DIY Customized Phone Covers

One thing that we promote here on DIY Playbook is personalizing your home to suit your needs and to show off your sparkling personality. Why have a ho-hum, generic place..when you can have a space that really reflects who YOU are? We push that out pretty often here on the blog, and we realized that we weren’t following our own advice when it came to something we have on us 24/7…our iPhones!

We both had pretty generic cases. In fact, mine was just a clear case. How boring!

So I decided to jazz it up and it was seriously one of the easiest, but most satisfying, DIY projects I’ve tackled to date.Clear-Phone-Case

Here is that boring clear phone cover I was talking about. Not fun at all.

I started by tracing my iPhone on a piece of scrapbook paper, so I had the correct shape for my new “case.” You could use any paper for this step! Perhaps a pattern, sparkle, flowers…heck whatever you want! I went with white because I knew I wanted to jazz it up in a different way.Silhouette-CameoThen, I used my new Silhouette Portrait to create some stickers for my phone. I’m a Silhouette virgin, so I was a little worried about using this intimidating machine. You should have seen me with this bad boy…I had about 10 tabs open on my computer all loading different Youtube tutorials on how to set this thing up and actually create something cool. Let’s just say it took me quite some time to get going…but once I did, it was pretty easy.

Now I’m not going to go into how I actually created these decals for 2 reasons. 1. I am not an expert at using this machine, as evidenced by the fact that it took me over an hour to create one sheet of decals. Therefore, I don’t want to give any misinformation. Instead, if you’re a Silhouette owner, I’d rather have you get accurate advice and tutorials elsewhere. Check out this video, this one, and this one if you’re looking for some tips.

And reason #2… I don’t want you to be turned off from attempting this DIY project simply because you don’t own a cutting machine. Instead you could easily use any stickers for this! Seriously, head to your craft store and find some fun letters or shapes to jazz up your phone. So easy and so many fun possibilities. (Or tune into the blog next Friday…because we’re giving away a Silhouette Portrait to one lucky reader!)be-kind-phone-case-holderphone-case-stickersI ended up printing out the letters “Be Kind” in the font Jenna Sue. I then made some little gold dot stickers to jazz it up even more.DIY-Monogram-Phone-Case Then for another option, I made a super easy monogrammed case. I followed this tutorial, and ended up just making a circle with a simple font inside of it to create the pretty & simple look.Monogram-Phone-Case

So let’s review the EASY steps from this project…

    1. Trace your phone onto a piece of scrapbook or cardstock.
    2. Find stickers (or make your own with a cutting machine) and add them to the paper.
    3. Insert the paper into your clear phone case.
    4. Boom…you’re done!Gold-iphone-CaseGold-Phone-Case-DIY

Be-Kind-Phone-CaseDIY_Phone-CaseyBut guess what…the customization party isn’t over just yet. I also jazzed up some more technology with a #BusyGirlDIY project. Tune in later this afternoon for all of the details about this “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner” project…

Here’s a sneak peek…

Be-Kind-Phone-Chargercasey_sigP.S. While I was at it, I also created a message for my laptop. Hopefully this “work hard” puts my butt into gear on those days when coffee takes a priority over my to-do list…

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