Our Kitchen Reveal Video

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Kitchen week continues and this time I’m back with a big kitchen reveal video. Of course, I love sharing photos of a finished space, but there is something about video that really brings it to life. Not to mention, Finn and I had a blast recording this video during one of Rory’s nap times. It was fun to get together, take a look around the kitchen, and chat all about how far it has come. There are also moments where we were both rolling on the ground with laughter (You’ve gotta watch at 4:00 where Finn talks about the barista inside of appliance garage. Ha!!).

Kitchen Reveal Video

You can watch the video below or click here to view it over on YouTube.

My Favorite Parts of the Video

  • :43 Wow, hard to believe our kitchen used to look like that!
  • 1:07 Remember that crazy door in the middle of our kitchen?
  • 2:53 Sunday morning family breakfasts.
  • 3:24 Finn is butcher block obsessed.
  • 4:00 I die laughing at this part every time…”Order for Cassie.” Ha!!
  • 4:30 Double oven in action.
  • 5:04 The sweetest face.

Seeing the before video paired with the after shots really showcases how far this space has come in just a few short months. When I was putting the video together, it was so much fun to see the difference in the video clips from August to today!

Choosing Products from ElkayOur kitchen after

As we mentioned in the video, there are many spots in the new kitchen that make us each very happy. The pot filler, sink, and faucet are a few of those hardworking areas. We ended up choosing Elkay for these products because they’re a family-owned company as well as America’s #1 selling kitchen sink company. They’ve also been making innovative products for 100 years! My mom also has an Elkay sink and faucet in her kitchen, so I knew the quality was incredible.

Our Pot FillerMy pot filler

Finn is obsessed with the Explore Pot Filler from Elkay. It was on our must-have list for the new kitchen and it almost didn’t happen because we forgot to tell our contractor about adding the water line above the cooktop. (I dove into that horrifying moment in this blog post.)  I’m so happy we made it happen because the pot filler is fantastic. It’s also made of solid brass, so it’s incredibly durable.Our pot filler

Not only does it look good, (so sexy on that wall!) but we really do use it every single day. We fill up our humidifiers, I fill up our pitcher to water our plants, and of course, we also use it for actual cooking. The pot filler in our kitchen reveal videoAnyone who has seen it says that a pot filler is on their must-have list for their next kitchen! This is the exact one we got in the polished nickel finish.

The Fireclay Farmhouse SinkThe farmhouse sink

At the beginning of our kitchen renovation journey, I dove deep into the pros and cons of having a single basin sink versus a double basin sink. After reading lots of your passionate comments about the topic, we decided to go with a single bowl farmhouse sink.Our farmhouse sink from Elkay in our kitchen reveal video This is the one we chose from Elkay and it’s gorgeous. The sink is made from fireclay, which makes it scratch and stain-resistant.Our deep kitchen sink from Elkay

It’s wide (30 inches) and extra deep, so it really does fit everything and anything. When Rory is done eating, I can throw her high chair tray right into the sink and it fits in there easily. We have yet to give Rory a bath in the farmhouse sink, but it is on our to-do list. She is going to look adorable splashing around in there!

The Avado Single Hole Kitchen FaucetAdding a sink to your kitchen island

The faucet is another item that looks amazing and performs even better!

A pull-down faucet with a spray feature was a must for us. It’s just the best when you’re washing dishes to use that spray to get all of the food off of the plates. The faucet can also move all around, so you can easily turn it side to side, pull down the nozzle, and get the water wherever you need it. Our gorgeous faucet from ElkayWe went with the lustrous steel finish and it’s a nice contrast to our brass light fixtures.

Our kitchen reveal video

Overall, we’re so thankful to have a kitchen that not only looks good but works really well for our little family of three. I look forward to spending lots of time together in our new space. And we really gotta get around to that sink bath for Miss Rory…


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