The tale of an A-door-able Painted Door

(Disclaimer: We have partnered with Valspar to bring you this post. All opinions are 100% our own. Now onto this a-door-able makeover…)

Remember when I painted my front door a few months back? I chose a color that is bright, bold, and totally gave the occasional passer-by a sneak peek as to what the decor was all about inside. Well apparently bright, bold, beautiful doors are starting to run in the family. #goodgenes
Door BeforeMy older sister (remember, the one who recently got married?) moved into her home about two years ago. The doors were this hunter green color, which was actually really unique and totally worked well for their home. However, the paint was chipping and these doors had seen better days.

[[Enter an annoying DIY inspired little sis, a family not hesitant to share their opinions on what the new door color should be, a lot of indecision, & finally a gallon of Valspar Reserve to save the day…]]
Valspar Door

…. and this is what you get! A bright, bold, and gorgeous new door color that totally breathes a breath of fresh, sassy air into their a-door-able home. I mean, talk about an All-American front door color. It definitely gets the stamp of approval from these two DIY Rookies.
Backdoor beforeBut the fun part of this a-door-able makeover is that it doesn’t end at the front door. My sister’s house has doors on doors on doors… and every single one of ’em underwent time in the Valspar Reserve beauty shop.

red doorred_doorEach door is more gorgeous than the next! I just love how the red POPS next to the grey siding. Green Door BeforeBut my favorite transformation of this painted door series is probably this one. Can you spot the differences?

red doorwayA bright door AND a fresh new fence…. yes, please! Like how clean and amazing does this tiny white fence look next to the red?

backyard doorMore doors?! I think this is the last one.. last but certainly not least! Wow, I may be a little biased since this is my big sis’ house, but this traditional red is totaling stealing my heart. Bright, bold, and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!
Valspar reserveThe color is Valspar Reserve’s Exterior Semi-gloss Radiant Red (1009-3). IMG_1141This product is amazing because it’s Primer + Paint in one. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about priming the door, waiting for it to dry and then painting it (again). It’s one stop shopping, which is a total MONEY & TIME saver. And the exterior paint is supposed to have much better protection to the sunlight and harsh outdoor elements than other exterior paints = less paint in the future! #winwinwin

Plus, Valspar’s website is filled with so many resources to help you pick the perfect paint color for your space. I mean seriously, you may be shopping for paint for days (ask my sister, she’ll tell you first hand). The color wheels are hypnotizing in a magical way that makes you want to paint your whole house and maybe even your neighbors too.

I love that they picked radiant red because this red really does follow my front door rule of: picking a color that gives the passerby a hint of what they’d find in your home. My sister’s house definitely uses hints of red to accent, so an accented red door seems to fit into the mix flawlessly. Maybe I’ll work on sneaking in to get you guys some pics of this adorable home. Give it time, I know I can win her over.

Red FlowerOverall, this a-door-able makeover was a success! And geez, if I’m gushing about their DOORS this much, I can’t imagine how excited I’ll be for their first born. #helicopteraunt


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