How We Chose Our New Kitchen Appliances

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I’m excited about so many things in our new kitchen. The layout works so much better for our family. The cabinetry colors are perfection. And the new lighting makes the space extra cozy. But I have to say, I’m most happy about our new kitchen appliances. These are important items we use every single day, and our old ones were not cutting it!

As I mentioned way back in this post, our old appliances were in rough shape. I had a towel permanently laying underneath our fridge because it dripped constantly and our oven died on us the week before hosting Thanksgiving last year. Ughhhhh. New appliances that get the job done, look good, are dependable, and work for our family were on the tippy top of our must-have list for our new kitchen. That’s why we went with Maytag.

Why Maytag?My Maytag laundry

If you’ve been a long-time blog reader then you know I’m a big fan of Maytag® appliances. All of the units (both kitchen and laundry) in our condo were from Maytag and they worked like a dream. I especially loved our French door refrigerator because Finn organized it like a champ!laundry room makeover

Here in our current home, we again went with Maytag® appliances for our laundry room. We’ve had them for a year now and they are amazing and incredibly durable. (We do lots of laundry with our sweet Rory girl.) Choosing Maytag for our kitchen renovation was a no-brainer for us.

Our New Kitchen Appliances

Here’s a look at all of the appliances we added to our new kitchen…Our new kitchen appliances have fingerprint resistant stainless steel


Adding a double oven to a kitchen renovation

Our new kitchen appliances include a dishwasher from Maytag

Adding open shelving near the kitchen hood

Refrigerator // Double Wall Oven // Gas Cooktop // Dishwasher // Microwave

Now that you’ve seen each of them in our new kitchen, let’s dive into the details about each one.

Note: I took these photos before our shelves were up, so it might look a tiny bit different than what you saw from the big kitchen reveal.

Our New RefrigeratorRefrigeratorFrench door style refrigerator from Maytag

Everyone has their preference when it comes to refrigerators, but we opted for a French door style. A slide out tray in our refrigeratorI like it because you can fit wider items in it (looking at you pizza boxes!) and we’re just better able to keep everything organized. How to figure out the best refrigerator for youPlus, I like having more fridge space and less freezer space, instead of 1/2 and 1/2.Choosing a counterdepth fridge

I specifically wanted a counter depth fridge in our new space so it wouldn’t stick out past our cabinetry. This does cut a few inches of depth out of the fridge, but it’s absolutely worth it to me! The only parts of the fridge that “stick out” past the cabinets are the doors and this is a necessity so they can open and close. Our new kitchen appliances have fingerprint resistant stainless steel

I’m also excited because this refrigerator, and the rest of our appliances, have easy-to-clean fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. Soon Rory is going to be on the move, crawling and climbing everywhere, and I know she will get her cute hands all over our kitchen. Having no fingerprints to clean up sounds like a dream!Our refrigerator has a filtered water dispenser

Here is one more important thing to discuss. There’s a place to pour a glass of filtered water inside of the refrigerator. I don’t love the look of a water dispenser on the outside of a fridge, but we drink so much water that a water station is a must! This hidden one is great and we use it constantly.

Top Control Dishwasher with Dual Power FiltrationOur new dishswasher from Maytag

We ended up going with this dishwasher from Maytag and it lives in our kitchen island next to the sink.  Top controls on the dishwasherWe like this one because it has the controls on the top of the dishwasher. Not only does this create a more streamlined look in the kitchen, but Rory won’t be able to push any buttons! Basket for silverware in dishwasher

So far we love the performance of this dishwasher. It has the industry-exclusive Dual Power Filtration feature, which combines 100% microfiltration and a 4-blade stainless steel chopper,  so you don’t have to scrub or pre-rinse. Instead, it disintegrates any lingering food when you run it. I haven’t had to do any hand washing lately, which is the best feeling after doing dishes in the bathtub for two months!

Choosing a Double Wall OvenChoosing a double oven for our home

Since Finn is the chef in our household, he was very involved in the planning process. From the start, he was adamant that we get a double oven for the new space. Since I don’t do much cooking, it didn’t matter much to me. Our kitchen reveal

We opted for this electric double wall oven. It’s a convection oven, so it can cook things a tad faster, which is always good in our busy household! It’s also big, with 10 cubic feet of space, and it can hold a 30-pound turkey – as it did this past Thanksgiving! Choosing new kitchen appliances including a Maytag double oven

Finn has loved having two ovens over the last month and his Sunday food prep goes by so much faster. He can roast veggies in one oven and cook chicken in the other. It’s been a game changer!

A Gas CooktopOur gas range from Maytag

While the oven is electric, we prefer a gas cooktop. We chose this one from Maytag because it’s sleek and has five burners!Our new gas range from Maytag

Finn likes being able to easily control the heat of the burners. Whether he needs it low to simmer his spaghetti sauce or more intense to fry some bacon, the Power Simmer dual stacked burner lets him stay in control.

Hidden Microwave

Our new microwave is hidden inside our pantry. I’ve never had a microwave in a pantry before, but it has been super functional for our family. We just made sure to have our contractor add an outlet to the back of the cabinetry and we put the microwave on a shelf inside. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel on our microwaveIt also has that same fingerprint resistant stainless steel, so we can keep it looking good, even though it is hidden away.Our New maytag appliances

So there you have it – a detailed look at all of our new Maytag® kitchen appliances! We’ve both been loving these additions to our new kitchen. Finn is cooking up a storm and I’ve been cheering him on with a cocktail in hand! (I promise I do my part and regularly load the dishwasher!) Cheers to finally being done with this space!

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