How to Secure a Leaning Mirror to a Wall

Last week, I shared my new jewelry setup. I got rid of my mirrored jewelry cabinet and instead swapped it out for a sleek jewelry drawer. I love the new setup and I was really excited because it left me with more space in our bedroom…space for a leaning mirror.

Our New Leaning Mirror

CB2 black and brass full-length mirror in a master bedroom space
How to secure a leaning mirror to a wall to ensure that it doesn't fall or slide down.

I’ve always wanted a full-length mirror in our bedroom because there is no place in our home to get a full look at your outfit from head to toe. My jewelry cabinet gave you a glimpse of your hips down, and the mirror in the bathroom got the hips up…so I had to envision how outfits looked together all at once.

A master bedroom with a black and gold full-length mirror.

Now, I have my own full-length leaning mirror (from CB2, but no longer sold. This mirror looks so similar though!) in our bedroom and I couldn’t be more excited about it! You’ll recognize this mirror as the same one that I used in the design of my brother’s master bedroom. Everyone went gaga over this mirror and I can see why. The sleek black, the hint of brass, the size…all absolute perfection.

But here’s the best part. When Ryan and Sarah had the mirror shipped from CB2, the company accidentally sent them two mirrors! After calling to tell the company, they told them to just keep it instead of shipping it back. What a score! Since they obviously didn’t need two of the exact same mirror in their home, I asked if I could have the extra one for our space. They happily let me have it.

Here are a few other floor mirrors I considered…

Light and airy master bedroom space with art, a full-length mirror, and a wood dresser.

So not only did I now have space for a full-length mirror in our bedroom…but I was getting a FREE mirror. Yes, please!

Finn & I set up the mirror on the wall in our bedroom closest to our master bathroom and we were immediately smitten. The mirror faces a small window, so lots of light is bounced off of it and it illuminates the room.

Tips and tricks to secure a leaning mirror to a wall. You can babyproof your home with these easy furniture straps.

The only thing I didn’t love about the mirror was the fact that it was in a walkway. Those first few days I was terrified that one of us would bump into it and it would come crashing down to the ground. Even though it’s pretty heavy, and it won’t slip on its own, I was so nervous that it might fall.

After a few days of being extra cautious around our bedroom addition, I decided I needed to figure out a way to secure this leaning mirror to our wall.

How to Secure a Leaning Mirror to a Wall

Furniture straps that are used to secure a leaning mirror to a wall.
White furniture straps to babyproof your home and secure a leaning mirror to a wall.

After doing a bit of research, I decided that the best way to secure a leaning mirror to a wall was with the same furniture straps that you would use to babyproof furniture around your home. Often times these straps are used on the back of furniture to secure heavy pieces to the wall. That way furniture won’t fall over and on top of a child if they try to climb up it. I found these furniture straps on Amazon, and after reading good reviews I popped them into my shopping cart. 

Since I didn’t want my mirror sliding down…or falling from the top down…I figured these straps would get the job done! You’re supposed to use 2 straps for each item, and you then secure one side to the wall and the other directly into the piece of furniture.

The metal backing of a full-length mirror.

If I was securing a piece of wood furniture (or a wooden mirror), I would just screw one side of the strap directly into the wood. However, my mirror is metal and this is what the back looks like…

Sliding a furniture strap through the backside of a black metal mirror.

It has 2 slots where you can mount the mirror to the wall with hardware, but since I like the “leaning look”, I didn’t want to secure the entire mirror to the wall. So I got creative with the straps. 

I took off the “wall” side of the hardware, so I was left with the “furniture” hardware and the long white strap. I then pulled the strap through the back portion of the metal mirror.  Because the plastic side is much larger than the metal opening, there is no way the plastic will slip through it. So I was certain that this side of the strap would hold the mirror tightly in place.

Putting furniture straps into the studs of your wall to babyproof your home.

Then it was time to secure the other end of the strap to the wall. 

I always try to secure items into studs when possible (this is when that stud finder of yours comes in handy.) After finding two studs, I drilled the hardware directly into the wall. If you can’t find a stud, the furniture strap kit comes with heavy-duty anchors. Always use anchors if you can’t find a stud on your wall! This will ensure a tight connection.

A black and brass mirror that is secured to the wall using furniture straps.

With the wall hardware in place, I took the two straps that were connected to the mirror and threaded them through the slots of the wall hardware. I did my best to get a nice tight connection and then cut away the excess strap. 

Gray master bedroom with blue art and wood touches

My mirror is now secured to the wall and I don’t have to worry about it falling down. Even though we don’t have kids or pets, it’s still nice knowing that this mirror isn’t going anywhere. I can walk by it briskly without fear! 

Tips to secure a leaning mirror to a wall in your master bedroom space.

Now the rest of my room feels so much more open! I love that I have room to the right of our dresser and it isn’t quite so cramped. I may eventually put a plant on the ground next to the dresser, but for now, I’m enjoying the extra space.

Every small change I make in this space makes me love it even more. For now, I don’t have many more big changes in here. But you never know when the itch to change things up will happen!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you the best part. Since I only needed two furniture straps to secure our mirror, I was able to give Bridget the rest of them for her house. Now she can babyproof everything in time for Baby Mac’s arrival!


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