How to Hang Items From the Ceiling + My New Office Planter

It’s been quite some time since we’ve talked about my home office here on the blog. And that’s because I haven’t changed it one bit! We DIY’ed the built-ins, added all of the furniture, installed the closet, and I haven’t really touched it since. I think that’s a good sign that it’s been working well for me!

My office built-ins

But, I was recently shopping for decorative items for our bathrooms and saw the most gorgeous hanging planter and just had to scoop it up. Honestly, I had no idea where I would hang it, but I knew I wanted to add it around our house somewhere.

The perfect spot for my new hanging planter

Then, I noticed the perfect spot in my office for this stunning planter!

How to Hang Items from the Ceiling

how to hang items from the ceiling

Today, I want to walk you through the steps to hang items from the ceiling. Obviously, in this case, I’m hanging a planter that is probably around 10-15 pounds. But, these same steps could work no matter what you’re hanging, as long as the item is no more than 30 pounds.

Supplies to Grab

The correct hardware to hang items from the ceiling

The most important step here is to buy the correct hardware. I went with this jumbo white swag hook. I like this because it can hold up to 30 pounds, and it has everything you need, whether you’re screwing into a floor joist or just into drywall. So, no matter your situation, this hardware will likely work to hang your planter.

Figure Out Where to Hang Your Planter

how to hang items from the ceiling

First, I had to figure out where to hang my planter. I knew I wanted it in the corner, above my desk, but before I started drilling any holes, I needed to mark the exact spot. I grabbed the planter and tried a few positions near the wall. I didn’t want it too close to the wall where it might touch it, and I wanted to take into account the fact that my plants might grow pretty large.

Once I had the perfect spot, I marked the ceiling with a pen.

Check for Floor Joists

Check for floor joists

I grabbed my stud finder and ran it over the mark a few times. It works just the same as using a stud finder on a vertical wall to find a drywall stud, but on the ceiling, it’s looking for wood floor joists. The best-case scenario is that you’re drilling directly into a floor joist. This would make it incredibly sturdy and secure. If that’s the case for you, read below.

Securing Into a Floor Joist

Use the right hardware when you're trying to hang items from the ceiling

If you’re hanging into a floor joist, then you can use the smaller drill bit (1/8″) and make a small hole into the joist in the ceiling. You’ll then take the swag hook and the provided screw and twist them into the hole. Boom, you’re done!

Hanging Into Ceiling Drywall

Chances are, you didn’t hit a floor joist. I actually thought I hit one because my stud finder went off, but once I drilled into the wall I knew that I wasn’t hitting any wood. But that was a-okay because I now get to show you how to use an anchor to hang items from the ceiling!

Use the provided toggle bolt when you hang items into the ceiling

The hardware kit will come with a toggle bolt, but you won’t use this at all if you’re securing your hook into a floor joist. This bolt goes into a hole in the ceiling and the wings pop open on the other side of the drywall to secure the hardware.

Make a Pilot Hole

Make a hole in the ceiling

Since the folded-down wings need to be pushed into the hole of the ceiling, you need to make a pretty big hole! Grab your drill and a pilot bit with a 5/8″ diameter. This is big! I actually don’t even own a bit that large, so I used my 1/2″ bit and did my best to make the hole a tad larger when I was drilling.

Insert the Anchor & Twist On The Hook

Add your anchor to the ceiling

Next, I folded down the wings of the anchor and slid it into the hole until the wings snapped open on the other side of the ceiling. I pulled it a bit to make sure it was secure and that the wings were fully expanded.

White jumbo swag hook

Then, I grabbed the white hook and twisted it right onto the screw.

Plant Your Plants

Marbled queen pothos

I’m a big fan of pothos plants because they’re very low-maintenance and the leaves grow so long and beautiful. (You can find all of the plants I use around our home right here.) I picked up two small marble queen pothos -I love the white marbled look on the green leaves – and planted them inside the two gold planters.

Hang & Enjoy

Hang your pothos plants in the hanging planter

Isn’t the planter so gorgeous? I’m excited to see my little baby pothos grow and grow. My home office gets such great light, so I know these babies will do well in here.

Pothos plant in my office
My new hanging planter

The new hanging planter adds the perfect amount of color to that little area of the office. Plus, I love how the gold looks with the gold chandelier in here!

My Home Office – Sources

How to hang items from the ceiling

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Ballet White” // Wall Mural // Flooring // Built-Ins // Desk // Office Chair // Table Lamp // Faux Fiddle Leaf // Basket for Fiddle // Gold Planter // Chandelier

How to hang a planter from a ceiling

I hope you learned that you don’t need to be afraid to hang any thing from the ceiling! With the right supplies, it’s just as easy as hanging anything on a wall. I promise!


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