Simple DIY Ideas for a Successful Super Bowl Party

We may not watch a ton of football, but we’re always game for a little tailgating or homegating!Ready to watch the Super Bowl at home in ChicagoWho could resist an excuse to get together with family and friends, while snacking on way too much unhealthy food?! We don’t do a ton of this throughout the season (our hubbies prefer to actually watch the games) but we do really look forward to it on the Super Bowl. Ask us who’s playing in the game and honestly, we probably don’t know but that NEVER stops us from having a great time and enjoying the tailgating atmosphere… snacks, commercials, half time show, and all!

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Party ideas for your Super Bowl festivities

We had so much fun putting together this homegating party for the Chicago Bears a few months back. We learned so many SUPER easy DIY projects along the way, and we think the Super Bowl is the perfect time to dive into the details. Whether you’re hosting a big party or trying to add a bit of creativity while you watch with a few others, here are 5 simple ideas to bring your Super Bowl Party game to the next level!

DIY Table Runner

Supplies: Roll of craft paper, Permanent marker
Time: 5-10 minutes

Creating a DIY Table Runner for your Super Bowl party is awesome because it’s so easy, adds a fun touch to any surface, and makes clean up easier!

Snacks are an important component to any good Super Bowl partyWe used a roll of craft paper we had on hand and ran it right down the middle of Casey’s kitchen table. We taped it under the table to keep it out-of-the-way and in place, and then we got to work “decorating it” with a permanent marker. <– it’s seriously that easy! 

Homegating appetizers are a great addition to your party food.We looked up a few football plays on Google to make sure our pictures looked legit, but you can add whatever plays, messages, or cheers that you like. You can even use this table runner to label the food on the table.

Then after the party, simply remove the table runner and throw it away… taking all the crumbs and stains with it. How awesome is that?!

DIY Referee Bottles

Supplies: Roll of oversized washi tape (found at Michaels), Scissors
Time: 3-5 minutes

Creating these referee-inspired bottles took us 3-5 minutes, mostly because all you have to do is take the roll of black + white washi tape and adhere it to the water bottle, just like a sticky label.
DIY referee water bottles- you just need washi tapeThe one thing to keep in mind is that the washi tape roll that we bought was slightly wider than the label of the water bottle. Before we stuck the washi tape onto the water bottle, we pulled a long piece of washi tape and cut off about 4 stripes to make the width of the tape fit perfectly on the bottle.This is such an easy addition to your party.

Then we removed all of the existing water bottle labels. You don’t have to remove every single sticky remnant of the original label because the new washi-tape will cover those spots, but removing the original label before adding the striped washi-tape does make the bottles look better in the end. Water bottles are done and ready to go.

Five minutes later, your DIY referee water bottles are done and ready to be served!

DIY Football Drink Cups

Supplies: Paper cups, Extra thin washi-tape
Time: 5 minutes

DIY football cups are fun and festiveThese football cups are another fun way to add some personality and team spirit to your Super Bowl Party without breaking the bank… or investing a ton of time. It’s also a great way to get the kids involved in a little “project” before or during the game! Start with an orange cup and some washi tape.We chose orange and blue football cups for our Chicago Bears themed party, but any color combos will work and could be a great way to help fans of either team feel involved.

Literally, ALL you have to do is cut little pieces of washi-tape and stick them on the paper cups. The vertical tape should be longer and the three horizontal pieces (the football’s laces) should be approximately the same length as each other but shorter than the vertical piece.

We also love the idea of using the washi tape to stick your favorite player’s jersey number on each cup. This would be a fun way to get guests involved and an even better way to make sure each person can easily keep track of their drink!

Self-Serve Chili Bar

If you’re hosting, we love the idea of a self-serve chili bar because it encourages your guests to help themselves and not rely on you to serve them.
A serve yourself chili bar is the perfect homegating food

We used these oversized mugs to serve up our chili, but we know this is not an option for everyone. Another way to cut down on dishes and creatively serve up the chili bar is actually an idea we stole from an event we attended last year because it was GENIUS!

At the event, the host provided Chinese take-out boxes and forks and that’s what they served the chili bar out of. It was so creative and so darn cool. All the guests grabbed the take-out container and filled it up with chili and their favorite toppings. It sounds kinda weird but it was so unique and really worked out well! Plus, it would eliminate a ton of dishes for the hosts. A large mug is perfect to serve some chiliThe chili bar is set and ready to go.If you had several crock pots or had friends that volunteered to bring a crockpot of chili, it could be cool to serve up a few different kinds of chili to make the chili bar even more delicious!

DIY Balloon Garland

This was the first time we tackled a DIY balloon garland and we are now huge fans! There’s definitely a few things we learned along the way and a few things we would do differently next time around, but we’re glad we gave it a try because it’s a lot easier than we anticipated. Not as easy as the 5-10 minute projects above, but still very attainable.

Supplies: Mini Helium Tank (found at Party City), 2-4 different sized and colored balloons, fishing line, safety-pin
Time: 20-30 minutes

We bought a mini helium tank from Party City for this project and ended up having quite a bit of helium leftover, so we definitely plan on using the rest on our next project.

Rent a helium tank for your party needsBalloon garland suppliesOutside of the tank, we also picked up a variety of blue and orange balloons. Next time we will probably choose to add a few more colors but for the Chicago Bears theme, blue and orange worked just fine. We read a few tutorials that called for a sewing needle but we did not have one on hand so we made do with a safety-pin that actually worked just fine.
Fill the balloons to varying sizes for the garlandWe blew up the balloons…. Tie each balloon for the garland… and then tied them closed.Carefully safety pin the end of the balloonThen we took the safety-pin to puncture a small hole in the bottom of the balloon. String fishing wire through the small hole you created with the safety pinThat hole is what we used to string the fishing wire through to attach the balloon. The fishing wire is what will keep all of the balloons connected.Add balloons until the garland is the height you want it to be.We continued to add balloons, switching off color and size randomly, until the line of fishing wire was full. Then we tied the bottom of the fishing line to the bar cart and had the balloon garland float along the built-ins to add a serious pop of color and team spirit!

So what do you think, are these DIY Super Bowl Party easy enough to tackle (pun intended) before the big game?! We’re rooting for you and can’t wait for our favorite excuse to stay out late on a Sunday while chowing down on all of our favorite snacks! #CaloriesdontcountonSuperBowlSunday

Super Bowl ideas to make your football party an amazing one!



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