Finding A Vintage Runner

It’s been a while since I checked in with mudroom updates, mostly because there really hasn’t been much happening! If you saw in last weekend’s home tour on InstaStories (it’s still available under B’s House Tour Highlight), the mudroom looks similar to when we last checked in.

The only thing we added was our pew and ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage runner in here. I figured once I had a better idea of what the rug would look like, I can start making other design decisions… like the light, art, storage, etc.

Mudroom Updates
Finding a vintage rug for the mudroom

The bad news is that this process has taken way longer than I expected. The world of vintage rugs is very new to me, but I’ve always admired vintage rugs around the blogosphere. When I couldn’t find any runners that I loved for this room, I was sold on the idea of buying my first vintage runner instead. That was about 5 months ago! I knew nothing about where to look, how much they cost (spoiler: a lot!), or just generally how to even go about getting my hands on one.

I still don’t know much, but I’m learning as I go! This post about tips and tricks for finding vintage rugs very helpful when just starting out (Thanks Sarah!) and I continue to devour any post I find around the blogosphere about this topic.

Finding a Vintage Runner for the Mudroom

Vintage Runner Tips and Tricks

So about 5 months ago I started visiting the sites that Sarah recommended (like Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, Everything But The House, eSale Rugs, etc.) and kept coming up empty-handed. OR I would find a vintage runner I loved only to find out that the price tag was thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of dollars.

I wanted a vintage runner, but let’s be honest… not that bad.A vintage runner in the mudroom

But about two weeks ago, when I was perusing Craigslist for the 100th time, I landed on this rug and lovveeeed the colors so much. So many of the vintage runners I’ve seen are heavy on the red colors, which I love for other spaces but they just don’t feel like my style. When I saw this unique color combo, I immediately reached out to the seller and negotiated the price.

Vintage Runners are Expensiveblack door and vintage runner

The rug was posted for $500 and after emailing back and forth with the seller, we landed on a $400 price tag. I know that seems like a lot (because it is!), but as I mentioned before, vintage runners are expensive. But the good news is that they wear well and should be a part of our home decor for years… even decades! Or they will at least hold their value if you ever want to resell them for something else.

Matt drove with me to pick up the rug and the minute I saw it in person, I loved it even more! The faded colors, the imperfect wear, the tiny frayed edges, I love all of it. But the truth is, I do think it’s a bit small for the mudroom. I like it in there for now, but my ultimate plan for this piece is to bring it into the kitchen once that space is done.

Lesson Learned: You Have to Be Ready

pew and runnerYou’re probably thinking, $400 for a rug she that’s not perfect for the mudroom?! I know, I know, and I totally agree. Am I crazy?! Maybe a little, but after you dive into the world of vintage rugs, you’ll understand that the moment you see one you love, you NEED to pounce! They can sell quickly and because they’re one of a kind, you may not get the chance to buy that style ever again. Plus, they often sell for thousands of dollars (Matt and I recently saw some for $30k at Macy’s!) so when you can get a deal like $400, you have to be ready. And I’m so glad I was!

Any Tips Or Tricks?

pink vintage runnerDo you guys have any experience with vintage rugs?! I’d love to hear because eventually, I’d love to add one to our master bedroom, but let’s be honest, thousands of dollars is just not an option. My hope is one day I will stumble upon a great deal at a local estate sale or something. I know that’s wishful thinking but a girl can dream, right?! Any other affordable tips and tricks?!!


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