Our Favorite Indulgence? Fresh Flowers!

[Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Bloomsybox.com. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by Bloomsybox]

As we’ve mentioned before, both Bridget & I are not the best in the kitchen. Okay, that statement is actually pretty generous. We’re AWFUL when it comes to cooking. Many of our friends love whipping up dinner, and some even subscribe to monthly meal services (like Blue Apron). But a subscription service like that would be wasted on us, and we’re guessing most of those pre-packaged meals would end up being inedible after we got our hands on them. Sad, but true.

colorful-flowers-fallHowever, we recently came across a subscription service that we can definitely get behind. It’s called BloomsyBox and fresh flowers are shipped to your door weekly, bi-weekly or monthly from fair-trade sustainable farms around the globe.

Fresh flowers delivered to your door? Yes please!

bloomsy-box-delivery-flowersYou guys know how much we l-o-v-e having fresh blooms in our home 24/7. In fact, it’s probably the one thing in our lives that we both splurge on quite frequently (with manicures coming in a close 2nd.) After learning about BloomsyBox.com I decided to give it a try!fresh-cut-flower-care

I came home from work to find this little red box on my doorstep, and at first I was a little worried. Would the flowers be wilted from being in the box too long? Did I need to get these bad boys into water as quickly as possible? Would the petals be smooshed from their long commute?flowers

All of my concerns were instantly put to rest when I opened the box. Each flower was individually wrapped in a protective netting, each stem was in an individual vial of water, and the entire bundle was secured with a ribbon. Seriously, such attention to detail…it kinda blew me away. The way they wrap their flowers is a big part of Bloomsybox’s eco-friendly way. Instead of plastic-wrapped bouquets, they opt for eco-friendly paper wrap and ribbon. And they stay extra fresh because they’re shipped within 48 hours of being picked. dining-room-table-flowers-vase

All of the flowers sent are always a single-variety which is actually what we both do all the time in our homes. Grouping a single variety together in a vase instantly makes any bouquet look that much more high-end. And although we love our grocery store flowers (roses, hydrangeas and alstroemeria are usually are favorite go-to bouquets), we thought giving this service a try was a good chance to experiment with other flower options we may love but may not always be available at the grocery store. family-room-bloomsybox

This month’s colorful blooms did exactly that, pushed us outside our comfort zone and allowed us to try flowers that we usually don’t buy. You guys know we’re into neutrals (ha…just look at this white & gray room!), but adding a pop of color with fresh flowers is always welcome. Plus, a fall color palette like this is a wonderful addition to any home during this time of year. flowers-red-vase

The flowers lasted well over 2 weeks, and I even had another week of beautiful blooms where I repurposed them into smaller vases. bedroom-nightstand-flowers

I added these deep red flowers to our bedside nightstand and it instantly livened up the space. vase-flowers-red

While we just did the 1 delivery to try it out, we’re both seriously contemplating adding a year-long subscription to our Christmas wish list. And we’ll definitely be gifting this subscription service to some of those hard-to-buy people on our holiday gift list! Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving ALL. YEAR. LONG?! nightstand-bedroom-bloomsybox

Now we want to hear….what’s your big indulgence? Is it Manicures? Massages? Fresh flowers? It’s always a good idea to treat yo self (you deserve it!!) and we’d love to hear how you do just that. casey_sig



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