5 Easy Ways to Dress up a Gift Card

Chances are the next few months will be jampacked with lots of celebrations for all of us. Graduations, BBQ’s, housewarming parties, showers… summer always seems to be filled with lots of celebrations, which means a lot of FUN…. & A LOT of gift giving.

Summer = parties galore! Can you relate?!

Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-15We ALL seem to be bombarded with these exciting events each year and have even come to look forward to the hectic summer celebration schedules. But we also realize that people are extra busy in the summer and don’t always have the time to be inside shopping for the perfect hostess gift, graduation gift, shower gift, etc.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably picking up a gift card, throwing it in a card and calling it a day…. right?! <— we’re not the only ones who do this, rrrrriiiigggghhhttttt? #guilty

Easy Ideas to Dress Up a Gift Card

We know that giving a gift card is SUPER nice, but it may come across as a bit impersonal. And that’s when we started brainstorming how we can make these safe-bet gifts…. a little more personal (without spending a ton of time or money!) And after some experimenting, we realized that with a little creativity, a few supplies from Michaels, and a personal touch, we can still give that gift card, while also showing that special someone a little extra love. Here’s how:

1. Housewarming Gift

Do you know someone who just moved into a new home? Do you have any housewarming parties coming up? This DIY gift card idea may be perfect for that new homeowner (and an easy way to get out of any heavy lifting!).


  • Pre-made box from Michaels (about $1)
  • Box filler from Michaels gift aisle
  • Twine (optional)
  • Washi Tape (optional)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Gift card for the new homeowner

Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makersThis DIY gift card holder took less than 3 minutes… total.


  1. Fold box
  2. Throw in box filler
  3. Add gift card to the box
  4. Slap on some washi tape and label your box however you want
  5. Wrap up in some twine and you’re done! <– It’s seriously that e.a.s.y! Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-13

2. Graduation Gift

Summer is such a busy time for graduation parties. And if the graduates are anything like the ones we know, a gift card is a safe bet and one that will give them a little spending money to prepare for the next stage in their lives. We added a HomeGoods/TJ Maxx/Marshall’s gift card to help the graduate prepare to decorate her dorm room, but any gift card will work for this super easy project.  Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-17


  • Envelope and note card that match the graduate’s school colors (found this black one at Michaels party aisle)
  • Tassel to match the graduate’s school colors (found this package of silver tassels in the same aisle… but there were several colors to choose from)
  • Adjustable Tacks (stamp aisle)
  • Gift Card
  • Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-23Instructions
  1. We would suggest writing your message on the card first, and then add that and the gift card into the envelope BEFORE poking your hole.
  2. Once all the contents of the envelope are in place, use a push-pin to poke a tiny hole in the middle of the envelope.

Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-20Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-19 3. Feed the back of the tack into that hole.
4. Add the tassel under the tack (wrap around once or twice if you want the tassel to be shorter).
5. Secure tack on the back of the envelope by spread the back of it so it’s “open” and secure.
6. Done! <— again, 3 minutes to create this look.


3. Backyard BBQ

Another summer staple is the good ol’ fashion Backyard BBQ. We love this idea because it’s perfect for foodies, gardeners, or just about anyone! I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t love a new plant… especially when it smells as amazing as this one does.



  • Pot (found at Michaels) – we kept ours plain, but personalizing the pot could be a fun way to add even more love to this project. <– great way to get the kids involved too!
  • Coffee Filter
  • Mini Envelopes
  • Long Stick
  • Washi Tape (or regular tape)
  • Gift card


  1. Put the coffee filter in the pot to protect the soil from falling out of the bottom when transporting or watering
  2. Add your plant to the pot (we chose to plant rosemary because it smells amazing, but any herb or flower would work too!)
  3. Put your gift card in the mini envelope
  4. Write a message on the front of the envelope
  5. Tape the envelope to one end of the stick
  6. Put the stick into the plant and you’re all set! <—- 10 minutes total, and that includes the planting!


4. Family Fun


  • Popcorn Baggie (gift aisle at Michaels)
  • Yellow/Gold Pom-Poms (Kid’s craft aisle)
  • White Tissue Paper (one piece… could crumble up paper if you don’t have tissue paper)
  • Gift Card
  • Cellophane Wrap & Bow (Optional)



  1. Crumble up one piece of tissue paper and stick it at the bottom of the bag
  2. Sprinkle in the yellow/gold pom-pons and the gift card
  3. For extra credit, wrap it up in cellophane & add a bow!
  4. Family Craft/Game/Movie night all wrapped up in an easy and fun gift card holder that took about 5 minutes to throw together and wrap.


5. Father’s Day or Housewarming

This SUPER easy gift card holder is perfect for Father’s Day (especially if your dad is Mr. Fix-it) OR as another housewarming/new homeowner gift idea. We think it’s adorable and love that the Mr. Fix-it in your life can reuse this adorable can for coins, decor, office essentials, screws…. just about anything, really! Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-30Giftcard_diy_craft_ideas_Michaels_makers-28


  • Mini Paint Can (gift aisle at Michaels… about $2)
  • Paint brush
  • Tissue Paper (any color — we bought an assortment in the Michaels gift aisle)
  • Gift card



  1. Cut ONE piece of tissue paper in half and lightly ball each of these small pieces up
  2. Stick them in the paint can
  3. Add in paintbrush and gift card
  4. Celebrate the fact that this adorable set up literally just took 60 seconds

We told you these projects were easy!! All you have to do is pick up a few cheap supplies & we promise in less than 10 minutes you will take that gift card from plain to personalized.


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