Inexpensive Art Ideas for Your Home

A few weeks ago, Bridget shared a super easy tip on Insta Stories and we received DOZENS of direct messages about it. She showed a cute greeting card she received and popped it into a frame for easy and inexpensive art. You guys went wild and that’s when we realized we should dedicate an entire blog post to some of these quick, simple, and inexpensive art ideas for your home!Inexpensive art ideas for your home, like adding frames to picture ledges over your office desk.

We’ve been practicing most of these ideas for years, but realize that we kinda gloss over it when featuring our homes. You can complete so many of these projects in an evening (or weekend), so hopefully these ideas give you a kick in the pants to add some new pieces throughout your space. Because if you’re going to display something, it might as well be personal!

Inexpensive Art Ideas

Greeting Cardsgreeting card art

Bridget: Greeting cards can be expensive. I don’t know about you guys but I usually just buy the 99 cents ones because I’m way too cheap to spend $3.99 (or sometimes even $5.99+) for a greeting card. That is unless I’m using this card for art. I feel like that $3.99-$5.99 price tag doesn’t seem as steep when the card is going to be framed and double as art. A print for under $6.00? I’ll splurge on that.

Target has a new line of greeting cards from Minted and that’s where I picked up this cute one! All I did was tape it into this 5×7 gold frame and I was done. I bought this greeting card new, but this idea would be super cool if you’re looking to showcase a more meaningful card from someone special in your life. Either way, you can’t beat this price tag as an inexpensive art option.


Casey: Whenever Finn & I go on a trip, we always buy a postcard. It doesn’t matter if we’re going somewhere far and exotic, or if we’re just going for a quick weekend getaway a few towns over…it’s always our mission to come home with a postcard from our trip. When we get back from vacay, I’ll unpack my suitcase, throw in a load of laundry, and take a seat at our kitchen table to write a few paragraphs on the back of the new postcard (which we usually picked up for about $.10!). I add the date to the corner and then share a few specific memories from the trip.

This postcard then goes into a vase on our bookshelves along with dozens of others we’ve collected over the years. Instead of buying a tacky souvenir, we just stick to our postcard idea to commemorate each trip we go on. You could frame some of the postcards you get for easy wall art or pop them into a vase like we do for personal home decor.

Framed Photos

Bridget: Framing photos is a pretty obvious option for inexpensive art, BUT have you ever thought of taking meaningful photos that are not so obvious to others and framing those? The prints over our couch in our old house were actually photos I took at our wedding venue. If others were to look at them, they would probably never guess that they were as meaningful as they were.

Every time we looked at them, we were reminded of such a happy day, which made us love this “art” so much more. Not to mention that going back to our venue and taking these pictures was so much fun!

Family Recipe

We shared this idea a few years back, but it’s worth repeating. Remember when recipes used to be handwritten on a recipe card, instead of typed up online? Both of our grandmas (& great grandmas) loved cooking and would write down their family recipes on recipe cards. Those cards make for inexpensive art for your kitchen!

Casey: I have a recipe from my grandma and my great-grandma framed in our kitchen! I chose 2 of their favorite recipes, plopped them in a frame with a thick mat, and have them leaning against the backsplash in our kitchen. I love this piece of family history right in the heart of our home!

Framed Letter

Casey: Speaking of family history, I also have a framed letter from my great grandmother hanging over the nightstand in our bedroom. Her cursive is absolutely beautiful and I love having this piece so close to me every day! Framing a letter or a card from a loved one is a FREE art idea that is absolutely priceless.

Blue Print

Casey: When we moved into our Chicago condo, the previous owners left us the blueprints to our unit. Instead of filing them away, I decided to hang them in a large frame in our hallway. You have to look closely to figure out what it is, but I absolutely love the subtle look in our space. It will be even cooler when we eventually move and bring this along with us!

Photo Booth Strips

We dedicated an entire blog post to creative ideas for displaying all of the photo booth strips you collect over the years. We suggest choosing your favorite photos and putting them in a frame for your walls. Grab all of those photo booth strips from your drawer, find your faves, cut them out, and glue them to a white piece of paper. Then you can place them in a frame to highlight those silly pics! This inexpensive art idea is a wonderful way to showcase all of those memories.

Home Keys

This is one of those craft projects that was so incredibly easy, but it receives so much attention! I’ve saved all of the keys from the apartments Finn & I have lived in over the years, and I framed them all for our built-ins. This was such an EASY and inexpensive art project (more details on the how-to here), and everyone goes gaga over it.

It’s really special to look back at these little keys and be reminded of our history together and how far we’ve come. I highly recommend digging out your old keys to frame in your house. Or if you haven’t saved them, start doing it now! Even if you’re in your first house, make a copy of your key and frame it with the words “Our First Home.” Then you’ll be ready to add to the frame when it’s time to move onto your next place.

Travel Photos

Bridget: You can’t tell from this picture, but these frames are filled with pictures of our travels. Matt and I always picked our favorite picture from each trip and loved adding that “winning shot” to this wall of memories. I sent that photo to Walgreens to have printed and within a few hours, we could update our wall of travels.

The best part was walking past these gorgeous photos and reminiscing about our trips. I also usually waited until there was a sale on photos from Walgreens, so the total for these enlargements came in under $10!

Quotes or Scenic Photos

This last idea isn’t free, but it’s still very cost-effective. Head on over to our print shop and order a quote or photo to frame for your walls. You can buy it already framed, or if you’re looking to save money just order the print and frame it yourself!

Our bestseller (by far!) is this quote (because who doesn’t want a reminder to be kind!) and this photo is another popular one. If you’re not the best photographer, you can use some of the photos we’ve taken on our trips to frame for your own home. It’s also a smart idea to order the 3-pack of greeting cards, so you can send 2 out to friends and then take one and frame it (see idea #1!) for a gallery wall or picture ledge.

You don’t need to shell out big bucks to add art to the walls throughout your home. Instead, get a little creative and try out some of these inexpensive art ideas. We promise your home will feel a lot more like YOU when you stop buying generic pieces and instead opt for personal art!