Happy Hour No. 21

To us, Happy Hour is a time to sit back, relax, and catch up with friends. It’s a time to chat about everything and anything, and that’s exactly what we bring to DIY Playbook’s monthly Happy Hour.

These monthly posts are a chance to catch up with friends and bring just a little extra happy to your day. So grab your coffee (or champagne) and let’s catch up!


  • We’ve been so consumed with our bathroom demo these days, that I have barely purchased anything (besides DIY supplies). I’ve legit been in workout clothes or paint clothes every single weekend and weeknight. So instead I’ll share some items that I’ve loved for quite some time…
  • I bought these blush slip-on shoes last year and I’ve been wearing them all the time lately. I love being able to slide them on and run out the door or to take the trash out without having to tie laces. So convenient.
  • My sister-in-law got me this necklace for my 30th birthday and I’m in love. The delicate 2 layers of gold are magical and it goes with absolutely everything. Thanks, Kelly!
  • I somehow managed to lose my favorite sunglasses and I am distraught! I literally have no clue where they could possibly be (I’m really not one for losing things, but our home is a wreck with this renovation and I’m going a bit crazy). I may have to buy another pair if they don’t turn up soon…they’re that good! 
  • Sadly, my favorite heeled sandals from Sole Society are sold out now, but these ones look pretty awesome. I’ve had such great success with their shoes…trendy, affordable, & comfy!


  • I shared this super simple recipe on our InstaStories this month. To say I’m addicted to these energy bites is an understatement! But having these in the refrigerator all the time is pretty dangerous.

  • If you have lots of weddings and showers to go to this summer, you have to check out this dress! It’s under $100 and is so flattering. You may want to avoid white for the wedding showers/weddings so the bride doesn’t get offended, but that shouldn’t be a problem because it comes in 11 other colors. Such a great bang for your buck! I paired mine with these comfy block heels and love the look.
  • Bought these $15 sunglasses (on sale) and have been wearing them just about every day.
  • If you follow us on InstaStories, you know that our front door has been painted and I’m obsessed (thank you for weighing in on the color selection, a detailed post coming soon!!). When I saw this door knocker, I knew I had to scoop it up. Matt calls our house “the beehive” because his two “B’s” live there (Ben & Bridget). So having a bee door knocker seemed like a perfect addition to our bright and happy “new” door.
  • Like I mentioned in this post, Matt and I are trying to be selective about what we buy Ben in order to keep the amount of “stuff” we have to a minimum. We went out and bought a few things for his summer wardrobe and are pretty much in love with each piece. It’s like a capsule wardrobe for an infant… haha!
  • Also, this sleepsuit is AMAZING and single-handedly has Ben sleeping 12 hours per night!

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Casey Updates

My month of May has been pretty LAME. Finn & I really haven’t done much at all besides work on the bathroom. And holy smokes, it is taking us about 5x longer than I anticipated. Note to self…double or triple the amount of time you think a renovation might take. 

It’s the TILE, the damn tile. We somehow managed to choose the hardest floor tile ever for our bathroom (no straight edges, it’s marble so it’s difficult to cut, and there are a million grout lines), so tiling the floor has taken us a good chunk of May. I’ll still be blogging about the bathroom every Tuesday here on the blog (and I have 2 posts planned for the tile saga), but honestly, that is what has been consuming our time!

And as you guys read in yesterday’s post, things have been really difficult on the fertility front lately. Having a big project to take our mind off of things has been kinda nice. Instead of googling random IVF things at night, I’m now googling tiling tips and searching for DIY supplies. I’m someone who likes to stay busy when they’re upset, so a large-scale project like this is just what the doctor ordered.

Bridget Updates

This month has been a mixture of celebrations and DIY projects, a perfect mix if you ask me! Let’s start with the celebrations. 

My mom’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year, so we had two times the excuse to celebrate this amazing woman. We were able to get together and celebrate her on her bday and Mother’s Day, but we also scheduled a celebratory brunch the next weekend at Hampton Social (for all my Chicago peeps, a new one opened in the suburbs and it’s adorable!!).

Since Matt and I opted out of a traditional baby shower for Ben, my mom insisted she host a ‘sip-and-see’ party for all of our extended family to meet Ben. It was really just a great excuse to get together and see everyone!

My maternity leave also came to an end this month and I headed back to work last week. The good news is that our school is out for summer vacation TODAY, so I’m officially back home until the middle of August and this time Matt’s home too. As much as I love my job teaching, I’m extremely grateful for the time home with Matt and Ben and cannot wait to make the most of this summer together. We have a few small trips planned, a few weddings, and a project list that’s a mile long.

But, of course, we couldn’t wait until summer vacation to get started on that XL to-do list. The weather has been cooperating so we have been busy checking off as much as we can outside… and boy has it felt amazing. After seeing a little progress, I’m more motivated than ever to tackle our list. I’ll be sharing live updates all summer long on InstaStories but will also be checking in here with progress. Stay tuned and thank you all again for all of your suggestions for our exterior/patio. I got so many amazing ideas from you guys!




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