A Trick for Hanging Hooks…Without Measuring

I shared our board and batten drop zone earlier this week and I cannot thank you guys enough for the love! You guys are seriously the sweetest, how did Casey and I get so lucky?!

My favorite part of this space is the black hooks. Like I mentioned Monday, I got the two big black hooks from Casey. They were left over from her entryway project and when she offered to give them to me, I was SO excited because I love hers so much. <— Perks of having a bestie that loves DIY as much as you! 

Of course I could have gone the traditional route of hanging the new hooks by measuring with a tape measure, but when I hung my bedroom hooks, my dad taught me an easy, no-measure way of hanging these hooks.

His way was GENIUS to me and saved us lots of time and measuring headaches. My hope is that you can use this rookie trick to save you a few headaches next time you’re hanging hooks on your board & batten.


The No Measure Trick

He used painter’s tape as a “template”. The painter’s tape did the measuring so we didn’t have to. All you have to do is place the painter’s tape flush with the bottom of the horizontal board (assuming that board is level).
laundry_room_board_and_batten_hooks-2Then place the base of the hook right up to the bottom of that tape, making sure it’s in aligned with the vertical board below. laundry_room_board_and_batten_hooks-4Use a pencil to lightly color in where you will have to drill the pilot holes. laundry_room_board_and_batten_hooks-5Then attach the hooks using those pencil marks as guides. Because the tape did the measuring for you, your hooks should be the exact same height aka level with one another <— all without using a tape measure!! laundry_room_board_and_batten_hooks-7I chose to place the tape beneath the hooks, but you can place the tape above the hooks and use the same method for a different look. Or depending on the width of your board, you can also use a skinny or even fatter piece of tape.

Regardless of what you decide, tape = NO tape measure! laundry_room_board_and_batten_hooks-9

For the bottom hooks, I, unfortunately, didn’t have any skinny tape to use so I had to use the good old-fashioned measure method, which took me about 3 times as long to tackle. But in my defense, these hooks weren’t being hung at the intersection of the vertical boards, so a tape measure was probably necessary.

Although this simple trick may not work for EVERY situation, hopefully, it’s one you can add to your “tool” bag of tricks for the future.


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