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You know when you tackle a teeny tiny project but because of the impact it makes on your everyday life, the project seems XL? Today’s small (but mighty) project counts as one of those for me.

It’s a project that has been on my to-do list nerves for quite some time now and I’m proud that I can finally check it off the list once and for all. This “GIF” says it all…

Organizing mens ties is important for decreasing clutter.

Matt’s tie collection is FINALLY organized ((insert overly animated happy dance here)). Matt wears a tie to work almost everyday and his collection of ties has become a bit of a hot mess in the closet. We bought that mini tie organizer (left) a few years back…. way back when Matt’s ties didn’t seem to be multiplying by the season. It did the trick for awhile but eventually wasn’t very effective.

These ties organized into this large circular hanger is organized and clean.

The ties were piled on that itty-bitty organizer, which led to ties falling on the floor of the closet (only to go missing for months at a time). Plus Matt could only see the top few ties so he’s been wearing the same few over and over and over again. Because this pile o’ ties annoyed the crap out of me every time I looked at it, finding a solution has been one of the items on the very top of my organizing to-do list lately.

One trip to IKEA later and I was half way to solving this problem. I found this KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger for $7.99 and instantly knew it would be perfect to fit all of Matt’s ties… especially in our tiny closet where there isn’t room to build a wall unit or implement most of the tie solutions I’ve seen around the web.

When organizing mens ties, each one should have their own designated hanger.

I brought that baby home and within minutes I was able to transfer his tie collection onto the new system where each tie is displayed AND is easily accessible. #winwin <— Love when that happens!

Now if his tie collection continues to grow, all I have to do is pick up another hanger and start all over. Easy enough, right?!

These tie organization tips with clean up your entire closet space. You guys probably think I’m crazy for getting to excited over such a mindless project (I don’t blame you!), but this teeny tiny project just makes me so darn happy. Partly because the closet is a little less of a disaster and partly because I love checking items off of my to-do list (#nerdalert). Anyone else tackling mini projects that make an XL impact around the house? I’d love to hear about them…

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