Basement Bathroom Makeover – The Reveal

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The day is here to reveal the basement bathroom makeover and I’m giddy with excitement. This space has come a looooong way in a short amount of time and I’m incredibly proud of what it looks like now. I never thought I would actually like this bathroom, but it really does make me happy every time I’m in the basement, which is often these days since our temporary kitchen is down here.

Before we get to the goods (those before and after pics!), let’s rewind and discuss the biggest DIYs from this room.

Basement Bathroom – BeforeMaking a gameplan for our basement bathroom

My face in this photo says it all. This room was a tad creepy and pretty darn dirty. (That’s my fault since I never wanted to come down here to clean it!)How to cover the window in the bathroom?In this blog post, I walked you through all of the before photos of the space and outlined my biggest pain points, like that “window to nowhere”.

Two-Tone WallsTips to paint two-tone walls

The first thing I did was paint the walls in here. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have waited until the end to paint because I had to do some touch-ups after working in here on other projects. Plus, I had to repaint the entire new window shelf area.How to paint two-tone walls

But, I was so eager to try out the two-tone technique and I really wanted to see how the room felt with the dark ceiling. I know a few of you have sent me photos of your new two-tone rooms and I love that you’re recreating this look! It really is a fun painting technique and I learned a lot.

Bathroom FaucetTips to install a bathroom faucet

The faucet was another great addition to this space. The brass faucet adds a lot of warmth and it functions perfectly. (Our old one had to go! We didn’t even have a drain stopper.) I shared my entire experience installing this new faucet in this blog post, along with tips to get the job done.

Painted Vanity New painted vanity in the basement bathroom

I think the room really started to come together when I painted the vanity the same color as the top of the wall – Valspar “Chimney Smoke”. This upgraded the room and made it feel like a new space. I’m happy I went with that dark color because it brings some of the moodiness towards the ground. I shared the painted vanity, the new light fixture, and more updates in this blog post.

Window ShelvesPulling out the window in the bathroom

By far the strangest part of this room was our “window to nowhere.” Well, I guess it wasn’t really to nowhere. It was a window to our storage room. I stared and stared at that dang window for weeks, trying to figure out what to do with it. I finally decided to remove it and then figure out where to go from there. Finn tearing out the windowWindow shelves in our bathroom

In the end, Finn and I used leftover scrap wood and trim to make a little shelf area. I’m really proud of this DIY because we figured it out as we went and we only ended up spending $3 total (for the small gold brackets holding up the wood). No more creepy window!

Stenciled FloorsMy best tips to paint floor tile

The last big piece of the puzzle was the floor tile. I knew from the very start of this project that I wanted to paint and stencil these floors. I had so much fun painting the floors in our guest bathroom upstairs and I knew it would be a great project down here too. I shared my best tips for painting in this blog post, along with a few spots where things were less than perfect.

Basement Bathroom Makeover – Before & After

The basement bathroom before
Our basement bathroom makeover

It’s kinda hard to believe it’s the same room! Let’s chat about some of the new details in this space.

The New DetailsBlack toilet handle

You already saw me swap out the toilet seat for this black one (still liking it, btw) and at that time I ordered this new black toilet lever. However, they ended up sending the wrong one! I installed it anyway, and while it’s not the original look I was going for, I actually kinda like it! Snake plant

I had this snake plant in this large planter in our home office for a bit and then in our guest bedroom. Now, it’s going to live down here! I know we don’t get any light in this bathroom, but I’ve found that snake plants don’t need much to survive. I may periodically bring it out to the basement window for a little bit of sunshine, but for the most part, I hope it can do well in this room. The rest of the plants in this room are faux, so they will be a-okay.

Our new basement bathroom makeoverI thought that I might put a linen tower or some other storage in this empty spot. However, once we added the window shelves I thought it might look a bit too cluttered. Instead, this plant takes up a bit of space, adds some life, and bring a little height to the empty corner. Gallery wall in a bathroomThis room felt finished once I added the little gallery wall over the toilet. That’s the main wall you see when you enter the bathroom, so I knew it had to be pretty! I waffled between centering it over the toilet or on the entire wall and went with the latter, which I think was the right choice after seeing these photos. Using digital art in the bathroom

I purchased all of the art online, even downloading and printing a few myself. There are so many great resources for affordable art online. I’m thinking I’ll write up a blog post showcasing some of my favorite spots for art and frames. Framed artwork

This landscape piece is probably my favorite. I bought it from Vintage Supply (it’s an 11×14 print) and put it in this antique-looking frame. I adore all of their pieces, so it was hard to choose just one!Downloadable art

This floral piece is from Blue Jay Vintage Art. I purchased it online, downloaded it, and then had it printed at my local FedEx Office for just a few bucks. I stuck it in this 14×18 frame from Target. Rainbow print from Juniper Print Shop

This rainbow print from Juniper Print Shop really spoke to me and it reminded me of my own rainbow baby! It has that subtle rainbow vibe without being too colorful and bold. The black frame is old, but I believe I originally bought it from Michaels.

Basement Bathroom Makeover – Sources

My basement bathroom makeover

My basement bathroom makeover revealPaint Colors: Valspar  “Chimney Smoke” & Valspar “Clay Angel” // Brass Faucet // Towel Ring // Towel (no longer sold) // Rug // Soap Dispenser // Wood Mirror // Black Toilet Seat // Trash Bin // Light Fixture // Vanity Hardware // Faux Plant // Reed Diffuser // Black Marble Tray // Toilet Lever // Large Planter // Rainbow Art // Floral Art & Wood Frame // Landscape Art (no longer sold) & Frame // Picture Frame // Concrete Planter // Reed Diffuser // Bud Vase

We’re All Done!Our basement bathroom makeover

This space came together quickly and I’m so happy it’s all done! Finn can use this bathroom while he works down here and I won’t have to worry about it being a total eyesore. I love quick, easy, and budget-friendly upgrades like this one.


Catch Up on the Basement Bathroom Makeover

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