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The DIY Playbook Style Series: Like many of you, we both strive to buy clothing that not only reflects our style, but is also comfortable, affordable, and can be worn at work AND on the weekends (did we mention we don’t want to spend a ton of money either). We know that a lot of the DIY Playbook’s readers are currently in this same exact situation, so hopefully together we can start this new journey of connecting one another with clothes (and sales!!) that make us all feel confident and comfortable. Don’t get us wrong, we are NOT fashion experts and we are not even fashion forward, just regular girls trying to have a little fun with our styles all without breaking the bank.

Casey in her favorite pair of Tom's Booties in taupe. Today’s Wardrobe Staple: TOMS Booties

If you’re looking to add another pair of shoes to your wardrobe for the fall season, then look no further. We’ve got the perfect addition to your closet right here.

TOMS Booties are perfect for fall!These TOMS booties!

At just about any point during the year, you will find one of us wearing these sneaker wedges and seriously, you would not believe how many compliments we each get from complete strangers about these shoes. They are by far our favorite shoes and we each have them in gray. (Casey also has them in black!) There have been many times over the past couple years when we’ve met up at an event to find that we’re both wearing the same exact shoes, which can be a little awkward #twins

Casey rocks TOMS booties with casual and professional looks. But these shoes are worth those twinning moments. They’re incredibly comfortable (Casey walks all over the city in hers), go with just about anything, and give you a little bit of height without giving yourself a calf workout all day long. Plus they’re less than $100!

TOMS booties look great with jeans!We’re big fans of the gray color (they’re actually considered “taupe” online), but they also come in black, brown, and charcoal. Any of which would be great additions to your fall wardrobe. Plus, with every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. <— This isn’t sponsored or anything, we just seriously heart this cool shoe company.

Casey: This season, I have also added these TOMS boots to my collection.New this year - TOMS booties in leather! These babies look great with jeans and they match my purse! | DIY Playbook

I was in need of a fall boot in a camel color, and since I’ve had so much success with my wedges I figured I’d give them a go. Plus, they match my bag pretty darn well too. Coordinate your outfit: TOMS booties make Casey very happy. DOn't they look great with her purse and that maroon top?  | DIY Playbook

Boots // Jeans // Bag // Top

The verdict is still out if they’ll give my favorite wedges a run for their money. But I will say that they’re incredibly comfortable, the leather is so soft, and I’ve been wearing them all.the.time.Goes great with jeans: TOMS booties | DIY Playbook I’ll circle back with my final opinion on these bad boys.TOMS booties look great with Bridget's oversized scarf and skinny jeans.  | DIY Playbook

: My sisters and I are all teachers who are on our feet all day long. ALL three of us rock this same exact pair of TOMS almost everyday at work during the fall/winter and love how comfy they are. Plus these shoes seem to match with pretty much everything, which makes the $100 price tag worth it because these work staples transition well into the weekend too!

Heck, even the students compliment us on this shoe…. which is not always the case. 😉 Because my sisters love TOMS as much as we do, I bought these TOMS gym shoes last year for my older sister’s birthday and she LOVED them just as much as her booties. After hearing that and seeing how adorable they were on her, I’ve added this pair onto my wish list this year.Our favorites: TOMS booties | DIY Playbook

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So now we want to hear…what are your favorite booties for fall? Anyone else have these TOMS wedges and love them as much as we do!?


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