My Search for a New Kitchen Runner

We’re talking about kitchen accessories today, which means we are that much closer to actually revealing this kitchen! We’re still a few weeks out though, because a few items are taking a while to ship (our butcher block, the dining room bench cushions, and our refrigerators!). I’m hopeful that I will reveal the final space by the end of the month. Fingers crossed on that.Our kitchen runner

But while I wait for everything to arrive, I figured I might as well start figuring out the fun stuff…the accessories! In our old kitchen setup, I had this manufactured kitchen runner in the space (photo above). It was fine and added some much-needed color to our boring setup. I was looking for a new kitchen runner for the room and this time I wanted a 100% wool vintage rug.

Vintage Rugs in My Hometips to style shelves in a nursery

While I have lots of vintage-inspired rugs that are new and screen printed (like this one in just about every color), I really appreciate the beauty of a vintage rug that was hand-knotted and meant to last forever! That’s why I went for a vintage Turkish rug in Rory’s nursery and in our guest bathroom. Turkish rug for the bathroom

I bought both of those rugs from this shop on Etsy and since they’re one of a kind I can’t link the exact items. (Sorry!)  I’ve had such great success with that shop. They ship fast; the prices are great, and they even come cleaned! I always have people asking where Rory’s rug is from because it’s just so incredibly beautiful. I love it so much!

My Favorite Vintage Rug ShopsNursery updates with a three month old baby

While I’m a big fan of the shop where I got Rory’s rug, I’ve also heard great things about these shops below if you want more options for kitchen runners or large area rugs. The best part about vintage rugs is that they come in all kinds of sizes (not just traditional 8×10 and 9×12 that you see with new rugs). So you have a lot more options to really figure out the best size for your space.Finding a vintage runner for my kitchen

I considered doing a round-up of the best rugs from these places, but the truth is…these rugs go fast! And since they’re one of a kind, you have to snatch them up right away. So instead, I urge you to check out these stores regularly to see if you find something perfect for your home.

Plus, I must mention eBay and Etsy! They have thousands to choose from and it can be a little overwhelming. Use keywords like, “vintage rug”, “antique rug”, “Persian rug”, “Turkish rug”, and “Oushak rug” to help find them. Also, don’t be afraid to shop internationally. Many shops are in Iran or Turkey and that means their products are authentic, because that’s where these vintage rugs are actually made!Finding a new kitchen runner

When browsing, make sure you take a good look at all of the pictures, especially the ones that show the colors up close. Sometimes it’s hard to see the coloring on those wide photos, so you’ve gotta check out all of the pics on there to know what it will look like.

My New Kitchen RunnerMy new kitchen runner for our space

For my kitchen runner, I wanted something that was 100% wool and at least 10 feet long. I love vintage rugs because they’re usually 100% wool which makes them durable and great for high-traffic areas. Wool is also a moisture-wicking material, so if it gets wet from the kitchen sink it will be okay.My new kitchen runner

A colorful rug in the kitchenI ended up finding one from this shop on eBay. It arrived so quickly and it’s absolutely stunning. Finding a new kitchen runner for our space

It’s a Serapi rug that is imported from India. Mine is 2.5 feet by 12 feet, so it’s a big rug and takes up lots of space in our kitchen. It really adds so much color, life, and pattern to this otherwise neutral space. The moment we put it down, the kitchen just felt more like us…colorful and lively!Finding a colorful rug from India

It has a higher pile than my Turkish rugs so it’s really soft underfoot. The seller on eBay has so many gorgeous ones to choose from, so I highly recommend checking out the site if you’re interested in finding a similar one. Rug pad underneath the kitchen rug

I also added this rug pad underneath. I liked this one because it comes in tons of different sizes, so I was able to buy the 3×12 size and my mom cut it down to fit my rug exactly. (I am horrible at cutting, so she came to my rescue!) Jan cutting my rug pad down to sizeI always, always, always recommend using a rug pad. It saves your floors, prevents slipping, and keeps the rug in place. It’s a must!

What’s Next?Adding a red kitchen runner to our space

The lighting is all done in our kitchen and I want to share all of the details with you – the under cabinet lighting, the in-cabinet lights that change colors and brightness with a remote, the pendants, and more. That will be hitting the blog this Thursday, so be on the lookout for that.


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