Couch

I recently joined Bridget in the “gray couch club” and I’m a very excited member. We are loving our new sectional (read more about it here), and are obsessed with the style, color, and overall look of this piece of furniture. But when we got the new couch, I was at a loss as to what throw pillows I should use on it.

Finding New Throw Pillows

Accent pillows can transform a room

Since my old couch was white, I mostly had gray pillows on it. But with a new gray couch, my current pillows were getting completely lost and didn’t add much of anything to the space. Gray on gray = not the best look.

Our new grey couch needs some extra color to liven up our space

So I donated most of my gray ones (or moved them to other spaces in the house), and I’ve slowly been incorporating new ones into our family room. I “stole” the navy pillows from my guest room, but want to find some new pillows for the couch so the navy can head back to their home.

A variety of colors and textures on these throw pillows

Because Bridget has had a gray couch for quite some time now, I’ve been asking her for advice on what colors, patterns, and textures work well with that color palette. Here’s how she tackles her family room space. 

Bridget’s Throw Pillow StyleI turned to Bridget for her advice on how to style my new gray couch

I tend to gravitate towards neutral pillows for our gray couch, and I love the light gray base because it’s so versatile. Right now I have a lot of off-whites, creams, tans, and gold on our couch and I love the simple look.

When I’m in the mood for a little change (i.e. during the holidays), this couch color will adapt to whatever color(s) or neutrals I pair with it.

Bridget typically goes the neutral route- creams, tans and warm grays
This color palate warms up the couch and makes the room inviting

But like I mentioned in this post, my couch is definitely imperfect and has seen some wear and tear after using it every day for the past 4 years! So I love to layer lots of pillows and blankets on it to hide some of those imperfections. While all of those layers do a great job at masking some of the slouchy cushions or extra worn-out areas, they also make the space look and feel a heck of a lot more cozy.

Varying textures add detail to the room as well

This photo is not a staged photo because the pillows and blankets honestly look like this everyday. If we lay on the couch at night or even sneak in a nap throughout the weekend, we don’t hesitate to grab these throw blankets.

They are all from HomeGoods and we love them because they’re functional but also stylish and affordable. Because they’re affordable and can easily be switched out every few years, we aren’t shy about using them. I never want to splurge so much on an item that I can’t use it and this couch is no exception.

Here are some more tips we both follow when it comes to shopping for throw pillows…

Tips for Choosing Throw Pillows for your CouchChoosing the perfect pillows

  • Choose a Cohesive Color Palette: You’re setting yourself up for pillow success if you choose a color scheme and stick with it. Whether it’s cool tones or warm tones…choose a general color palette and be sure to find deep & light tones within that scheme. That doesn’t mean that you want 10 blue pillows, but choosing ones with the same tones (& maybe even multi-colored ones that feature colors from your palette) will go a long way in creating a cohesive look. Also, leave room for a few neutral pillows too. Subtle pattern mixing is a great option as well
  • Add Texture: This is one that many people neglect when it comes to choosing throw pillows. Texture is a must and will add so much to a space. Don’t just think about pattern, color, and size…texture is just as important. Try a knit pillow, a beaded pillow, or even suede or velvet.Mix color and texture
  • Keep Scale in Mind: You certainly don’t want your pillows to all be the exact same size. Instead, include a variety on your sectional for the best look. We suggest going with some standard square pillows (18×18), an oversized pillow (24×24), and a lumbar pillow…but this will depend on the size of your couch. No matter what, add a variety of sizes!A variety is the perfect mix
  • Incorporate a Variety of Patterns: It’s important to add in some pattern and to vary the scale of them. A large-scale pattern, with a tight pattern will keep things looking interesting without being too chaotic.Fun pillows are also the perfect way to hide the imperfect parts of your couch
  • Hide Imperfections: If you have an older (or slouchy!) couch, layer in pillows and blankets to hide its imperfections until you save up enough money to buy the next one. You’d be surprised at what a difference this can make and how much better your couch looks with these cozy accessories.

Favorite Throw Pillows

I wanted a bit more drama and contrast with my pillows than Bridget had

While I absolutely love Bridget’s warm whites and creams on her sofa, I’m planning to go in a different direction for my couch. Incorporating a mix of black, white, cognac, and navy is my gameplan.I’m planning to keep this black and cream one that I picked up from HomeGoods, but will probably upgrade the rest with some of these options below.

Mix and match pillows for your home

1. Gray Striped // 2. Navy Velvet // 3. Suede Tassel // 4. White Cable-knit
5 Navy Triangles  // 6. Black & White Design // 7. Black & White Lumbar (this one is nice too!) // 8. Macrame

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with photos of the new throw pillows I go with and more of a completed space! I’m excited with how our family room is turning out and love spending time making thoughtful decisions when it comes to accessories.


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