How to Revive Droopy Hydrangeas

Breaking News: Droopy Hydrangeas Can Be Saved!

Has anyone else splurged on hydrangeas from the grocery store only to find that they are droopy a day or two later? It’s the worst, right?! We hate when this happens and feel like it happens almost every time to at least one of our blooms!

Hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers to display in our homes, which is why we were extra excited when we read about a way that those droopy hydrangeas can be saved instead of thrown away! Today we are sharing a method to revive those droopy hydrangeas so you don’t feel like you’re throwing your money out the window next time you invest in a bouquet of hydrangeas.

How to Revive Droopy Hydrangeas

Allow us to break down the SUPER simple 6 step process. We’re pretty confident that if we can handle this new trick, we know that you can too!

how to revive droopy hydrangeas

1. Remove Droopy Hydrangea from Vase


First identify which bloom is droopy. You only have to remove that single stem from the vase. If you have more than one stem in the vase, the rest of the flowers can remain in the vase looking pretty.

2. Cut Stem at a 45 Degree Angle how-to-revive-droopy-hydrangeas-6

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut down the stem at a 45 degree angle. This is also a good time to remove any leaves that are wilting or will be below the water line.

3. Fill a Bowl with Waterhow-to-revive-droopy-hydrangeas-5

Fill a medium/large bowl with enough water to eventually submerge the top of the hydrangea.

4. Stick Bloom into the Bowl Overnighthow-to-revive-droopy-hydrangeas-3

Stick the bloom of the droopy hydrangea into the bowl of water. We typically keep our hydrangeas submerged overnight to make sure they absorb enough water. However if you’re in more of a time crunch (like guests are coming over in a few hours!), keeping the blooms submerged for about an hour or so should also do the trick.

5. Remove Bloom and Shake off Water

When the bloom is done soaking, go ahead and shake off the excess water and put it back in the vase. The bloom will still need some time to “come back to life”, but rest assured the bloom will be perky before you know it!

If for some reason it doesn’t revive within a few hours, cut the stem at a 45 degree angle again and place back into the vase.

6. Let Dry and Enjoy! how-to-revive-droopy-hydrangeas-2

Ta-dah! We are OBSESSING over this quick tip because we now feel less guilty splurging on hydrangeas knowing that we won’t have to throw them away a day or two later.

We’ve heard that this can prolong the life of your hydrangeas for weeks…seriously weeks! So definitely give it a try and report back with your personal findings.

While we were researching this process, we did learn a few more tips to keep hydrangeas looking fresh:

  • Change the water in your vase everyday.
  • Use cool to room temperature water in the vase.
  • Add blooms to water ASAP.
  • Remove most leaves to make sure the water goes to the bloom instead of the leaves.
  • Remove all leaves that will hit the water line or below.
  • Use the food packet that comes with your flowers. You can always request more at the grocery store so you always have a stash of them available!

It Really Is That Easy

So next time you splurge on those gorgeous hydrangeas only to find that they’re wilting a day or two later, don’t throw them away — revive them! Hopefully this simple trick will save us all a lot of money and frustration and keep our homes looking extra pretty this summer!


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