Festive Frames in the Hallway

I’m a little delayed in the delivery of today’s post, but first let me start off by saying that I owe you all a big ol’ thank you!

THANK YOU all for the ideas on what I should fill my hallway frames with! Back when I asked your opinion in this post or on Instagram, you guys offered such awesome/unique/affordable/personalized ideas…. I was blown away (& eager to get started filling the hallway frames!)
Bridget Frames Hallway Board and BattenFrom travel photos to vintage maps to calendar prints, none of these ideas are off limits and I’m still scheming for what I am going to put in these frames after Christmas. For now though, I have filled the frames throughout our hallway with my own Christmas photography.Frames Hallway Board and BattenIt’s definitely temporary, but for the holiday season I added photos that I have taken over the last couple of years. I sent the images to Walgreens.com and was able to pick up 11×14″ prints about an hour later. Usually this size print cost $10.99 (which can get pretty expensive x 9 frames), but I waited for them to go on sale and got them all for 50% off! So filling all of the frames throughout the entire hallway cost me about $50 total. <– I can handle $6 a frame!

These are the exact 9 pictures that I had printed (they are displayed here in the exact order they are displayed down the hallway). I loved the colorful detail and the Christmas theme, but most of all, I love that I took these photos and am able to link each one to memories around our home.

Christmas FramesIronically, it was hard for me to get good pictures of every frame with the glare in the hallway. Here are the few frames that were cooperating and not reflecting so much light that you couldn’t even tell what was in the frame. #rookieproblems Christmas Frames Christmas FramesMy plan is to eventually fill the frames with something that can stay up the other 11 months of the year. BUT I will be keeping these photos behind whatever art/photography I decide after Christmas. That way, next December I will just swap them out and the frames will be ready for the holidays once again. Maybe at the time I’ll swap out a few of the Christmas photos for some updated ones…. but maybe not too? I’m not sure.
Hallway Dining Room Long term Christmas hallway plan: My dad has always talked about wanting to display old family Christmas photos around the holidays. He talks about how cool it would be to have “Christmas through the years” displayed year after year, adding to it little by little so that the family can track kids growing up in relation to Christmas. I know this isn’t exactly what I did so far, but that’s where my idea was born. ANDDD I like his idea for the long-term future of this project. Maybe fifteen years from I’ll be able to look back at the photos stuffed on top of each other in the frames and remember holidays present & past.

But let’s not get a head of ourselves here… it’s only year ONE! For our first attempt at photos, a few pretty and festive photos is just perfect!


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