Our Favorite Places to Shop for Online Home Decor

When it comes to shopping, we both are BIG TIME online shoppers! We use Amazon Prime like it’s our job, often hit up clothing sales via the internet, and now buy most of the items for our homes online. It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago we had to drive around town hitting up various stores to see what they had in stock. Oh how the times have changed!Casey loves online shopping. Amazon is one of her favorite sites to shop for deals.

We’ve touched base on our best tips and tricks to search for home decor and furniture online on the blog before. You can check out that helpful post right here.Bridget is a pro when it comes to shopping for home decor online. She has a whole list of favorite sites.

But we thought it might be helpful to disclose which retailers we use the most often. Who has the best pillows? Who has the best furniture? So today we are sharing a list of which online retailers are our go-to’s when we need something for our homes.

Our Favorite Online Retailers for the Home20+ Best Place to Shop for Home Decor Online by The DIY Playbook

*We put our list in alphabetical order because we didn’t want to play favorites. 😉

AllModernAllModern is a great place to shop for home decor. We got the hanging light fixtures for our bathroom remodel from AllModern

AllModern is very similar to the other big home decor sites (Wayfair & Overstock), but you’ll find more contemporary pieces here. The large black pendants in Casey’s bathroom are from here, and they were a steal! Overall, this is always a good spot to checkout when you’re looking for modern furniture.

AmazonThis Nest thermostat came from Amazon; it's a great place to shop for home essentials because you can find almost everything and get fast delivery.

Technically we don’t use Amazon for home decor but it is our go-to for home-related essentials (although we do know people buy some of their plants on Amazon!), so we thought it was important to add it to this list. From buying the Nest, to buying most of our organizing needs (like Casey’s under-the-sink makeover), we love Amazon for almost all of our behind-the-scenes home essentials. And with free shipping using Prime…you simply can’t beat the ease and affordability.

ArticleArticle has great prices that can't be beat. This brown leather chair from Article was a steal!

We discovered Article this year and are so happy we stumbled upon this awesome site. Their prices are much lower than other sites because they buy straight from the manufacturer. And even though the prices are low, the quality can’t be beat. Their furniture selection isn’t incredibly vast, but every piece is on-trend and contemporary. Plus…I’m still obsessed with my brown leather chair from Article.

CB2Classic, affordable lighting like this drum light is one thing we love about shopping at CB2.

We love CB2 for just about any home decor, but both of us have gotten really lucky finding classic, yet affordable, drum lights. We both have lights from CB2, Bridget in her bedroom and Casey in her family room and both really love the clean look.  CB2 has budget-friendly and on-trend furniture & accessories too.

Crate & BarrelThis dining room set is from the amazing and ever-popular home decor hub, Crate & Barrel.

Crate and Barrel’s clean and fresh style is always classic, so we love looking for staple pieces here. Casey scored her dining room table here and we love both the look and quality. If you’re looking for clean, classic pieces that can work for years and years to come, they’re always a safe bet.

Dot & BoThese kitchen bar stools are from Dot & Bo, which is another great home decor outlet.

Dot&Bo is another vast online retailer with tons of home decor items. The bar stools in our kitchen are from there and I love that they’re not cookie-cutter or too basic. We will often check out Dot&Bo for their affordable furniture pieces.

EtsyEtsy is where you go for small, unique accessories. We found these great throw pillows on Etsy.

Etsy is always great for small, unique accessories and usually it’s one of our go-tos when we are searching for specific style pillows. We’ve also had a lot of luck finding personalized gifts (like these personalized stamps which have become our go-to new homeowner gifts).


This bar cart came from Hayneedle. They have a stock similar to places like Overstock.

If you haven’t heard of Hayneedle, you should definitely check it out! The layout and selection are similar to the variety of items and styles that sites like Wayfair and Overstock offer. Casey bought her bar cart from Hayneedle and still loves it years later!

GiltThis living room coffee table came from Guilt, which earned it a spot on this list of best places to shop for home decor online

After a long and very frustrating coffee table search, Bridget found her winning coffee table from Gilt and we have added it to our home decor watch list ever since. Plus Gilt runs some pretty amazing sales so that’s always a plus.

Land of NodThis dresser from Land of Nod is a few years old, and you'd never be able to tell it's from a kids store!

We learned quite a few years ago that Land of Nod isn’t just for the little ones. Although most of their merchandise is focused on nurseries and kid’s rooms, they have some pretty amazing dressers and furniture that can work in adult bedrooms too! Casey bought her dresser from there a few years ago and you would never be able to tell it’s from a “kid’s store”. If you’re looking for bedroom dressers or furniture, be sure to check out their LARGE selection of on-trend pieces (including a new line by Genevieve Gorder!)

Lulu & GeorgiaLulu & Georgia is an online boutique with cute, unique, and feminine home accessories like these bedside table decorations.

Lulu & Georgia is an online boutique that is feminine and on-trend. Their colorful selection of pillows, rugs and accessories usually has us exploring their site with big ol’ heart eyes! Casey partnered with this company on her master bedroom makeover right after she moved in and still loves the look and quality of all of the items she added… especially the “Champagne is always a good idea” print.

MintedMinted is our go-to shop for framed art. The pieces on this bedroom gallery wall came from Minted/.

Minted is definitely our go-to for framed art. Their selection is BIG and diverse, so there truly are options for every room and every style. We love mixing and matching these pieces in our gallery walls (like this one in Casey’s guest room) but we also display them in smaller groupings of art too (like in Bridget’s bathroom). Overall, you can’t go wrong with the variety and quality that Minted has to offer! To check out all of our favorites, be sure to check out our Minted Store.

NordstromNordstrom is a great place to find hidden gems, like this adorable golden pineapple.

We only recently added Nordstrom’s home decor section to our watch list because we didn’t know what a great selection of unique accessories they had to offer (more on that here)! But after we realized the fun items that they have (like these gold pineapples) and how often they go on sale, we now keep our eyes peeled when we need a little something extra for a room.

OverstockOverstock.com is a great place to find home furnishings at great prices!

Overstock is a large collection of online decor, much like Wayfair, and it’s definitely one of our go-to’s when it comes to finding decor online. Casey scored her dining room chairs from Overstock and B bought her bedroom bench from Overstock, and these are some of our favorite pieces.

RejuvenationFor hardware and accessories, Rejuvenation is our go-to stop.

We are obsessed with Rejuvenation’s style and quality. They have a large selection of light fixtures and hardware, so this is usually where we look when we are searching for those items. Rejuvenation can be pricey but worth it for a staple item like a gorgeous light fixture.

School House Electric

School House Electric might be a bit on the pricier side, but it's worth it for the awesome pieces you can find there, like this "Work hard and be nice to people" print. Like Rejuvenation, School House Electric can be a bit more expensive, but its chock full of amazing lights, hardware, and B’s favorite print of all time. School House Electric is definitely worth a look when you’re in search of a quality, classic piece.

Tonic Living

These pillows came from Tonic Living, which is a great place to find fabric based home accessories like pillows, rugs, or blankets.

We just recently learned about Tonic Living (more from yesterday’s blog post) and LOVE their large selection of pillows. They specialize in fabric-based products (like pillows, drapes, adorable hand towels) so make sure you add this site to your watch list.

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters has a great selection of hip and trendy accessories and prints like this "good vibes only" print and antlers wall piece.

Urban Outfitters is a great place to browse for super chic and unique prints (like this Good vibes one) or accessories! It’s also a great place to look if you’re trying to decorate a small space, as they specialize in apartment living (and even really cool dorm accessories).

WayfairThis patio makeover was possible thanks for Wayfair finds! It's the most popular online home decor store and for good reason.

Wayfair is probably one of the most popular online retailers because of the great prices and huge selection of just about any home decor pieces! We used Wayfair to makeover Casey’s patio and Maggie’s entire condo, which shows the variety of items that are available on this amazing site.

West ElmWest Elm has such a great modern style and so many different accessories and home furnishings to choose from! We got this planter from West Elm.

West Elm is one of our favorites because we usually want to buy all the things. Their mid-century modern, yet cozy, look is so dreamy! Casey scored this planter from West Elm, we both LOVE our duvets from West Elm, and B is obsessed with the mirror in her bathroom from West Elm. Overall, you can’t beat the style and quality. Some of the furniture is a little pricey, but if you wait for a sale it’s worth the splurge on staple items.

World MarketWorld Market is a great place to find unique home accessories on a budget.

World Market is great because they have a lot of unique home decor accessories, furniture, rugs, and even quirky dining accessories on a budget…plus they run a lot of great sales! From Bridget’s nightstands to her dining room table, their rustic style is a great budget-friendly option for just about any room in the house. We made a list of our favorite places to shop online for home accessories.

That’s our comprehensive list of places we shop online when looking for new home decor, but we’d love to know your favorites too! Are we missing any of your go-to online shops?! If so, we’d love to hear your favorites so we can check them out!


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