Playbook Inspired Projects No. 3

I am continuously impressed by the amazing DIY Playbook community. Oftentimes, I’ll get an email or a DM with a picture from a project that you’ve re-created, and I’m always so happy when you share your accomplishments with me! It’s so cool to see you following my tutorials or gaining some motivation from a project you’ve seen here on the blog. I decided to create this Playbook Inspired series, and every quarter I round up all of YOUR awesome projects. Get ready to be blown away by today’s submissions…

Let’s See Your Amazing Projects!

I’ll first share the project the reader was inspired by, followed by their own words in italics. I loved that a lot of these were budget-friendly bathroom upgrades because I feel like that can be a tricky space to improve.

Emily’s Living Room Built-Ins

A fireplace with built-ins

We made built-ins in our living room nook and added an electric fireplace and barn doors to hide our TV!

Emily’s Water Closet Makeover

Frame extra wallpaper for easy and free art!

We purchased a 1911 historic home last year and are SLOWLY renovating each room. Our water closet got a mini phase one makeover and we were inspired by your framed leftover wallpaper. The wallpaper we used is a period-correct frieze paper that is just too big to use in our dining room, but way too beautiful to throw away.

Kerri’s New Sconces

How to add sconces without electrical

I re-created your battery-operated light sconce hack in my office and love the way it looks!

Note from Casey: Kerri’s home was featured right here on the blog. You can tour it here. The sconce project is actually in her NEW house. Maybe she’s up for another home tour soon?!

Dominique’s Baby Boy’s Nursery

Sage green nursery
Sage green built-ins in a nursery

I followed your blog well before I got pregnant. Like you, I went through IVF with the hope of conceiving. When I saw Rory’s nursery, I knew that if we got pregnant, and were able to take the baby to term, I would use Rory’s as inspiration. I loved the green cabinets, matching picture frame molding, and timeless look. It had always been our plan to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, but I knew that I could change Rory’s pink accents to something more neutral. Well, I had a baby and it’s a boy! Here is our Rory-inspired nursery for our son Noah.

Marisa’s Picture Ledge & Bathtub Tile

How to upgrade a builder-basic bathroom

I loved the picture ledge in Bridget’s house and was looking to replace an old collage of items with a cleaner updated look. I followed the instructions exactly, but will confess that I handed the instructions to my Dad, and he made the picture ledge for me. The eclectic collection of art makes me smile whenever I look at it.

I was so impressed with your basement bathroom transformation and my favorite part was the stenciled tile. My master bath was pretty blah-builder grade. Eventually, we’ll gut it, but in the meantime, I wanted to spruce it up a bit. I tried the Rustoleum tile paint, not on the floor, but on the tile around the soaking tub. At first, I thought I created a 1980’s beige tile disaster, but once I finished the stencil, it was much closer to the Moroccan cement tile look I was going for. I painted the vanity, and my Dad helped me with the wallpaper. Now it’s not so blah anymore.

Sinéad’s Wallpapered Bathroom & Decorating Tips

How to add peel and stick wallpaper to your home

My husband and I bought our first home together in Boston, MA last summer, and have been gradually updating and styling it to represent our personalities! This project reflects many years of learning via the DIY Playbook blog!

First, the wallpaper was inspired by Jan’s closet project. We purchased it from Tempaper and had a great experience! In fact, this was our second project with Tempaper. Additionally, I’ve especially appreciated your posts over the years about choosing meaningful art. You’ll see some of the special pieces we have framed and hung – my husband’s grandmother’s home on Cape Cod, and a map from Etsy, of a special place to my family (Hilton Head, South Carolina). Finally, you’ll see some of the other tips I’ve picked up from you over the years – blending metals and textures/textiles, light sources, using different lines/shapes, etc. Thank you for all that you share with your readers!

Marlena’s Picture Frame Molding

Picture Frame Molding

I wanted to send you pictures of a DIY that I did totally inspired by you and all of your help! Your blog post on picture frame molding was so helpful! Please know how awesome you are and how much I love all your amazing tutorials.

Lauren’s Kitchen Reno

Sage green island

I loved how clean and minimalist your kitchen makeover was, and was inspired by the colors when we were doing our kitchen!

Amy’s Gallery Wall

I did it! I’m so proud of my DIY Playbook-inspired gallery wall.

Mary Kate’s Updated Laundry Room

laundry room before and after

I used your board and batten tutorial to redo our laundry room. Excited to have hooks for the kids to hang up their school bags, so they’re not all over the kitchen floor. Thanks!

Submit Your Projects!

Beginner home upgrades you can tackle this weekend

Okay, this was so much fun. I absolutely loved seeing the projects you guys have done in your own homes and how you’ve put a spin on some of my ideas to make them work for you. If you have your own DIY Playbook-inspired project, I would love to see what you have been up to! Fill out this form to submit your ideas and I’ll include them in the next recap.


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