DIY Playbook’s 2015 Christmas Card

Since we had way too much fun creating our Christmas card last year, we knew we wanted to make the ‘holiday photo card’ a tradition here on the DIY Playbook. We were set on getting together for another Christmas photo, but we were a little stumped on how we were going to make this year’s card unique.

We knew we wanted the card to be so “us” and we knew we wanted the recipients to receive it and feel happy and excited for the holidays, even if it meant they would have a little laugh at our expense. After a few serious brainstorming sessions, we finally cooked up the idea of this Red + Green + DIY inspired holiday card…Christmas Card 2015 RookiesAnd just like that, DIY Playbook’s 2015 Christmas Card was created. Like we mentioned before, we fell in love with Genevieve Gorder’s card collection on so we knew we wanted to use these chic, gold-foiled cards to spread our cheer this year. We loved that the simple design allowed us a lot of creative freedom with our photo — hence the red + green combo.

Our Red & Green Christmas Card

Christmas Card 2015Plus we really LOVED the idea of having a front and a back on our card this year, which is a little something different from last year’s card. The back offered us the opportunity to add another photo AND write a little message. #winwinChristmas Card 2015 frontHere’s a closer look at the front. Christmas Card 2015Christmas Card 2015 backAnd here’s a closer look at the back. Christmas lights paint brushHappy Christmas card paint brushThe gold foil is literally g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s… these photos don’t do it any justice! #lotsofHEARTeyes
Christmas Card 2015Although we had some major doubts in the planning stages (and even while we were taking the photos), we do think 2015 Christmas Card turned out a lot better than we imagined it would.

Last Year’s Christmas Card

Like we did last year, tomorrow we will be giving you a “behind-the-scenes” look into the making of the Christmas Card. Let’s just say…. the set-up may surprise you (aka a lot less glamorous than you may imagine) and the outtakes are worth a good chuckle (or 5).

Christmas-CardsAnd speaking of last year, remember the DIY Playbook’s 2014 Christmas Card? Two years in… we have to say that we kinda love this tradition, especially the funny/awkward/embarrassing/crazy stories behind these mini photo shoots. We can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow… until then, Happy Christmas from the DIY Playbook!


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