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[Disclaimer: Thank you to Meural for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely our own. ]

I’m really excited for today’s post for a few reasons.

  1. We’ve got an amazing reader giveaway at the end #freebie
  2. Today’s product is one that can change easily as my home evolves
  3. My husband loves the thought of creating a “smart home” and today’s product fits the bill while still maintaining some serious style! #winwin

Okay, so what are we discussing that checks off all of these categories? Well, it’s a new-to-us product called a Meural Canvas.

Meural allows you to instantly change and update any roomEssentially it’s a digital art frame that instantly gives you access to 30,000 pieces of art. Yes…30,000 free pieces of world-class art licensed from leading museums, galleries, and artists around the world!

You can change it with your moodAnd I know what you’re thinking, a digital frame on your wall? Won’t that be kinda tacky? I totally feel ya. I thought the same thing when Meural emailed us. But then I looked into this product a bit more and realized that it doesn’t look like a digital frame…at all. The versatility is fantasticInstead it looks textured and life-like. Just like a piece of art on your walls should look. There’s no glare, there’s no shine, instead it’s just matte.

Clearly Bridget & I like to constantly tweak and change things in our home. So the thought of purchasing a pricey piece of art that we might not love in a year sounds pretty awful. Instead with my Meural canvas I can instantly change the art. And when I say instantly, I mean it very literally because all it takes is a command from my cell phone and the art changes. <– it’s literally that easy and that instant!We can't get over all the amazing options you have access toSo if I want something a bit more neutral, I can simply choose a black and white photograph or a serene painting. Or if I’m looking for something more dramatic, I can find another piece that fits my mood.

I'm learning so much about art because of thisI had some friends in college who studied art history and I’m jealous that I never took a course. They would probably freak out over a product like this! But, I do feel like I’m gaining a lot of knowledge about art because of my new Meural. If a piece comes on the screen you can wave your hand in front of it (I told you it was techie!) and it will tell you more about the piece, including the artist, the date, and other interesting facts about the artwork. How awesome is that?You can learn about the artist as well

The team at Meural wants to make art universally accessible and a part of everyone’s daily routine. That sentiment is one I can definitely get behind. I’ve had so.much.fun browsing through the collections and learning more about the different kinds and eras of art.Select your favorite pieces on their app, and then see them on your wall

The install wasn’t hard at all, and then Finn and I got to work using the app to choose our favorite pieces of art. You can upload your own art or photos, but I’m thinking we will probably just stick to the professionals on this for now. Maybe someday I’ll add some photos we’ve taken on our travels, but you certainly won’t be seeing any selfies up here. Ha!

The only downfall is the cordThe only thing that I don’t love is the cord. You can choose from a white, black, or blue cord and I opted for the white one. I found ways to hide it I decided to tack it against the wall and the baseboard to give it the most clean and streamlined look. So it doesn’t bother me that much. However, I think this would look even better leaning on top of a dresser or credenza because you wouldn’t even see the cord! The Meural has transformed our family roomSadly I didn’t have a great spot to do that, but I’m still obsessed with how hanging it in the family room transformed our living room.I just can't get over how much I like this

The moment I learned more about this product, I instantly thought about my brother Harry. He is the techiest guy I know and always has the latest and greatest in technology products. He’s actually moving into a new home with his family this summer, so this might be a perfect house-warming gift!It's an amazing house warming gift!

We are also spreading the love with a giveaway for 1 MEURAL CANVAS (in your choice of white or black)! Enter view the Rafflecopter below and be sure to comment on the post explaining where you’d hang the canvas if you win it!

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