Spring Items We Have our Eyes On

Instead of sharing an outfit post, we thought we would switch things up this Wednesday and share each of our spring “watch lists”. These are items we have our eye on for the upcoming warm weather and hope to eventually add to our closets.

It’s doubtful that we’ll add all of these items, but it’s always fun to look. Plus, we find when we make a specific list of items we need, we are far more likely to purchase with intention and not just buy to buy. Spring Items We Have our Eyes On | DIY Playbook

Side note: We’re trying a new layout in today’s post so you’ll have to let us know if you like this format better or would rather the regular mood board instead. To get more details on each item, you can click on the item’s name, the picture OR the link within the description. Our hope is that this format is more straight forward and easier to navigate but again, you’ll have to let us know!


Striped Loft Dress

When it starts to get warm out, I love wearing dresses to work. It’s just so easy to throw one on, add some jewelry, and head out the door! This striped dress from LOFT is adorable and would look super cute with some wedge heels for a workday.

Tortoiseshell Sunnies

I love my Ray Bans, but it’s fun to have a less expensive pair of sunnies to throw in your bag. These tortoiseshell ones are awesome. So glam and would go with any springy outfit! Plus you can’t beat that price!

Pajama Set

I don’t know about you, but when the temps get warmer I get sooooo hot at night. But I love being under the covers (there’s just something about the weight of the blankets that is just so comforting!). I have nice long-sleeved pajamas for the winter, but haven’t ever upgraded to a summer set. These ones are adorable and I think they just might be worth the money!

Gladiator Sandals

I feel like I need new sandals just about every year because my old ones get so beat up! I wear them until the very end of their life. I love these gladiator sandals and think I’d get a heck of a lot of use out of them over the next few months! They’ve got some stellar reviews, so they just might hop into my online shopping cart.

Off-the-Shoulder Striped Top

Ummm…yes please! Can’t you just picture this top with white jeans, wedges, and a tan? Absolutely love the classic look of this piece. A trip to J. Crew to try this baby on is definitely in my future.

Denim Shorts

After getting out my warmer clothing for the season, I chucked my old jean shorts. They were a DIY pair (here’s how you can make your own!), and had seen better days. Honestly, they were so frayed that I was nervous they were gonna unravel all the way up to my booty. Not cute. These high-waisted ones from Madewell look adorable and I think they would last for many seasons to come.

White & Gold Sneakers

I love my black Nikes for working out, but I need a shoe to just throw on for weekends. This rose gold sneaker fits the bill. Comfortable, neutral (so it goes with everything!), and a bit dressier than my typical gym shoes. These are a must!


Tie Front Plaid Blouse

I don’t need much this spring, but I do have my eye out for some shirts. I always like to have a few go-to tops in my closet that I can mix & match with jeans, dress pants, or even shorts and I feel like this plaid number totally fits the ticket. I love that this blouse could work with converse and jean shorts or be dressed up with white jeans and wedges. I haven’t tried it on yet but I’ll keep you guys updated!


I have gym shoes that I love for an athleisure look and I also have go-to flats/heels for a more dressy look, but I’m in the market for an “in-between”, more casual look. I’ve seen this type of sneaker everywhere and they have really grown on me! Plus, I saw that this exact sneaker is made by Sperry so I’m now officially sold!

Crossbody Purse

I have a few staple oversized bags that I love, but I have my eyes peeled for a simple + affordable satchel for the spring/summer. I’m loving this one because it’s $35 and can match with almost everything. Usually once I find the perfect satchel, I wear it with everything throughout the summer and only swap it for a clutch for special occasions. I may want something a tad lighter, but finding one that’s this shape and this price has been harder than I thought it would be!

Versatile Sandals

You know when you find a pair of sandals you love and eventually wear them so much that they become a raggedy mess… and belong in the garbage now? Well I did that with my all-time favorite Target sandals from over 3 years ago and sadly, just threw them away. They were so comfy and matched with everything so I never wanted to let them go… until I had to because they were such a hot mess. I’m hoping to find another, equally as comfortable, pair and this pair is on top of my list. For $16, worth a try right?

White Pants

Our friend Courtney raves about these white pants so we know they must be good! My little sister just bought them and she also says that they fit great and aren’t cheap/see-through like many other competitors. If these pants get the seal of approval from Courtney and Maggie (both admirable fashionistas!), I’m sold!

Two Toned Eye Glasses

I’m due for a new pair of eye glasses and I’m digging this two toned look! I know Warby Parker offers to send their customers 4 pairs of glasses to “test out” and decide on at home (genius!) but I think I’m going to go into the store. For me glasses are like jeans, I need to try them on in order to make sure they fit… online shopping just doesn’t work for me in this department.


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